Saturday, April 7, 2012

Agent Provocateurs Posong as Neo Nazis Doing Armed Patrols in Sanford Florida a Federal Oporation to Provoke Race Riots in America?

I really have a bad feeling about this. It is has been documented and reported that Neo NAZI groups are run by federal agents. There have been attempts by the Federal government in the past to start a race war to demonize the Patriot movement. They love trying to lump the Neo Nazi groups with the tea party and other patriot groups. They tried to use the Oklahoma City bombing to demonize the militia movement. Today all these Klan groups and all the Neo NAZI organizations have been found out to be run by the Federal government.

In the wake of the Treyvon Martin saga going on, we have the President and his minions like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson out there from one end spewing their hatred from one end. The I read this next is the Neo NAZI groups are patrolling the streets of Sanford Florida saying they are ready to keep law and order if a race war starts. A few red flags fly up in my head because this could be used to start a race war, attack our right to keep and bear arms. This will give the President the excuse to declare a National emergency to declare Martial Law in America implementing the executive orders to take over the states under FEMA emergency powers to respond the this crisis.

I mentioned before these Neo Nazi groups and the Fed. Runs Klan groups. If the Feds and it did not run them was all concerned citizen on their own accord doing this. If a group of concerned citizens took it upon themselves to patrol the streets of Sanford to keep order in a town having racial tensions due to the Treyvon Martin saga. The Police would tell the people to go home and trust it to the professionals. I will bet these groups are operated by the Feds doing the patrols on the streets. The Feds will tell the Police and the Sheriffs to leave them alone. So far, we do not hear complaints from the Police about these armed groups patrolling the streets in Sanford. This tells me, the feds they are trying to provoke another incident to start a race riot.

Sending Neo Nazi groups in an area already on edge is like throwing gasoline onto a fire. Are these groups in place to be provocateurs to start a race war so the President has the excuse to go after the guns and call for Martial law around America? I smell a rat if Neo Nazis are patrolling Sanford with guns, this does not deescalate the problem, this move by these white separatist groups with armed patrol only makes it worse, This is a recipe for disaster, not a solution.

The other side has been looking for a reason to demonize the Patriots and the people who love this country. Having these white separatist groups run by the feds, which has been proven true in the past, might be used to provoke an incident to start a race war to demonize people who believe in the right to keep and bear arms and freedom of speech. We have a government itching looking for an excuse to come after our guns and attack our bill of rights. Therefore, if anyone in Sanford sees these roving armed Neo Nazi patrols call them out as Federal agents. These Neo Nazis doing armed Patrols in Sanford looks like a Federal operation to start a race war, we need to expose them now before this government tries to start race riots nationwide. They are desperate to find a reason to clamp down on the American people using a national emergency. Lets not let this happens. This most likely is a Federal operation to provoke a race war. Lets stop it before it starts.

This might be one of those operations Case Sunstein is implementing to go after what is left of our Bill of Rights and to try to crush the opposition. He has called for these types of tactics to demonize the Obama's political enemies. it would not be surprising if it was his idea. We are seeing the Hegelian dialectic in action using a White Separatist Group to provoke a race war, Demonstrating the problem seeing people cry for the goverment to restore order by nay mean necessary and getting the people to accept a solution people otherwise would not accept like internet censorship, martial law and the guns being confiscated to stop the violence. A total loss of freedom to have security. We must not allow this to happen. Do you agree?


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  2. Something about the Bush criminal cabal (including Obama) sure makes the circle jerkers get all dressed up and come out of the closet.We have uniformed molesters plying their trade at airports AT GUNPOINT.They will NOT say who did 9-11 and they do not care. They want your crotch.I am sorry for those so desperate for work they associate with those who are there to offend. The creepiness goes all the way to the top and Janet is OUT of the National security loop.