Saturday, January 21, 2012

Could We See a Hostile Takeover of our Elections to Stop the Vote Fraud?

                The GOP will not allow Ron Paul to win. Who the hell these hacks think they are. They are not the Republican party. The people are the Party, they choose the candidate. Not the leadership. How much more fraud will there be before we stop it? Will we live life staring down a barrel of a gun? These vote riggers are committing treason by overthrowing our form of government denying the will of the people at the ballot box.

                Besides, who in their right mind who claims to be conservative will vote for an adulterer and who is for carbon taxes. It is time we say no more of the establishment denying the people their candidate. It is time we arrest the party leadership for treason. It is time we tell the foreign corporations in charge of counting the votes on a one way ticket back to the country they came from. I am not calling for destruction to property or violence. But I think it is time we put fear in the hearts of the establishment and stop trying to win playing by their rules.

               I would not be surprised if people walk in with mini hammers and destroy the computer voting machines forcing them to use paper ballots. People are tired of being cheated out of a voice. Do not be surprised if a tax revolt arises because the elections cannot be trusted to be fair and very accurate. Then the government can be considered no more legitimate to pay taxes to for wars, bailouts and our own enslavement. The establishment is about to see some severe unintended consequences for cheating elections. It will not be pretty because many people have almost lost everything because politicians in bed with the Bankers, the Military Industrial complex and Wall Street will lose it.

             Election reform might not come pretty. There might not be a political solution to bring election reform. Election reform might be achieved in a not so pretty way. We can see some incidents of these voting machines being destroyed before election day forcing them to go to paper ballots. We can see some voting headquarters being stormed by people, to take over the vote count. We can see people taking the bull by the horns taking back the elections. We can see a lot of hostile takeovers nationwide. I think it is getting to the breaking point we cannot afford to have another election stolen from the people to benefit a few.

              This years election is do or die. It is we do take back our country peacefully or we die by the hand of tyrants because we did not act when we should. I would not surprise me that starting with the voting system we can see a hostile take over of the elections if peaceful means has resulted in along train of abuses. There is a point this fraud has to be stopped Those people responsible for rigging the election no matter how low and high in goverment they are. The day will come the justice system will make an example out of those cheaters sending a message that not to mess with the elections or pay dearly.

               The primary elections are still in the early stage. There are 47 more states to go. What was done in Iowa giving the victory to Rick Santorum who had no money or organization to gather maggots to a dead carcass tells me there was much fraud involved. New Hampshire allowed dead people to vote. The more the fraud is shown trying to break the will of the people denying the people their leader. There will be a tipping point that may result in a hostile takeover of the voting system to preserve this republic. People will be left with no choice. I still pray for a peaceful revolution when it seems it might turn violent because the establishment forgot who they are really supposed to serve.

               South Carolina might be the beginning of that tipping point where diebold machines will be in the dumpsters beyond repair and the local print shop will be printing paper ballots on short notice. People are being pushed into the corner like a rat. This is the year the push back starts with the elections. I just pray it is peaceful.

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  1. I agree with you 100% that the voter fruad is beyond ludicrous. Our forefathers warned us of a 2 party system. We are not supposed to have primaries. That is something that was added later by the 2 parties to gain control. The Repubs and Dems own the primaries. They can use whatever machines they want. These electronic machines are NOT to be used for the actual elections because the votes can not be counted in publc. The primaries are also NOT supposed to be funded by tax dollars but they are. The forming of primaries was the start of it, using electronic machines in them was the second step and then merging them in for use in the Nov election is the final step. These machines are not Constitutional and the county Sheriff is the one that should be shutting down any polling place that uses them. He does have that power. Stand with him. Wake up people and then wake your Sheriff up.

  2. The sad truth is people are afraid. They are afraid to stand up to their employer who violates union contracts constantly. They are afraid to stand up to the thugs in uniform of the police. They are afraid to raise their voice about the loss of country which has already occurred with the NDAA, and now the expatriation of Americans is being worked out to take our citizenship away, but they did not give it in the first place. People will not revolt they will cower in the corner this country is filled with cowards and that is why things have gotten so bad. Do not count on anyone doing anything to stop this, they won't.

  3. you guys have got to take a stand ... the rest of the world will be affected as well

  4. Remember people, the best part about getting knocked on your ass by a criminal is getting back up and laying them to waste(ie, rendering them to slug bait if necessary to terminate their ambition.).
    There is no sense in your becoming afraid, it will do you no good. The criminal desides how much of a burden you are to them. That is why kings and queens play war to cull the herd. That is why we have a nation of citizens and not a nation of cowards that I personally, would not mind being fed into a chipper machine if they will not help carry out the trash in Washington, D.C. and Austin, Texas, and every other capital in this country.

  5. "I would not be surprised if people walk in with mini hammers and destroy the computer voting machines forcing them to use paper ballots."

    Nice fantasy.
    I'd pay to see that.


  6. If your only choice to vote is on a computer voting machine then you should refuse and not waste your vote. Better to not vote at all than to participate in fraud and the resulting illegal government.

  7. What’s a Neoconservative?

    Mind blowing speech by Robert Welch in 1958 predicting Insiders plans to destroy America

  8. In practical short term goals I agree with Brigadier. “These machines are not Constitutional and the county Sheriff is the one that should be shutting down any polling place that uses them.” but in the long term, I have to ask if people put themselves ABOVE THE LAW should they be protected UNDER THE LAW? Vote rigging or voter fraud is not like stealing a chocolate bar or even killing your friend, it is a high crime, it is treason, it is crime against the People, all the People. Without an orderly & democratic processes based on the Law of the Constitution, all we have is mob rule by gangsters. The whole land suffers. My emotions tells me to beat these traitors to death with a baseball bat but reason tells me to try them under the Rule of Law. We the people should use extreme prejudice to prosecute these traitors but under the rule of law with the understanding that these traitors are CRIMINAL PSYCHOPATHS. No matter how many save guards we put into the voting process they will not stop until they are made accountable by hanging.

  9. Don't let your vote be STOLEN by a computer. Vote by absentee ballot!
    Computerized voting machines leave no paper trail, cannot be verified and are easily hacked to switch your vote for someone you would never vote for in a million years!
    Absentee ballots leave a verifiable paper trail, they allow us to know who voted and for whom the vote was cast, they allow us to compare actual hard paper votes against what we are being told the vote was. Instead of letting the powers that be LIE TO US AGAIN!!

  10. The voting machines guarantee voting fraud. It is time to end this mafia's reign before they start WWIII. Please check this out:
    RED ALERT E-MAIL:USS Liberty 2 Incoming - This is treason, that carrier is due to be decommissioned next year because it's so old. They're sending it in there to have the Israelis sink it and blame it on Iran!!

  11. One more:
    US Military Refuses To Drive Bilderberg Israeli Bus Off Cliff Into WW III

  12. Some honest person who has a following (perhaps the author of this article) should have a system where people can email and let him know how they voted. Not everyone will do this... but he could get a nice sampling from different states around the country.