Friday, January 20, 2012

Why Values Voters in South Carolina Should Vote for Ron Paul.

                One of things that scares me most about Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum is their desire to legislate morality falling into the deception that out law immorality with bring our nation back to its christian roots. it is very dangerous to use the force of goverment to impose morality no matter how good intentions are. It can backfire. The last thing the founders wanted was us serving a monarchy or a religious theocracy. Ron Paul understands it is goverment policy that has encouraged destructive behavior, not individual liberty.

                True liberty is not the freedom to do what we want, but to be free to do as we ought as long we bring no harm to persons or property. One of the biggest sources of our moral decline in America is the central banking system printing dishonest money. With the Federal Reserve Printing money to fund the government. The welfare state has rewarded the wrong behavior discouraging marriage and promotes single motherhood, The tax system punishes success, it penalizes marriage and two parents have to work to maintain a household. In the past we had full time mothers at home tending the to the needs of the children while the Husband's wage was able sustain a family.

                  You cannot fear individual liberty,or  worry about people making the wrong choices you many not agree with. People will have to learn from their own mistakes. I am not one to use drugs or abuse them. Most of the time people only hurt themselves and not others when they smoke pot. We cannot use the force of goverment to save us from ourselves. They tried this during prohibition in the 1920s and the 1930s. It was a miserable failure, it encouraged more consumption of liquor then prevented it. It created a criminal empire that has caused countless deaths due to street wars. The war on drugs today, we are reaping the same results as it was with Prohibition. You can't  have the goverment legislate morality for you. If chose the goverment to enforce morality we will be goverment by tyrants. The reverse is free govern ourselves to do as we ought to do without the nanny state looking over our shoulders.

                 It is wrong to enforce morality using the force of goverment. Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich will try to legislate morality using the force of government. Personal freedom means responsibility. We cannot worry about people making the wrong choices.That means if people use drugs, they will have to accept responsibility for their actions without the goverment to help them when they suffer the consequences. Personal freedom means responsibility. Having restored freedom to our lives means we are more free to worship God as we see fit and pursue our ambitions without government interference. It is also meaning allowing people to make bad and good choices. That is the beauty of personal freedom being free to take risk to fail or succeed without a government safety net or trying to save us from ourselves.

                South Carolina was the first state to secede from the union preserving state sovereignty when Lincoln was elected President. The state back then knew something about federal Power grabs. The state revolted against unfair tariffs in the 1830s. The state threatened to secede way before the civil war. They did not like Federal power coming in trying to tell them what to do. Now the new Boeing Plant cannot put people to work because of Federal intrusion and cannot tap into their natural resources because of the EPA.

               The only moral vote to cast is for Ron Paul, Big government politicians like Newt, Gingrich and Romney believe Washington can govern from the top down believing it can eliminate risk and believes they can prevent us making bad choices has been a failure. South Carolina can govern itself better from Columbia then from the beltway. Ron Paul believes it. You should to. Your ancestors fled a king who was the head of the Church of England who legislated morality by the King's decree. A Santorum or a Gingrich like the British kings who will use the force of goverment to enforce morality through the 501C3 churches. Where a pastor cannot preach on the morality of politics and the issues of today because the IRS is prohibiting the free exercise of religion thereof thru this phony tax exempt status. It is time we put a man in office who will remove the goverment from the places of worship so they can serve God to the dictates of their own conscience. Not by decree of the IRS.

               So to South Caroline, how would your ancestors vote? Would it be politicians bringing home the money from Washington with strings attached or will it be the man that will leave the Palmetto state alone free to self govern? History speaks louder saying there is only one candidate who is best for South Carolina because he will leave the state alone free to govern itself. A hint, it is not the former Speaker of the House, a former Governor or a former Senator. He is only one who still is a sitting member of the House of Representatives. Any Questions?               

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