Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It is Time to Destroy These Diebold Machines or They will Destroy us.

                I think it ism time for a hostile takeover of the election system. These diebold machines cannot be trusted anymore. It is time to go back to paper ballots. We must not allow the establishment to steal the election anymore. The elections belong to the people, not to the party hacks. I am not one who likes to vandalize goverment property. The truth is we never consented to these voting machines and the elections cannot be trusted to be accurate anymore.

               The people who benefit from these voting machines are the ones destroying our nation. We do not need a foreign corporation counting the votes. I am quite comfortable with paper ballots because they can be counted in the open. There is a paper trail for public inspection. These diebold machines have no transparency in the counting of the votes. The same company who make ATM machine that will print a receipts after you get your money out. Why not for the voting machines so people can verify their vote? I will not condemn vandalism if people have to resort to it.

                Think about it. The TSA vandalize our laptops computers, They kick in our doors and destroy our property for not reason even when they have the wrong house. The goverment is not afraid to steal and destroy our property. The goverment does not care if they burn our homes, kill us or destroy things of sentimental value. These diebold voting machines need to be destroyed and rendered useless before our constitutions is completely useless and our rights are no more.

               I do not care if people pour their Starbucks coffee, juice or drink on these voting machines rendering them useless or a ball ping or sledge hammer smashing them in pieces. Force them to go to paper ballots hand counting them. I have no trouble seeing primary elections postponed because all the electronic voting machines are now useless. These machines violate most state constitutions and state election laws. It is time we take back our voting system before they use this fraudulent system against us.

              We will never get the candidate we want if we allow the party hacks to rig the vote with these machines. They are overthrowing the country by stealing the elections. It is treason to rig an election giving aid and comfort to criminals in goverment. We cannot no longer hesitate sitting on our hands. peaceful or not. A hostile takeover of the elections must happen. If we do not. Diebold will cause America to die. We need to put a monkey wrench into the machine somehow and someway. Do you agree?


  1. how can we convince the American people to back such an agenda? And, if we do return to paper ballots, the ballots should not be ones which can be confused, such as punching a hole in the ballot to select your choice. Rather, the voter should write the name of the individual who they wish to elect. This isn't an all-star ballot for some sporting event. It's a voting process to elect the very people who will dictate the values our country and personal lives will be subjected to for years to come.

  2. The Hegelian Dialect of Problem, Reaction Solution: We are so stupid.

    #1/ The problem: Hanging "chads" in the Florida presidential election that caused the insurmountable (?) question of who the vote was intended for.
    #2/ The reaction: The Supreme Court was given the unconstitutional duty of determining the intent of the voter(s) and consequently "chose" the president. hahahahaha!
    #3/ The solution: Electronic voting machines with no verifiable recount or even "count" possible.

    Result? We're fucked!

  3. Addendum to the above:

    The major point being, it is ALL contrived from the onset. The "problem" is contrived, the "reaction" is expected and supported and the "solution" is already in hand.

    It would be like your having invented a "child proof" top to an Aspirin container in 1969 but not having a "demand" for such a product. Then, your hiring someone in the media to "plant" a story about someone going in to a drugstore and dropping "poison" in to one of those aspirin containers and subsequently having a child die. And then, as if by some sort of "miracle", you having this "tamper proof" solution "top" that the government decides is a "mandate" to have on EVERY SINGLE "OVER-THE-COUNTER-PAIN-KILLER" required by LAW. WOW! You can now retire and so can you, your congressman, your children, your grandchildren, etc., etc., etc.,and now you see?

    Yes, capitalism has it's problems, for sure.

  4. Instead of "To the Polls", activists today should post signs reading "Burn the Polls".

  5. It isn't gonna happen. We are too late.

  6. The term sabotage, I've been told comes from the fact that workers took their shoes (sabot=clog in French I believe) and smashed the machines that replaced their skills. I agree, at one time one must take action, it would be unconscionable and unfair to the future not too. You will lose your freedom by doing it, but all will lose their forever if u don't. However I don't think its a working plan to smash the machines, they are too easy to replace. You (I'm not American) must find something more crucial.

  7. The demoratic and repuslickin parties have had ten years to ditch these machines.

    Be smart, use the assets at your disposal, don't break the law. These machines must go. 'Truth Warrior', stay out of it. There is a good show on the CFRtv suit to fit even the most craven of tastes.