Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Power of Individualism Will Win the Ron Paul Revolution in the End.

I speak my mind to the GOP establishment. I will not unite behind Mitt Romney who is your selection for the nomination. I will not collectively accept your choice as I did in the past. I am an individual who does have a mind that walks to the beat of a different drum. I think for myself and will not allow the establishment to tell me what to think and who to vote for. I am a person that scares the hell out of you because I think and do act on my own convictions. I cannot be enslaved anymore by your propaganda. Therefore, I am your worst nightmare, I am an individual.

I may be one person, but I am part of many people who are like minded. We use our God given talents to spread the word of freedom and truth. We will not collectively without question accept Mitt Romney as the favored to win. If Mitt really your man. Do the people really stand behind him as you want them to blindly do? Lets take a look at the YouTube Channels of the Candidates as of April 8, 2012 at 12:36 CST. Lets look at the numbers.

 Newt Gingrich 8,893 subscribers 9,699,384 video views

 Mitt Romney 5,960 subscribers 6,122,911 video views (The is the GOP establishment's pick)

Ron Paul's numbers, please do not feel discouraged by this. YouTube does suppress the real results They have been caught before in this practice of fudging the numbers of the real ratings.If we combine all the sub YouTube Channels Ron Paul followers have with all the videos produced, videos duplicated and made independently selling Ron Paul to the people. The numbers would be staggering that would rival the other candidates combined. We do not see people out there in numbers making videos for Newt, Mitt and Rick for free. They would have to pay someone to make videos of this quality. Ron Paul people make these videos on their own initiative without waiting for orders from headquarters. They just do it, not for money. They want their country back.

Some of the videos for Ron Paul are far more better effective then any high price political consultant can produce. This shows the power of the individual is at work. This is the true essence of freedom. Ron Paul's message of freedom and restoration of the Constitution has allowed the power of individual to be unleashed. This is the establishment's worst nightmare. If Ron Paul is going to win, it is not his message alone that will carry the day. It is the power of the individual doing what he does best carrying the torch of liberty.

Even though collectively we strive to put Ron Paul in the White House. It is our individual talents that will carry the message of freedom and individualism will be the road to the White House for the Texas Congressmen. Freedom is unstoppable no matter how the other side tries to break our will. It is the power of the individual that will prevail in the end.

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