Thursday, January 26, 2012

Patriots: We Need A Real Victory to be a Gamechanger

                 Most us have seen a boxing match, the fighter usually peppers his opponent with jabs to the face wearing him down to the point he throws to blow knocking the fighter out or stunning him where he cannot gain his footing or momentum. For a long time we been peppered by the globalist, We have been worn down fighting this bill or blocking this legislation. Many of us are getting fatigued fighting attacks on every angle coming at us at once. The other side has the momentum where they are positioning themselves to strike the blow to all of us to stun us or knock us out.

                For a long time, our victories and successes have been blocking bad proposals becoming law. I do not see it as a victory at all. All we did was slow them down. But they keep advancing forward. Maybe not as fast as they want. But they keep moving forward. We are getting tired having to fight congress and the president stopping bad legislation becoming law. We are starting to become fatigued, confused and bewildered. The attitude of defeatism with the feeling of hopelessness can wear on us. Our opponent is breaking our will not to fight back. We cannot have low moral anymore thinking we cannot win.

             What we need is a major victory on our side. A victory is not just stopping or blocking a bad agenda. It is striking a heavy blow to them where they have the wind taken out of them. Then they do catch their breath and regain their footing they are not only on the defensive because the momentum has shifted. Not only they are on the defensive, being stunned they are trying to stay on their feet. We need a big victory now to shift the momentum. If we do not, we are only lying to ourselves thinking blocking or slowing them down is winning. It is not. Winning is taking the field back from the enemies of freedom.

            We are not going to get a real victory as long we have hot aired long winded hot heads behind the microphone complaining about the people in a trance who are not awake. We will never win as long we stay in the problem and just talk about the problem by dragging the audience down by either scaring the hell of people or depressing them. This is why many people are sitting on their hands holding back. They know the problem and want to act. But do not know what to do.We have plenty of good assets and strengths we need to start using. We have more then enough. We will once win once we get rid off of our bad habit thinking we cannot change thing because of the people in charge. That make us more our own worst enemy then Obama can be. We need a victory now or we will never have a chance like this ever in our life time.


  1. So what do you suggest. I stumble several hundred articles and blog posts a day. The most traffic goes to stories like 2 headed boy bites dog in butt,they fall in love and have a litter of pups! In other words the important stuff usually gets a few hits and sometimes a lot of hits,but the freak show stuff gets 10's of thousands of hits.
    I agree freedom loving people need a victory! But how!

  2. A people's revolution, not by words, and definitely NOT by standing around whining to the powers that ignore us regardless of numbers..... We the people have to stand up and FIGHT, these movements are too immature and aren't ready, the majority of people are also too easily distracted by the "entertaining" items in their lives, facebook, smart phones, etc.... The only way to bring, no revive freedom is through a show of force. A force grown by individuals willing to die for freedom than to live in servitude, something that so called current "revolutionaries" lack, for what they do have is fear of death when they should have fear of repression, solitude, and the thought of being a mindless drone....... When the "movement/s" are ready then i'll be glad to offer my undying service to the REVOLUTION

  3. Hi Realman,

    You whine a lot! Yeah you're right we need a victory, but the smart money is on hide and watch. I really do wish you would answer Franks question. Just what would you suggest. I don't think that putting whiny commentaries about boxing are going to do anything except advertise for your various product pushers. Why don't you come up with something actionable? Your grammatically poor ramblings accomplish nothing. Some advice from a fellow Texan, a lot less talk and a lot more action...

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