Tuesday, January 31, 2012

To the Voters of Florida , Why Ron Paul?

                 As a Texas who use to live in Florida. I had to leave the state because there so much a tyranny now. Florida will now reap what they sow unless they vote for the Constitution instead of being practical of the one who sounds like a winner. If you all vote for Newt, Mitt and Rick. You will get more of the same. Florida to me is a disgrace to live in.  Just because they say they are Republican and Conservative does not mean squat at all. The Florida legislature is a joke and the governor is a no different the late Lawton Chiles.

                 I lived in Pasco county most of my life. I lived out in California for six years being in the Army and the next three years enjoying living in Lake Arrowhead. When I returned to Florida, it was like the twilight zone. California before the nut cases really took power when the Governor was Pete Wilson. It was a nice place to be and we had a lot of freedom. The courts seemed fair, followed procure and made sure the accused had every remedy available. Florida turned into the Soviet Union when I came home.

                 In Florida, the Department of Children and Families remove children from innocent families thirty-five percent over the national average. In these DCF family courts the accused parent has no due process. The courts are so corrupt here, The Judge will throw the book at a person for driving on a suspended license they never knew was suspended in the first place. In Florida it is better to be charged with a felony then a so called mild misdemeanor because normal behavior that brings no harm to others is not a crime is now criminal. THE STATE PUNISHES THE LAW ABIDING MORE THEN THE LAW BREAKERS. All for Federal money.

                 I know I hear many people in Florida getting concerned seeing all these toys the police departments around the state are getting.Seeing tanks and other goodies from the Department of Defense, Drones and all this grant money to watch us in our home. Florida is famous for taking a handouts from the Federal goverment for anything. Now Florida is so corrupt like a banana republic. Police are bounty hunters now. They will arrest a couple for a verbal argument and turn the kids over to CPS and get paid by the Federal government to do this. They get money for checkpoints on the highways to keeping children in foster care. The Federal incentives keep families from reuniting and encourages adoption instead.

                The war on drugs and terror corrupted Law Enforcement were they can bypass the bill of rights as they see fit. The confiscate people homes, money and belongings for no reason without charge supposedly stopping those drug dealers. They search cars and homes without warrants by Homeland Security grants. All this paid with Federal dollars.

                  The reason why Florida is a police State is because they are on the Federal tit for a long time. The State legislature will not do anything defending a person's freedom or they lose Federal if they do. If they were really conservative, DCF would be reduced big time. Instead they have more power now.

                If you want to keep this Police State going in Florida, Vote for Newt, Mitt and Rick. If you want to starve the State of Florida were they cannot get anymore funding for the illegal law enforcement adventures. Then vote for Ron Paul if you want Florida to be a free state again. If you want to keep the status quo were the system walks all over people for Federal money. Then Newt, Mitt and Rick is your choice.

               If you want to see your tourism start to go up again were people visit Disney World and the beaches. Ron Paul will curtail the TSA and eliminate it all together. The TSA is hurting tourism all over with their groping techniques and full body scanners. Newt, Mitt and Rick will go further having us all fly naked with shock bracelets with an anal and vaginal exam before boarding on first class. These three will not change nothing at all. The TSA has hurt tourism in Florida, These men will not get rid of the TSA. Ron Paul will.

               The war on Terror is a hoax, the war on drugs is a failure. The TSA has not caught one terrorist, The best choice is Ron Paul and not the others. He will make Florida the real Sunshine state again. We cannot afford another RINO. Vote your conscience, not what the news tells you. Starve the tyrannical beast in Florida. Ron Paul for President.

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  1. Looks like the scumbags in Florida voted for globalist POS Romney