Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Gerald Celente Lexicon

            After listening to countless interviews of Trends Research Institutes own forecaster. I believe the people who just hear him for the first time should understand what he is saying. He talks with street language and common sense that confounds the intellectual elites. Love him or hate him. He makes a few distinct terms that characterizes the people in the news who are screwing up the nation and the world. Here are a few terms and their definitions so you can understand Gerald when he does a TV or Radio interview. These terms are his trademark. I hope I can define them right.

Presstitutes - A media whore who will sacrifice the truth just to gain favor with the media and goverment establishment so they can get invited to as many cocktail parties in Washington and New York hosted by the elite.

The White Shoe Boys- Those people who never had to tied their shoes or work a hard days work in their lives. They live in their own delusion think they can run our lives better then we can. These people could careless about the common person or if their action cause harm to people because they were born with a silver spoon in their mouth.

The Money Junkies- Only cares about making all the money they can with no regard for the common person's well being.

Political Atheist- Does not believe what both parties say not matter how right they are because the democrats or republicans do not believe in what they say either.

Democrats- From No Taxation without representation to Taxation without hesitation. Never turned down an Welfare program, bailout or war they did not like.

Republicans- No different then the Democrat Party. Taxation without hesitation. Did not turn down a big goverment scheme, corporate welfare handout or war they did not like.

Stock Broker- You are broker now before this snake oil con man took your money. 

The Two Party Political system- No difference, both equally worthless.

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange- The Chicago Mafia Enterprise.

Washington DC- The Gambino Crime Family.

Wall Street- The Genovese Crime Family.

I hope this helps you understand this trends forecaster much better so you can keep up with his straight talk with common sense. You will have to understand his terminology so you are never left in the dark. It is so easy to learn, even a high school drop out, and a working person can understand. Do not get caught off guard. If you went to an Ivy league college and still cannot grasp it like the White Shoe Boys. Then you are too smart for your own good if you are in meltdown trying to understand Gerald Celente.

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