Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gov. Perry's Missed Opportunities To Show Leadership Says he is a Lost Cause.

                 Regardless if Rick Perry is a candidate or not. He is blowing missed opportunities only a sitting governor can have that gives him an edge. Ron Paul  and Michelle Bachman cannot not do it because they are just members of congress. Romney, Gingrich, Huntsmen, Johnson and Santorum do not hold any public office anymore. Gov Perry is missing opportunities to show he has leadership. He is in the best place that no other candidate does not have being a sitting governor. He can still do some good to show he can lead. The sad truth he is stuck on the old RINO playbook.

                The reality is the Governor is talking about supporting Israel and opposing gay marriage courting the Evangelical vote supporting the Jewish state. He is wasting his time with useless social issues that are not relevant. He cannot run on his record for creating jobs and the economy.  He has a chance to do something very unique that no other candidate cannot do. If the Texas Governor did this, even Ron Paul would applaud him for doing the right thing and would not accuse him playing politics. That is standing up to the Federal goverment. His career as a governor is toast and he has nothing left to lose. If he is going to leave office, he should go out doing what is right.

                Right now Texas is getting ready to face a real crisis thanks to the EPA acting outside of Congress shutting down coal power plants. This can cause rolling blackouts or a rise in electric bills all across Texas in the name of global warming. Governor Perry can instruct the State Police and Sheriffs Department all across Texas to escort the EPA off Power Plants when they have no jurisdiction to be there. He can call back the legislature back in a special session to pass the Anti TSA groping and banning body scanners in the airports and no military permitted to arrest and detain Texans under NDAA provisions. If he did these things, it would be a game-changer in his campaign. Obama being so unpopular and congress not willing to stop the abuse of executive powers with the EPA and the TSA. This is an opportunity he should take not because he is running for President, because it is the right thing to do.

               The reason why Ron Paul is gaining and the others are waning is because the Lake Jackson congressmen is not following the playbook of the NEO cons and sticking to his principles. Sticking by the constitution. Rick Perry used the old tired playbook and it is not working. He has the opportunity to show he can be President by standing up to Obama's threats protecting Texans from unlawful invasions by Federal agents. He has nothing left to lose and the party has given up on him already, just because of that he should not give up on Texas. If he acted right now to stand up for Texas, He would give Ron Paul a run for his money. 

              Rick Perry is a prime example when someone sells his soul for power. To ask the Texas governor to do this is a pipe dream. The governor is compromised and paralyzed were he could not do the right things no matter how much he wants to. This is what happens when they sell out, they are not their own man always subject to blackmail. It is a pity to see him like this. I feel sorry for the man because he life is not his own beholden to the globalist masters. Next time he says I pray to God on the campaign stump, give him the suggestion to pray for some testosterone to do something right for Texas for a change.



  1. Perry is like Elvis in that he did real good until he started popping pills and lost control of his own destiny. He is apparently on some sort of medication that I hope he will be able to control before it gets the better of him.

  2. Perry is Berry berry lacking. RENSE.com

  3. I feel sorry for the man because he life is not his own beholden to the globalist masters.

    I disagree. I think Perry et al are living exactly the kind of life they want to live.

    They saw which way the wind was blowing, and decided to play ball. Too many times I see an editorial claim that some politician or other is "being blackmailed". But why complicate matters? They have no need to be blackmailed. They've sold themselves, and are acting accordingly.

    Perry and others are not as you imagine, haunted by the actions they know are wrong. People like that have no conscience. They have no problem stepping on the little people. The bottom line is, they think different. Doing what these people do would eat at us. It doesn't phase them. At all.

    I would argue that most politicians start with that in mind. To get powerful enough to "join the club". They don't start good then become corrupted; they start corrupted and are waiting for a buyer.

    Perry sold his soul for power? You bet he did. And he'd do it again. With absolutely no guilt, he would do it again. They all would.

  4. Perry "missing opportunities" is the same as saying pigs missing an opportunity to fly. It's not in them.

  5. NobodysaysBOO!:
    Perry = Bush.
    "IF" is the active word, IF perry could he already would have shown some backbone but no nothing new here same old perry. And another IF:

    WHAT IF: Oboma got fed up and started telling some truth about 911 and Republican dirty deeds?
    IF perry could show some backbone like this he could get peoples attention, IF we start hearing a flood of 911 truth the election will be much more interesting. LOL WHEN PIGS FLY!!!

  6. nananananana NEW WORLD ORDER!!! 4 LIFE!!!!