Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Are the Black Panthers and the White Supremacy Groups on the Same Federal Payroll?

We have to see out of this Treyvon Martin saga what the real agenda is. Who is behind the scenes escalating the issue trying to start a race war? Finally yet importantly, who benefits in the end? When it is all over? I can tell you neither black people nor white people will gain from this crisis. There will be no winners and we all lose. The only people who will win are the Authoritarians justifying a bigger police state lording over us all. That will be the government's excuse to grab more power.

We have to look at the forces pushing for a race war behind the scenes and out in the open. We have the mainstream media pushing from one end making Treyvon the talking points on the evening news. Then we have these race pimps and the activists who claim to speak for the black community who are no more then hacks paid for by the foundations. Then we have the agent provocateurs trying to taunt and create an incident out on the streets.

Talking about the Federal agents being embedded undercover on both sides. We have the New Black Panthers who are calling for blood in the streets and for Florida to burn. I am hearing blacks on a radio calling for blacks to boot up and arm up ready to go to war with whitey. Then we have the NEO NAZIS patrolling the streets of Sanford Florida will guns in their possession. This sounds like a Federal operation playing both sides against the middle to start a race war in America. Both groups have been documented having agents on both sides on the Federal payroll creating the problem so they can come in as the saviors forcing the people to accept a solution the people would not otherwise support. That is the Hegelian dialectic in action of problem, action and solution.

I am calling on good decent white and black Americans to start deescalating the situation before we all lose our liberties. The people pulling the strings behind the scenes are not for racial justice or even justice for Treyvon. This is just a diversion from the illegal wars and the imploding economy with the help of Obama's policies and the Private central bank. Inflation and the devaluing of the currency knows no racial barriers. We are all hurting from the failed policies regardless what color a person's skin is.

The political establishment, which consists of both parties including Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton being a part of the scheme as well with people of White Supremacy, groups too on the other end of the factions.  They are two side of the same coin. The feds fund both racial supremacist groups to divert our anger at each other rather then the Federal government who is about to steal our pension funds and bank accounts which no one is immune from regardless if black or white.

Suppose a race war started with cities burning nationwide from coast to coast. It gives the government every excuse to crack down on the people as a whole. It does not matter if we are black or white. We are now all slaves if it happens. If it does, then the President can implement the executive orders to seize all private property and the entire infrastructure under the National Preparedness Recourse Defense EO and the NDAA were he could arrest dissidents without due process and the right to Habeas Corpus under the DHS/FEMA umbrella. The cornerstone Obama needs to use to become dictator with no Constitution or Bill of Right for no one no matter what color the person's skin is.

 We must call out the Feds working on both sides so we can expose the darker agenda they are trying to impose on us. The same masters pay for all these people on both sides trying to start this race war. They are working the same agenda playing off both sides trying to push our buttons to start racial strife. We must call this out before the freedoms we all cherish goes up in flames with the cities. There is no social justice if we buy into the propaganda. Black or White people. Think for yourself. We are freemen and not slaves. The truth always sets us free, once we know, we can start to correct the injustices of the real civil right issues and not be focused on this misplaced outrage of Treyvon Martin that is phony as Kony.


  1. i wouldn't be suprise bp got federal agents, they killed real bp back in the 70s and their son 2pac in the middle 90's after tupac's death hip hop died, the voice to stand up against government died, went underground now control by "masons". the voice of ppl is in comment and blogs now. u gotta hand to rome's technique to divide and conquer, it does work. alot black kids been killed by police, no word bout 'em. when i saw miami heat and obama get behind trayvon i question if it was reality story or scripted story, serio because that's how dirty that beast rolls

  2. Yup!

    People got to understand that the dude in their respective black/white supremacy groups that keeps suggesting to everyone that they start tossing Malatov cocktails at random white peoples' homes, or find an unsuspecting black person and have a good ole' fashion "lynching" is most likely your FBI spook.

    And believe me, if you do fall for it and racial riots do break because of YOUR gullibility, when the government finally "cracks down" after Obama gives his scripted "enough is enough" speech, those spooks will be long gone leaving your asses high and dry to be used as living 'clay pigeons' for the federal agents to use those 450 million .40 cal rounds on that they just recently purchased.

    Read the signs.

    See what your are seeing. Look at what you are looking at.

    DON'T play this game, cus there ain't no way anybody can win... 'cept for the people that REALLY need to start losing.

  3. They ARE the same kinds of morons.

  4. Great article - control the masses by deceptions divide and conquer ops are hideous agendas being Koshered onto civilization

    Yea we had a racial hate op go down here in Sydney a few yrs ago, The Cronulla riots - Controlled and Orchestrated Gangs in certain areas went on a texting frenzy and jnvaded Cronulla on mass to bash anyone who was Lebanese or Muslim looking was bashed. The mob violence was absolutely sickening - One Gang that was heavily involved in the texting attack was The Bra Boys and their home at Maroubra Beach got attacked in retaliation

    The Police Minister was sacked as a scapegoat over the affair - the texting was never investigated

    Sometimes it seems like there is an agenda for a religous genocide between Christians and Muslims

  5. a little proof reading wouldn't have gone astray !

  6. This smells just like some schmuck tricked into building a bomb just so the FBI can bust a terrorist who wouldn't have done anything but talk if the Feds hadn't provided the money and bomb materials

  7. Radical racist Muslim new black panthers on one side backed by our Marxist Muslim in chief and ignored by the justice department. On the othe side racist kkk skinheads founded and still backed by the demoncrats to keep blacks in line on the government plantation. What could go wrong that isn't in the plan for the fall of America?

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