Saturday, April 21, 2012

HOA Forecloses on Home Already Paid in full for $1200 back dues


  1. It's not paid for if you fail to pay your association dues...period.

    She should have worked through the issue when first notified of overdue condition.

    I know this sounds harsh, but she agreed to pay the dues when she bought the home. If she didn't want to pay the dues, she should have purchased a single family home.

  2. I'm less concerned with her being foreclosed on, and more concerned about her and her son's reaction to it.

    If two people come to you door and demand you leave because they are foreclosing, would you simply comply? Would you just meekly go along? Shrug your shoulders?

    Or would you tell these people to get stuffed? Show me a court order. Return with a uniformed office and THROW me out!

    What has happened to people in this country? It's like the will to fight has been bled out of us.