Thursday, April 19, 2012

Houston We Have problem. The TSA Goes or We Go!

To all Texans and people around the nation who love life and liberty. What is the reason the TSA is riding the city buses now? There is not a problem too big the Houston PD cannot handle; they have to the recourses to handle it. Why allow a government agency come in and tell the city how to conduct security when they city of Houston is capable of maintaining it themselves.

Houston we have a problem. I will no longer do business in the city of Houston. I call on all people not to do business in San Antonio, Dallas and Houston if they do not get rid of the TSA. I know the TSA are dressing in plain clothes on the Houston city buses. This is why I am against the Federalization of city governments and their police departments. I want our cities to have autonomy and not in partnership with Federal agencies.

As for myself, I will not do any business in Houston, nor will I ride the city buses. I will go to the NFL games not attend the baseball games. I will not patron any business inside Harris county. I will not Fly and use the Airports in Houston and Harris county. I will not set foot into the City of Houston Texas or Harris County. We the people my send a message to Mayor Parker to get the TSA out of Houston or lose business. I encourage people not to use the city buses if there are TSA spies on board.

Houston We has a problem, it is the TSA on our streets, it is your partnership with the Federal government infringing on our rights. We do not need the Federal government in Houston and in the Republic of Texas either; we will do better without the DHS and the TSA in Texas. I call on people not to business in Houston. Nevertheless, all the major cities in Texas whether it be Dallas, Austin, San Antonio. Do not give them one red cent of business in the city limits and the counties involved because the Sheriff has allowed the Feds to com in and violate our rights.

Where the TSA, do not do business. DO not go to the NFL games or any professional sporting events in these cities if the TSA or DHS is there. They are not welcome not are they needed. Do you agree?


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  2. I think the TSA is the new "SS" Stasi Secret police type guys. The guys with no skills or training, except molestation and terrorism of the people. (I was going to say American people, but I don't go to the states unless I absolutely have too. When I do I ship everything I want to take with me to my destination and pick it up at my hotel.)

  3. I agree, and I'm also not getting on another plane again until TSA is GONE!

  4. I proposed a new DHS shield design of a lost parakeet clutching detached genitals in one foot and a tazer pistol in the other as being more representative of the kind of dominance Janet Napolitano and her side-kick 'Skippy' want to wield over those of an impressionable age.