Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bill Kristol, Please Retire From Politics, You Might Be Making the Actor Billy Crystal Look Bad

               I do not care about the actor Billy Crystal's politics. I do not care if he is independent democrat or conservative. it is his right to freely associate with whoever he wants and believe as he sees fit. All I know, he is a good actor and enjoyed his movies. I remember seeing him get his start in acting with the 70s TV show"Soap". I see him in movies City Slickers, Mr Saturday Night and playing in Monsters Inc. I have always loved watching his movies. He is one of those actors that has kept quiet about his politics. When I hear Bruce Springsteen on the radio. I have to shut it off. Billy Crystal I never felt the need to turn off the TV or change the channel watching a good movie he is in.

               The Political commentator William(Bill) Kristol and the Actor Bill Crystal look very similar in appearance. But they are totally two different people not related. For the dumb down population who cannot tell the difference. The actor and the neo con hack are not the same. Billy Crystal is an actor who made some really good movies. I do not care about his personal politics. If he wants to go public about what he believes in. That is his choice. it is just when people hear of Bill Kristol pretending to be a patriot. I do not want people to make the mistake that this is the actor Billy Crystal getting into politics. It is not.

                As far as William(Bill)Kristol, please retire from politics, you never been right about anything and would not know the Declaration of Independence it is hit him in the face. People of his ilk screwed up this nation and demonized people like Ron Paul for years. Now he is wrong again being the neo con he is. With this economy is the tank. There is nothing really to smile about these days. Thank God for Billy Crystal movies to make us laugh so we forget about traitors like Bill Kristol and the rest of the neo cons who have deceived patriotic Americans down the road of near ruin.

                So Mr Kristol, please retire from talking politics. You might be making the great actor Billy Crystal look bad. With all the fluoride in the water and chem trails, anything is possible where people would not know the difference Bill Kristol and Billy Crystal. So William Kristol please retire.


  1. But without William Kristol on my Sunday Fox News who will I get to pretend to bitch slap?!? You hit the nail on the head with Mr. Never-been-right, him and his buddy Dick Cheney who dictated to US our 'dark side' war on terror reason to be a country. Truely their war on terror is the most successful and visionary government program in history. Honest.

    1. Aye. When 'The war on terror' started rolling Kristol was one of those pushing the hardest.

  2. William Kristol is guilty of war propaganda which is a war crime, he brags about being the architect of the illegal war on terror. He needs to be arrested along with John Bolton, both are the real terrorists.

  3. Bill Kristol confronted on CSPAN by a caller: "LIAR":