Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Newt Gingrich is Wrong About Andrew Jackson

                During the Monday Debates in South Carolina. The only thing Newt was right about Andrew Jackson was a scar in his face given by a saber from a British Soldier during the war of independence. As far saying Andrew Jackson killed his enemies is a stretch of the facts. Well Newt, tell about the rest of the story about Andrew Jackson if he may. He knew what the enemies of this country were. He would call Newt the enemy, if Andrew Jackson was serving in congress with Newt. He would have whacked him over the head with a cane because Newt works for the bankers. They did not Call Andrew Jackson old hickory for nothing.

                First Andrew Jackson did not go sail around the world looking for enemies to fight and killed them. He would have left the Muslims alone. Andrew Jackson knew who his enemies were  and that was the British being the battering ram for the Bank of England. He did not consider the native Americans enemies. He did not go slaughter the Indians in mass. He went after the British agents who were paying off tribes who were attacking settlers on the frontier lands. He invaded Florida and drove the British out influencing Indians to attack the frontier settlers removing the threat to the people, signed a treaty with the Spanish and purchased Florida from Spain. Andrew Jackson was the first territorial governor of Florida.

                I think, but do not know for a fact. It is my assumption he drove the Cherokee Indians west they called the trail of tears not because of the response given in the public fool system text books saying he was a racist. Yes, he did break the treaty with the Cherokees, even the the Indians won at the Supreme Court. President Jackson ignored the ruling. He had many Cherokees fight with him winning the Battle of New Orleans driving the British out of the big easy.I think it is because again British agents were influencing some of the Indian tribes to attack the frontier settlers. Removing the Cherokee was taking away a tool the British could use.

                 President Jackson killed the Second Bank of the United States. The banker's tool is to cause instability in retaliation to closing their ponzi scheme.  That was using the native American tribes attacking the settlers on the frontiers trying to draw us into another war using the Indians. The Cherokees were not the only Indians driven west to Oklahoma. The Seminole Indians were driven to there too. We were at war with the Seminole Indians in Florida. look up Dade Battlefield in a search engine. A whole company of soldiers were wiped out by the Seminole Indians in an ambush.

                 Andrew Jackson knew who is enemies were. They were not people in the middle east. it was a foreign power of European Bankers using the British Army to wage war on early America by causing instability using the native American Indian tribes. There were the foreign agents on American soil and financial terrorist trying to drag us into another war. He did not go look for enemies to bomb and rob countries of their natural resources. Removing the Seminoles and Cherokee moving them to Oklahoma was most likely to keep the British agents from using the Indians as a proxy force against the American people as a destabilizing force. This is just my opinion and my observation from my research seeing the tactics of the bankers who they try to destabilize nations who do not play ball with them.

                  Newt Gingrich is not worthy to mention Andrew Jackson thinking he would go invade sovereign nations to kill brown people is a mischaracterization of old hickory. Andrew Jackson would have seen September 11th was a banker operation. The war with Iraq and the pending conflict with Iran Andrew Jackson would not dare think of attacking knowing the bankers are behind it. He would just go after Ben Bernake, sell outs like Newt and leave the world alone. Andrew Jackson seen the bankers were the enemy, Newt, if you are going to talk about President Andrew Jackson, please tell the truth that Bankers are the real enemy from the vantage point old hickory seen and not Muslims living in caves across the water.



  1. you history of the Cherokee Indians is totally flawed and erronious....might make your little anti bank rant flow, but it far from the truth. Newt knows a tad bit more about historical reality than you seem to know. my suggestion is you sell your computer and get a janitorial job.

  2. Bob You better read about the banker's tactics. Andrews Jackson seen the enemy is the bankers. British agents working for the bankers used the native population as a useful tool, You look at the pattern of the bankers after Jackson thew the Bankers out of the country. The bankers use war and destabilizing factions to regain control. Andrew Jackson was no dummy to their devices. Newt just twist the truth. How British operatives working for the Bank of England dealt with the native population trying to start a war with the Indians and us using divide and conquer tactic. This sure look like the bankers were behind it all using the Indians to attack us. Newt is a globalist stooge who is working for the same bankers Andrew Jackson threw out.

    1. The central bankers are famous for cause insurrections among the indigenous populations and racial factions to destabilize a nation.

  3. in fact, the native americans were divided and that was their cultural downfall. The Cherokee were very much advanced as a civilization, living in wooden homes not unlike the settlers. They had their own school system too. The constitution was modeled after the Mohawk confederation and many native Americans were assimilated into the United States. Bankers and moneyed interests bought and sold whites and Indians combined. Tecumseh was attempting along with Pontiac before him to unite native Americans but were divided amongst European powers much like Africa today. The classic bankers move was to get Indians drunk and steal their land(many natives have a genetic marker that made them alcoholics)because they could no longer hunt and were forced to farm in ways that were foreign to them. Many early reservations were bought by the banking class by giving alcohol and other white man's goods in exchange for land. Brocton Massachusetts was originally an Indian reservation but piece by piece bankers exchanged goods and alcohol for their land until nothing was left and the natives were forced out. Native Americans lack of understanding of English and US law along with corrupt banking and breaking of treaties did in the native Americans. Given time, the Native Americans would probably have developed the constitution themselves but corruption via the Bank of England certainly prevented such occurrence.

  4. From what I can gather, we are not any smarter than Native Americans, because the bankers have now screwed us out of virtually everything just like they screwed the Native Americans out of their land.

  5. Bravo! Jackson may have been America's greatest Prez.
    Thankyou for your article, and you are dead spot-on at the banking issue.
    More power to you and please keep writing columns.