Thursday, January 19, 2012

Why Gov. Perry Failed and Why Ron Paul is Winning

                The Texas governor Rick Perry is the longest standing governor in the states history. For all those years, he has nothing positive to show forth to show his leadership. The issues that over shadowed him with the NAFTA Superhighway signing over every road paid for by tax dollars to convert to toll roads paying fees to a foreign corporation. Not to mention the forced vaccine shots to teenage girls. Working for Al Gore and being for Hillery-care really did not not do him in entirely. Appealing to Christians did not gain any traction either.

                Gov Perry had some really bad advisers in his campaign. Gov Perry was in a unique place compared to the other candidates. He was the only sitting governor in the Republican field running for President. He was in the position not just to make speeches on the road. He had the bully pulpit in Texas to demonstrate leadership, Ron Paul is just a congressmen, Newt, Mitt and Rick Santorum once held office. Gov Perry could have demonstrated he could beat Obama by taking on the out of control president defending the sovereignty of Texas right now stopping these power grabs. Regardless if it was the EPA, DHS, TSA, FDA or the USDA. He could have shown he could beat Obama by pushing back against this Federal overreach in Texas. Instead he just complained about the violation of state's rights and did not nothing to assert Texas's sovereignty right to self govern. He would have been a lot more competitive with bigger poll numbers if he was able to shown leadership beating. Rick Perry was the only candidate to beat Obama now and did not have to wait until Nov. 2012. Slick Rick is a career politician. Gov. Perry is all hat, no cattle.

              The reason why Rep. Ron Paul is gaining and winning is because even though he is going between Washington, Texas and Campaigning on the road. He is still submitting legislation to remove the unconstitutional provisions in the NDAA. He proposed bill to stop the groping and full body scanners at the airports. Ron Paul is a man who walks his talk. He has been consistent for years while the other politicians in the Republican field are flip flopping and trying to copy Ron Paul.Since they are all disingenuous and shallow. It has not worked. Ron Paul has demonstrated principled leadership not just talking about the problems this nation faces. He is trying to do something about it as a congressmen.

              Rick Perry failed because he was playing with an old failed playbook that has worked with the neo cons and phony conservatives in the past. In 2012, the dynamics have changed in the minds of the voters . Appealing to the anti gay marriage crowd singing praises to God pandering the evangelical crowd does not show any appeal anymore especially when he mentions Israel and more wars by sending troops back into Iraq. The old Neo con playbook where they can dodge the loss of personal freedoms and the Federal reserve system the past does not cut it anymore. It is now obsolete like 8-track tapes  People are awake now and know what the problem is. The art of pandering in the past is gone.

                I am glad Rick Perry dropped out of the race. If he cannot govern Texas and stand up for the sovereignty of the Lone Star state against an out of control President. He sure would not stand up for America against an out of control UN trying to usurp our God given rights if he was President.


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  1. With diebold voting machines, corporate bought & paid for media, how can we trust Ron Paul's vote count is accurate.