Monday, April 30, 2012

The TSA LIke the Like NAZI Brown Shirts, East German Stasis and the KGB?

The Transportation Security Administration was not nothing new; it was planned for many years before September 11, 2001. This day was the excuse used to plug in the TSA. Some people even said the TSA uniforms look very similar or perhaps identical to the East German Stasis. I have not seen one yet when I looked. Do you remember President George W. Bush hired the former head of the East German Stasi Marcus Wolf to consult Homeland Security. Why? To set up a tyrannical Police state to lord over the American people.

You look at the TSA; this thug bureaucracy has ripped a page from these highly despotic entities that terrorized the people of Europe in the past. The people at the top are in charge and deciding who the minions who will carry it out are. Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin all got the police to go along with the Bolshevik revolution. Once they were used to get what they wanted. They were cast aside in the mass graves, emptied out the jails, and put known criminals in place to carry out their blood lust on the innocent people. These criminals became the enforcers of the communist revolution.

This was the same with the East German Stasi and the NAZI brown shirts. The Checka or Checkist being the early KGB was a criminal element that carried out these immoral decrees. Tyrannies always use criminals to carry out their orders out on the populations. These people were pirates stealing property and raping wives and daughters. They have murdered at will as they please. When they made mass arrest for the most mundane thing. The psychopaths who lack empathy executed people or any sense of humanity are these enforcers of tyrants.

We look at the TSA; they have taken all the tyrannical tactics to enslave people. They are not doing any more background checks of applicants’ criminal records. They grope people are obsessed with strip searches and humiliating people. They are pedophiles and have been caught with child porn. The TSA has no credibility a far as being a legitimate security apparatus that serve the pubic good. It has destroyed the tourist industry and some airlines.

The TSA has exploited 9-11-01 to engage in every evasive procedure to put there hands on us. To terrorize old ladies and war heroes in wheelchairs. They are following every tactic they can get away with as it was done in every despotic regime. The TSA has a criminal class carrying out this illegal and unconstitutional acts against the people. Tyrannies always used criminal to be their enforcers to terrorize the people.  The TSA is now a rogue criminal enterprise that will be brought to an end by the people or political pressure. But they will either way find out the hard way for being so brutal and callous with innocent travelers. 

Now the TSA has announced they will come out on the city streets and grope as a condition.  They say they will approve people getting a job to buying a selling. They are that national security force Obama talked about on his campaign in 2008. Being just as powerful and just as strong, he proposed. Well after all the crimes and public outrage over the TSA’s dishonorable conduct in the nations airports. There is no reason for a Police state when the people who have the right to keep and bear arms can do the job better.

I do not see them being effective on the American streets and perhaps there might be blow back like it was in Houston when it was found out undercover TSA agents were riding the city buses spying on people.  Even local police, deputies and state troopers have a lot of reluctance of TSA coming in and directing them. Many of these sworn personal know friends, they have seen their children, parents and wives have their ox gored by the TSA. They are very upset they are not sworn law enforcement officers because they are not real law enforcement officers. The TSA might start seeing real public blowback when they start acting like thugs on the city streets.

I do not think the TSA will have any success trying to play Police State here as the East German Stasi, the NAZI brown shirts and the Soviet KGB have had. We seen the playbook before and we see it played again. TSA will wish they never came out on city streets. The people who are buying five million firearms a month because the TSA's conduct as a good reason to defend oneself from tyranny. The TSA will not be successful when they come and try to play Police State on the American streets. That might be the last straw that breaks the camel’s back. Do you agree?


  1. I don't think anybody is going to stand up to the TSA, guns or no guns, or they would have done it by now. To take down a bully it takes more than guns, more than ammunition. It takes balls.

    And I don't see any.


  2. You are right, too many people live in total fear of everything. Plus most people have no clue about any of this stuff. Zero. Which means there is a huge learning curve they have to overcome before they will even consider doing anything. The planet has been dumbed down for years. Sure there are people that know, but they are definitely the minority.

  3. The Nazis had the pedo thing going like today's TSA. Their focus on humiliation was towards various minority groups while this TSA goes after any and all genitals. Some of the most blatant molestations on any vidio anywhere have been taken at TSA 'security stations'.

  4. Ain't gonna happen. I'm going to echo Spartacus Jones' thought and say, the American people simply don't have the balls.

    It doesn't require a violent revolution to stop the TSA. It doesn't require them being gunned down. It doesn't even require someone to punch out a TSA agent for groping him (although that would be nice).

    No, all it really requires to stop the TSA is non-compliance. Don't go through the scan machine. Demand a hand search. If everyone did that, lines would be 10 hours long. Millions would miss their flights. The system would grind to a halt. We'd have change in two days.

    But even that level of protest is beyond Americans. That tiny little amount of protest- perfectly legal- and they won't do it.

    And you think these people will take up arms? They won't even raise their voices!

  5. If I may be so bold, just read a great little book called THE MOST DANGEROUS SUPERSTITION by Larken Rose. Kind of a critique of authoritarian thinking. I recommend it.
    That's what we're up against.