Friday, January 27, 2012

Newt Gingrich. The Republican Establishment's False Flag Candidate Posing as the Phony Maverick

              Newt Gingrich is no more anti establishment then he is anti adultery. To say the establishment is afraid of the former speaker of the house sounds very fishy to me. If Newt was so anti establishment, the leadership would not be stealing votes away from Ron Paul. The feud between Romney and Gingrich is all scripted like watching pro wrestling on TV. This supposed mudslinging is all just a distraction to keep Ron Paul out of the picture from getting any exposure in the news.

              This all a mind game the Republican Establishment is playing tit for tat with the voters with a bunch of meaningless controversy about tax returns and Swiss bank accounts.  Newt and Mitt are all part of the club, Both neo conservative who will start a war. They both will continue the Obama agenda and nothing will change if one of them is elected President. To say Newt is scaring the establishment is asinine on its head. Newt is part of the inside club, Ron Paul is the one they are trying to him by creating this phony rhetoric between Mitt and Newt going.

              This is nothing new having this phony rhetoric or controversy. The authors of the Federal Reserve Act who were the heads of the big banks came out in opposition to the bill as a psy-op to make the public think it was for the people so the public would be for the bill. In this case, putting the talking points out there that Newt is dangerous and he is bad for the republican party, the political establishment. The conservative, neo-cons and the RINOs area ll against Gingrich. Newt's antics are done by design to distract us away from Ron Paul with a phony feud between the former Governor or Speaker of the house.

              The Republican establishment is not scared of Newt. They fear Ron Paul in power, not Newt. There is no difference between Mitt, Newt or Obama. They will all continue slide into globalism. Newt is the republican stunt dummy posing as the anti establishment candidate. He is the phony political false flag posing as the maverick politician to divert attention away from Ron Paul and his message.The truth is Newt is no more a pro Constitutionalists then his for marital fidelity with his wife. Newt and Mitt are in a phony mudslinging match that is a false flag keeping media attention off Ron Paul the real anti establishment candidate.

             Do you agree that this exchange of political rhetoric between Newt and Mitt is no more real then Alice in Wonderland. It all about using this controversy so Ron Paul message is overshadowed by the phony mudslinging. It is staged because they fear Ron Paul, not Newt because the Texas congressmen is the only real anti establishment man in the field, This will not last for long. I still see Ron Paul as the last man standing when the convention comes to Tampa. What do you think? Newt is the Establishment's false flag maverick pretending to be against establishment fighting Mitt because they fear Ron Paul plain and simple.

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  1. Newt the Maverick and Lady Gaga the Frog Hunter. Big Deal. The concept exudes excitement like a reheated Banquet TV dinner, except there is more flavor with the reheated TV dinner which is about a buck and a half, on sale. Buying Newt would cost an eternity.