Monday, April 16, 2012

Do Not Blame the GOP, the Establishment and the Media if Ron Paul Does Not Win. Blame Ourselves Instead.

It is getting to the point we cannot afford to give the other side the power to cheat us anymore. Yes I am mad at the Media the RNC cheating Ron Paul. Their very nature is very predicable and we ought to know what to expect. We should have been ready for it back in January at the Iowa caucus. Well I am not going to blame the RNC and the Media for what is happening. I am blaming us all because we are allowing it to happen and not willing to get out of our comfort zone.

First, we have the people who say they support Ron Paul saying they will not allow Ron Paul the win. That is speaking defeat into existence. The corrupt establishment can be defeated; they are not untouchable or invincible. All it takes is effort. To say our efforts will be fruitless no matter what we do to get Ron Paul the nomination I cannot accept as fact when the primary election is not over. If August is not here yet, they we have a chance to turn things around. The speak defeat before the August convention is giving them the victory before the fight is over.

I am calling on all Ron Paul supporters. If we hear a Patriot broadcaster out there claiming to be a Ron Paul supporter say he will not be nominated or they will not allow him to win. It is time we call out and start rebuking them asking them to at least encourage our efforts instead of speaking defeat when it has not happened yet.. These types of remarks are undermining the people out there who are canvassing the neighborhood and those who take the time to become delegates for Ron Paul. I am not saying Patriot Broadcasters should not have their free speech. We will not stop that, I just think it is time they feel the consequences when they do not engage brain before engaging mouth. It is irresponsible to say we have lost when the battle is not over.

To all you patriot broadcasters, all rights have responsibilities, even the freedom of speech. Your words have power of life and death; the difference of freedom and tyranny is the power of words. If you think Ron Paul cannot win, keep your thoughts to yourself. Do not undermine the people who are making the sacrifices of their time, money and energy because you have a different opinion. It is just being responsible in times like this that silence is golden. Speaking the words of a defeatist before the convention in August happens. You have become more of an enemy to our cause then the globalist

 The worse enemy we have is us, more then the globalist are working against us. Every time some patriot broadcaster speaks the self-fulfilling prophesy of they will not allow Ron Paul to be nominated. We are allowing some defeatist to speak our demise into existence. As a result, the other side is laughing at us because we are not united collectively working to defeat the globalist inside the RNC. We are infighting within ourselves. We can defeat Mitt Romney and the establishment who is backing him. We just have to stop shooting ourselves in the foot with our own words.

It is not the globalist who will defeat us, we will beat ourselves. This is why I say; do not blame the other side for our defeat if it happens. Blame ourselves because every day we say they will not allow Ron Paul to win was a day we could have done something to change the outcome to preserve freedom so our republic will never perish from the Earth.

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  1. Ok Realman, Enough of the finger pointing. Let's get creative here and ask people who support the Constitution and real money to DO something for a change. I suggest that each and every one of us who are RP supporters start a movement. It's time for us to use the power of the people and the internet to overcome the fraud.
    I am asking every real American to create a mail group in your MS Outlook that includes everyone in your address book. Every time we see a great speech by Ron or an example of vote fraud (there are many from which to choose) please attach it to an email to your RP mail group and send it with a pithy comment that will peak the interest of your friends.

    Please close with the request for them to do the same. In merely a few days the entire nation will have received the note.

    The statistics show that only 20% of the national audience has any idea what is going on with RP and the voter fraud. If we want anything to change, we will have to take the initiative to overcome the apathy. Pointing fingers will only make the problem worse.

    Come on folks, please be constructive and take action. Your friends will only be irritated at you for a moment. Soon they will be irritated at the banksters and our CORRUPT politicians. Keep sending the emails until it hurts and then send some more. and while you're at it, send a few bucks to Ron. The sleeping populace will only hear us if they see ads on network TV.

    Keep swinging for the fences. Singles just won't do!