Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Rush Limbaugh is Wrong Again About Ron Paul

                  I I use to be a listener of Rush Limbaugh. I use to be a big fan of his show. I read his book "The Way things Ought to Be" and "See I told you So". The Rush Limbaugh 20 years ago does not resemble the man today. Rush endorsed Pat Buchanan for President against incumbent George H. W Bush in a primary challenge in 1992. Pat is a non interventionist in foreign policy and anti establishment very close to Ron Paul's stances. Now Rush is an establishment whore for the neo cons. Rush is no Conservative, he is just a carbon copy of William F. Buckley. He is the water carrier for the Republican establishment. The Rush back 20 years ago talked of freedom and liberty. Now he is for us losing our freedoms in the name of the war on terror and the war on drugs. Now he says Ron Paul sounds like an Islamic Terrorist because he opposes the wars and the patriot act. Well Rush Ron Paul is not an Islamic Terrorist. Woe to Rush Limbaugh who calls good evil and evil good.Ron Paul is not a Islamic terrorist for the following reasons he opposed.

- When he voted against all the wars and opposes us going into Iran.

- When he talks about the high suicide rate among Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans.

- When he opposes the TSA groping and unreasonable searches.

- Opposes Guantanamo Bay detention without due process and right of Habeas Corpus.

- Opposes Military detaining Americans without due process under the NDAA.

- Stands for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

- Opposes the Patriot Act.

- Opposes over 900 Military bases in 130 countries and wants our troops to come home to secure our own borders.

- Supports diplomacy over economic sanctions against sovereign nations.

- Opposes meddling into the internal affairs of other nations.

- opposes foreign entanglements like with the UN, NATO, WTO, NAFTA and GATT.

- Opposed Bailouts  to the Bankers, Wall Street and a Select few Corporations.

- Opposes the Federal Reserve Bank and FIAT currency. Want to return the dollar to the gold standard.

- Wants to abolish the Federal Reserve and IRS. Replace the Income tax with nothing.

- Opposes Homeland Security.

              I can go on for longer why they might think Ron Paul is with Al Quaida. The truth is Ron Paul is about American as apple pie.  Rush Limbaugh is about as American as Ivan the Terrible.  The Texas congressmen is a threat. Not to the safety and security to this nation or the people. Ron Paul is a threat to the establishment and the status quo. The Military industrial complex and the big banks will have their money train cut off. If Rush really supports the troops like he says he does. Just for thought. Ron Paul receives more financial donations from active duty personal, veterans and retired military than all the other candidates combined. So Rush before you accuse Ron Paul being a terrorist, remember the troops support Ron Paul and not your man.

             Rush, Free Speech should be celebrated if you agree with it or not. Not demonized or criminalized.


  1. Rush Limbaugh has lost his mind a long time ago. Limbaugh has never served in the military,and he used to say nice things about people who did serve. Well Ron Paul did serve in the military and Limbaugh has decided to to attack him because Limbaugh is out of his mind. Its a shame that Limbaugh makes a lot of money being insane.

  2. Ole Rush is back to scarfing fistfuls of pills again, I think.

  3. I have to disagree. I don't think Limbaugh "lost his mind", I don't think he's back on the pills, and I don't think he has been seduced by the dark side.

    Limbaugh has never been on the right side of things. Limbaugh has never been on anybody's side but his own.

    Look at his history. Years ago, Limbaugh was some unknown DJ at some jerkwater FM station. A nobody. A few years later, he's got his own radio show. And the reason is simple- he let it be known he was for sale.

    If things were different, if talk radio was majority liberal, than Limbaugh would be liberal. He's proven he will say whatever his masters tell him to say.

    Limbaugh's latest contract was something like $400 million over four years. You don't get that kind of money by bucking the system. You get that kind of money by being part of the system. By being useful to the system.

    Limbaugh was never right. He hasn't lost his mind. He has no mind. He's just an effective mouthpiece for the system. Controlled opposition. There to make people think that the system isn't rigged.

    He's a safety valve. And well paid for being one.

  4. Rush believes that Obama wants to run against Romney. With the Democrat votes cast in Michigan for Santorum we know the truth. Rush claims a 98% accuracy rate. I don't see it.

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