Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Israel First Christian Right Values Voters are more a Threat to Freedom then the Leftist.

             I can say one good thing is I never attended church because they all are a bunch of spiritual whores the very opposite from Jesse Jackson who is the poverty pimps. The Christian right has the sin pimps. While one touts racism and does not care to see the problem solved. They like to keep things the way they are with race relations and sometimes will do things to make it worse. They use these examples of racial injustices to advance big government policies like affirmative action ,racial quotas. and hate crime laws with the ADL pulling the strings behind the scenes.

           On the religious right we have anti gay marriage and pro life. They preach we must support Israel and we need these wars to kill the unrighteous Muslims and those who do not believe in our version of theology. The Religious right does not care about over turning Roe V. Wade or stopping Gay marriage. Keeping the issue alive to keep these religious leaders in power asking for donations while doing nothing. Both the Religious right and the Christian left all have a large following of people who will follow these sell outs without question. The both pull for the force of goverment to enforce their version of morality.

            The Christian right is far more dangerous, a threat to the freedom of this nation then Jesse Jackson's and Al Sharpton's Followers can do. These are the people that thinks the force of goverment should enforce morality.We should never legislate morality. It has never worked in results. It creates more problems. There has always been a backlash when goverment enforces morality. Look at some of the Blue laws in certain states to see legislating morality does not work. It often creates rebellion. e.g. the war on drug and prohibition.

             The religious right showed itself to be no different concerning values and still exalts the person in reproach to be their leader. Newt and Jesse are no different. The both had adultery issues and were involved in corruption. Still people that follow them give them a pass and wonder why nothing has changed. For the Christian right to talk about morality and family values as their high standard judging a candidate. They pay attention to what they say and not what they do. This is the spiritual blind spot they lack discernment in.

              It is has predicted fascism will come to American with a bible in one hand and the American flag in the other supporting Israel sending our children into battle. We are well on our way with these wars and the Christians saying bomb the non Christian nations in the name stopping those evil terrorist. As a result our liberties are stolen at home in the name of fighting a war on terror. We are in danger of a Christian theocracy with a tyranny killing ion the name of God and arresting people because of heresy against the state using the Bible to tyrannize the people who dare speak against Israel and the Holocaust . This election can be us going out of the frying pan into the fire if the religious right has their way. 

              They are far more dangerous then communist, far more harder to defeat then Fabian Socialist and harder to detect because it wrapped in holy garb. It appeals to people's good nature sounding reasonable not paying attention to who the messenger is.This is the strong delusion the Christian right has fallen under that they will believe a lie because they fail to see for themselves and trust their leaders to tell them what to think and hear. I pray these preachers get exposed for what they are. They are no different then Jesse Jackson.The Rev. Jackson wants to sit at the table of power in the democrat party. So does the religious right want the sit at the kings table for power inside the GOP. I learned to beware of preachers seeking power in a political party. History has shown in the name of God much blood was shed when religious doctrine was enforced by the power of the state. This is what makes the Christian right more dangerous then the religious left.

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  1. I can't read your stuff anymore. It takes too much effort to try to decode your grammar. Its a shame too because i think that otherwise you have a lot of good things to say. It's a shame adults in America do not know how to form sentences....