Thursday, January 26, 2012

What Does NDAA, The Enemy Expatriation Act, SOPA, PIPA and Diebold Voting Machines Have in Common?

             You are all thinking what does all these laws and proposed pieces of legislation have in common. I can tell you, The US goverment is corrupt from inside and out. They want to run our lives so they can rob and pillage our lives. Send  us to wars and under constant surveillance. The truth is the goverment cannot lie with impunity anymore. They cannot get away with thier game with us anymore. They cannot afford to lose, they are scared of defeat and a victory of the people.

              The reason why they are passing these laws like the NDAA and proposing bills of SOPA, PIPA, The Enemy Expatriation act is saying they cannot win by the rules. They have to change the rules to win and have to the upper advantage over the opposition. They see the need to try to change the rules because the Constitution is a stumbling block before them. So they are looking for ways around the Bill of Rights just to win. To them, the rules of the game only applies to us the peasants, not to them.

              The NDAA and the Enemy Expatriation Act is just an end run around the Bill of Rights to incarcerate someone without trial, instead of building a case with witnesses and evidence following the procedure of due process. The Constitution would require them to play by the rules they do not want to go by. SOPA and PIPA is for quashing free speech in the name of stopping online piracy. Using protecting copyrighted materiel as a Trojan horse to attack political dissent. The Diebold machines are for cheating because they do not know how to play fair.

                The Constitution was put in place to keep power in check of the politicians. The Bill of Right was written telling congress these right are hands off and never to be politicized to play politics with. The only option for them is to thumb thier nose at the people saying they do not care about our rights. All these laws and bill with the electronic voting machines have in common is without them. They cannot win on a level field. The only way they can win is to change the rules to insulate them for the people and defy the rule of law.

               No one is above the law, not even congress who passed these or bill or support draconian bills to shield themselves from the people. It will not work and they will have to answer to the people from the ballot box or in a court of law. They cannot win playing by the rules to keep their power. If they did, they be out of office long ago.


  1. True enough.
    "they will have to answer to the people from the ballot box or in a court of law."

    They also count the votes and own the courts.
    So who is going to hold them accountable and how?


  2. The foreign invading entity has gained a huge amount of territory in occupying the congress and other organs of government. The 'laws' they pass and the 'decisions' they pass down seek to undermine the authority of American citizens to exercise their constitutional rights and progressively enslave them to debt servitude in perpetuity. Our 'organic' constitutional government does not permit that. You can not lay down and whimper with a bag of potato chips every timr you hear the words 'citizens' responsibilities'. As a member of the armed forces, it is up to each service member to repel these foreign hostile entities and reinstitute civil constitutional law, should the citizens be too stupid to see the problem, or too full of welfareburgers to get their fat asses off the sofa. This could get rough, so service personnel, up to the higher echelon of the brass, await Americans to quit mewling and prancing about and watching the CFRtv to dumb themselves down and try to get away with letting someone else do their constitutional duty FOR THEM. Most people came to America from Europe because there was more gravy in America. There still is. Our government presently is Europe's bitch and Europe should lay off immediately and sell lands and have garage sales before someone like me gets in power here in America and blows the hell out of the root of all evil, and the pedophile palace with the creep wearing too much gold for being such a louse.


    Her company, COUNTRYWIDE, was part of the $700 BILLION BAILOUT. S/he has a vested interest in putting us in prison if we try to investigate her involvment in THE LARGEST RIPOFF OF ANY PEOPLE IN HISTORY. AND THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT THE DETAINEE SECURITY ACT IS FOR. They'll MAKE US DISAPPEAR if we try to bring the government (i.e. the "jewish" bankers who control our government) to justice for their TREASON.

    REAL CHRISTIANS and REAL AMERICAN CONSERVATIVES need to bombard this DISGRACEFUL HOMO with emails and faxes (Fax: 661-274-8744). Also, we need to get some pictures of this guy being SODOMIZED BY THE "JEWS" who (mis)run America. To be published worldwide. PATRIOTS, DO YOUR DUTY.