Sunday, January 29, 2012

To Ron Paul Supporters:These Are Times That Try Men's Souls

It seems we are becoming our own worst enemies. Out attitude is marred in defeatism thinking our opponents are invincible and untouchable. We even hear from people on our own side say we cannot win and they will have their way if we like or not. A very self-fulfilling prophesy speaking our own defeat into existence. As the Proverb of Solomon 23:7 says “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he”. If that is going to be your attitude, then we will live under the bondage we deserve because we lack faith in ourselves to make genuine change.

            This is not the time to feel discouraged because Ron Paul is not being treated fair and stealing votes away from him. It is time not throw our hands up in frustration giving up because the press does not give him fair media coverage or does not give him time in the debates. I am getting sick and tired of people saying” They will not let Ron Paul win" or" They control everything" I am getting sick and tired of people giving over the field to the enemy when they have not put up a fight. I am tired of the defeatist attitude we have.

             The reason why they are doing it is that we are allowing them to get away with it. We are not going the distance pushing back. We are not doing anything. I give credit to the Continental Army who fought for us to have the greatest nation on earth beating the most powerful military force and defeated them. They did walking through the snow. The soldiers endured hardships battling the elements of nature with great resolve. Many men sacrificed their own creature comforts of home to have a free nation. They fought to win, settling for nothing less.

              We can no longer waste our energy and time talking about chem trails, vaccines, the surveillance society, the TSA to the point of digressing people into being depressed feeling hopeless. These are all just symptoms of a corrupt government. We have to start dealing with the problem taking the field away from the enemy. I am tired of empty victories. I want real victories taking the levers of power away from the despots. The reason why it is so hard is because we make it hard, I am sick of people saying that will not work when it has never been tried. The years of the info war is over and now we have to engage being in their face taking away that sense of security and invincibility being untouchable for so long.

              It is time we occupy the supervisors of elections, TV media outlets, Secretary of States and the GOP Leadership in the states when election fraud is obvious. It is time to stop being a doormat for the establishment allowing them to deny our leader we want. We cannot care about what people think or what the police will do. We have to do what is right now or be in bondage. Flood the party headquarters with phone calls, post comments on the media stories of voter fraud when it is evident. It is time to overwhelm them every way possible to take away their sense of being invincible and being untouchable.  It is time to put fear in the hearts of the establishment taking away that sense of control.

               We are tested and being tried. We have a fork in the road. We can go two directions. We can allow them to get away with their cheating or we can push back taking the field away from them. We have no choice but to push back and regain lost ground. We have been too passive. Civil disobedience and mass protesting occupying the party state headquarters and local party offices to local media outlets. It is time to show we are not backing down.

               The Mitt and Newt Illusion is starting to fade fast with the exchange of rhetoric. They are telling Ron Paul to drop out of the race. If he did not have the numbers, then why has what Ron Paul been talking about is now part of the debate. It is because the Republican Establishment is beginning to flounder propping up three losers the voters have no confidence in at all. Why are they starting to mention Gov Mitch Daniels as a possible candidate in a brokered convention? It is because Ron Paul will be the last man standing once all the others will be politically destroyed. All eyes will be on the Texas congressional representatives. Mitch Daniels is the anti Ron Paul because the other candidates do not energize the grassroots like Ron Paul.

               Look at the facts. Rick Santorum does not have the money or the organization to for a long campaign. Newt and Mitt have to pay people to show up at rallies for a media illusion, canvas door to door for them and make phone calls to voters. They have no real grassroots organization as Ron Paul does. Florida is the fourth state in the Primary election with 46 states to go. Rick Santorum will not last beyond Florida. Newt and Mitt illusion of using Super PAC commercials and the media coverage will not go the distance. These two are for Obamacare and carbon taxes. They are Obama in a different color skin.

               The establishment is floundering coming close to the day of reckoning when the real truth comes out of the GOP plans to suppress any Ron Paul victory is exposed. I have a strong feeling and my hope of party insiders being disgusted with the inside corruption will come forward exposing this. If Mitt and Newt were the sure thing, the establishment can have confidence in to go all the way to the convention keeping Ron Paul out of the picture. They would not be floating Gov, Mitch Daniels name out there as a trial balloon as a possible candidate to be the nominee. They are running out of stunt dummies to counter Ron Paul.

               We must not be discouraged by what we are seeing. It is very disheartening seeing the good Texas congressional representatives being cheated and ignored. With the fake poll numbers and stolen elections, trying to break our will is what they want to do. We must not allow this to happen. The facade is so close to falling apart. They cannot keep propping up these losers as they use to. This is why they are trying to get Ron Paul to drop out because when the illusion collapses where is no confidence in Rick, Newt, and Mitt among the voters. When this happens, the establishment would want a globalist as Mitch Daniels fills the void. They do not want Ron Paul being the last man standing when all the other candidates implode on themselves.

                Let your hearts not be troubled. Ron Paul has a strategy he is confident in that is a winner. He sees the internal polling numbers and he is not discouraged whatsoever. He knows the other candidates will fall to the wayside soon by their own egos and disingenuous rhetoric. We are still early in the race. Ron Paul is the only man who can beat Obama. 100 years from now in the history books will reveal. Ron Paul will be considered an American hero because not only because what he stands for. It because he has withstood the odds, the persecution and kept true to his principles against the insurmountable obstacles prevailing against the establishment. We are so close to shattering the media and the establishment's grand illusion. Be optimistic and call their bluff because the Ron Paul revolution is here to stay not going quietly into the night, but prevailing restoring the republic.


  1. Yes! Love it and am with you 100%! The truth will!

  2. Amen Brother!!!! I have hope and fire back in me again !

  3. Realman2020 and everyone else . . . read this article to warm your heart. Media shows signs of cracking?

  4. We're too late. They will steal away Paul's delegates. It sucks but that's the truth.

    1. Comments like your including with Alex Jones are a stumbling block to the freedom movement. I REBUKE YOU TRUTH. WARRIORS DO NOT CONCEDE TO DEFEAT. YOU ARE A WIMP NOT A WARRIOR. YOU GIVE UP INSTEAD OF PUTTING UP A FIGHT

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