Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Establishment is Walking on Thin Ice Ignoring and Cheating Ron Paul.

                 We are seeing the beginning of the end of the Republican Establishment thanks to Congressmen Ron Paul candidacy and other libertarian minded people running for lower offices. How long can the establishment steal votes away from Ron Paul with impunity. How long can they support the three candidates Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney bucking the trend of the grassroots? How long will this charade of a staged this mudslinging match between Newt and Mitt go on ignoring the issues and Ron Paul?

                 The truth is the Republican establishment is walking on very shaky ground unaware how the ground has shifted underneath their feet. The other three candidates besides Ron Paul offer no solution to what plagues this nation. They want more wars and stealing our freedom. They have no interest in shrinking the size of goverment or cutting spending. The other neo con candidates have no plan to bring our troops home from bases overseas not even rethinking our foreign policy. The other candidates trying to co-opt Ron Paul talking points of this Texas Congressmen because Ron Paul is shifting the debate.

                We do not need no more counterfeit patriots or conservatives as our leaders.  Newt, Rick and Mitt will do all the same things Obama is doing, just in a different rhetoric.Stealing votes away from Ron Paul will not work for long. The fraud will be exposed stealing elections away from the people will boomerang back on the establishment. We do not need the mainstream media because we have the alternative citizen press to report the facts. We push hard enough exposing the election fraud, we will force the mainstream dinosaur press to cover it just to stay relevant and to maintain what little credibility they have left. They will throw the Republican establishment overboard for their own survival.

               2012 is a make or break year for freedom and our national survival. The Republican establishment is working overtime to keep Ron Paul off the Radar by not allowing him time to speak in the debates, Using Mitt and Newt's phony feud of mudslinging of past dealings to distract us from the real issues Ron Paul is talking about and stealing elections.This will fizzle out and the candidates will have to start talking about things of substance that really will expose that all the other three candidates except Ron Paul espouse the very policies Obama has already implemented. The mudslinging between Mitt and Newt will get old like watching the Jerry Springer Show. When the hype is gone, reality will set in showing Mitt, Newt and Rick are more of the same will be obvious. They have nothing to offer, just gimmicks to get votes and no solutions.

              The beginning of the end of big goverment conservatives has started. Ron Paul's word will get out and resonate with the people. He is the only one with reals cuts in spending and stopping this insane costly foreign policy. He is the only one who will shut down the TSA and Homeland security that threatens our freedom and bring back honest sound money without a Federal Reserve Bank. He is the only one proposing abolishing the income tax instead of the others using class warfare in their tax plans.

               The Republican establishment ignores Ron Paul at their own peril. To ignore Ron Paul and not show any respect to him is suicide of the GOP. If he has no support. Then why is the other candidates trying to steal Ron Paul's talking points of the Federal Reserve and freedom. Ron Paul support is being suppressed by the Diebold Machines. They are trying to break the will of his support by stealing votes and ignoring him. Like a beach ball being pushed underwater. That ball will come to the surface no matter how much the person tries to keep it underwater. The ball will come to the top with great force. The same thing with Ron Paul and his supporters. The truth is both parties and the media establishment is trying to stave off a populist backlash coming.

               The Republican establishment is walking on thin ice using fake polls and pulling out all stop trying the break the will of the Ron Paul movement. Webster Tarpley is another political hack that has to be questioned by Alex Jones because he is saying the only way Ron Paul can win if he abandons his libertarian principles. Webster Tarpley is distorting Ron Paul message. Ron Paul is not going to destroy Social Security, Ron Paul wants to cut overseas spending of Military adventures, foreign aid,  close all the bases overseas and place it in social security and Medicare so the agencies can meet its commitments.

                Ron Paul is the only candidate that will beat Obama. The others will bare very little difference in policy and principle. These are times that try men's souls. We must not be discouraged, we must not live in defeat. We must not allow the establishment to have their way. We cannot be idle anymore complaining about it. The Media and the political establishment is trying to break our will by suppressing Ron Paul or ignoring him. We are winning, it is time. It is a bluff when they tell Ron Paul to drop out because if he stay in, there will be blow back if he stay in the race. So let your heart not be troubled, the illusion is beginning to collapse. So do not feel discouraged we are winning. Victory is our if we want it bad more then they do. It is time to push back and no more be pushed around by these political hacks. Do you agree? Lets no let the hack puah us around no more. Ron Paul or bust.


  1. RP is the only candidate that can pull off support from the left and the right (disaffected Ds and Rs) as well as the independents.

  2. Great article and commenting. Thanks once again.

  3. Too bad that you have arranged your web site so that I cannot comment anonymously any more. What happened?

    1. Sorry John, people abused the comment section too much with profanity and vulgar language. The trolls calling for violence using anonymous. This is the only way I can police the site. I am for free speech, but freedom of speech does have responsibility too.

  4. Great post very inspirational. Thx for re-affirming WILL & HOPE & reminding us not to fall victim to the Media & Establishment trying to break our WILL. "Was mich nicht umbringt macht mich starker." "That which does not slay me, makes me stronger" -Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

  5. In observing the blatant vote count fraud in the first three primaries, I am reminded by the corrupted MSM who will carry the republican party over their heads down the road like a rapidly cooling bucket of manure and continue to dress it up in grandma and grandpa's finest Sunday clothes. That is what the CFR does for a living. Don't try to make them change. And don't try to teach a pig to sing. It is a waste of time and it annoys the pig.
    There may be no polite way to communicate what they do here today. Dump the fed. Dr. Ron Paul seems to be the only logical choice when you consider the irresponsible economic mess and EU/NATO 'Whitey uber alles' madness instituted with Obummer dementia dragging America down into the cellar with an axe in his hand to save the lard asses of the European royal families from liquidating assets to merely purchase a Sheppard's pie from the frozen food section at the local grocery. Those Bush41 cabalists MUST go.

  6. You have good ideas, but your writing skills leave much to be desired. Your grammar is atrocious! If one chooses to put their ideas to pen for public consumption, one should at least know how to do so properly. Try a word processing program that corrects for gramatical errors. Yoor articles would read proper, and you would learn correct grammar, sentence structure, and the difference between singular and plural, all at tthe same time.

  7. Northwoods, I found errors in your writing, It is not worth talking about. One thing you will have to understand. People are individuals. if they had to use the rules of grammar to you standards. If you have to live free or die. You have to allow for individualism in writing regardless if they write good or not. My Russian friends who lived under communism told me people who are so anal retentive about grammar are collectivist and not individualist.