Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ron Paul is Causing the Neo Cons Rino Republicans to Meltdown

              What is happening is Iowa is something the big goverment Republicans brought upon themselves. How have they done this? They have broke too many promises and caved in to the other side too much. They fear the status quo way of doing things is going away. The war on Terror, supporting Israel the wars and social issues do not sell anymore. They all preached about limited goverment and controlling goverment spending and never delivered on what they said. People had it with politics as usual.

              Ron Paul represents the anti status quo, he has no baggage of the past. He has been consistent on the issues and never wavered. He has warned years to come before the housing bubble and the economic crash coming. He has warned repeatedly about our reckless foreign  policy and all these wars of aggression. He is the anti establishment candidate. He demonstrates great integrity and character as a statesmen. He is the anti federal reserve candidate who poses a threat to the real power structure that has the sacred cows in the party circling the wagons.

               The Governor of Iowa just insulted the intelligence of the people of his state. This statement by the goverment represents a serious meltdown in the party going on behind the scenes. Donations are down at the RNC and State party headquarters. They been running on corporate and party fat cat  donations. Average donations have dropped significantly shows a trend. It seems all the money from the bankers, the Israeli lobby and the special interest on Wall Street can try to funnel into the opponents of Ron Paul will not win. people see through the big money candidates. People are starting to see this and rejecting these corporate backed candidates like Newt, Mitt and Slick Rick because they are the cause of the problem and not the solution.

              Ron Paul is the true face of real grass roots activism were the people fund his campaign. This frightens the GOP so much. We are seeing a meltdown. We can see the neo cons RINOs like Rush and all the talking heads destroy themselves trying to destroy Dr No. Phony conservatism is out and libertarians are rising. Seeing the governor insult the intelligence of the the people of his own state says they are melting down. I find it comical seeing this Governor make a complete ass of himself, shows we are winning.


  1. I wish Ron Paul were Canadian.

  2. No! Ron Paul is OURS!! Canada will have to grow a Ron Paul of their own :)
    The latest RonPaul moneybomb thus far has raised $4,275,000 (and still going - please donate). These are small donations from the little people. How many 'little people'/votes does this amount represent? Dunno, but if you guess an average donation of $100, that's about 43,000 votes.
    Compare that to some rich guy who donated $20mil to TheMittster - that wad-o-money represents only one (count 'em, '1') vote.
    Ron Paul 2012 !!!!!!

  3. According to the Republican establishment, Ron Paul's ideas of smaller government, a balanced budget, auditing the Fed, following the constitution, and not playing world policeman are radical ideas that must be suppressed. I realize the Republican establishment will prevent Ron Paul from getting the nomination, which is why I will vote for Obama to send a message to the GOP that we are tired of the same old tired, retread Republican candidates. Obama is president because the retards in the GOP picked that loser McCain as the last candidate. I say screw it. Let Obama destroy the country and maybe we can get a better political system on the reboot. The Democrats & Republicans are just different faces of the same beast. If the GOP truly practiced what it preached, then they would support Ron Paul 100%. When Congress doesn't read or write the bills they pass, then the whole system is corrupt and needs to be rebooted anyway.

  4. I some how doubt in this period of "economic recovery" that the donations are $100 each. I think they are more on the order of $10-20 per with a smaller amount being $50 and then finally $100. This would mean the 40k votes would be more in the neighborhood of 200-300k votes but I could be wrong. It would be interesting to actually see what the average donation amount is.

  5. Anon said "The Democrats & Republicans are just different faces of the same beast." Hold your hand up in front of you turning it from the palm face to the back of your hand and repeat the following while you turn your hand.
    red state blue state
    republicans democrats
    crips and bloods

  6. Ron Paul can only win if YOU go and vote for him.
    Not your brother or your neighbour or your friend.
    YOU need to get out there and do YOUR bit to save YOUR country and YOUR cnstitution.

  7. If Ron Paul becomes the nominee, votes will be hacked to ensure Obama, who is very establishment, retains the presidency.

  8. Why wish Ron Paul were Canadian? The majority of Canadians would never support a man with such ideas. Canadians are no more smarter than Americans so get over yourself already.

  9. Disagree. Canadians have hated your choice of presidents for years.

  10. Canadians are going to hell in their own way. If Paul were in Canada, he be attacked for other issues, but just as strongly.

  11. I had given up hope until Ron Paul surged. WW1 the Brits heard the Germans singing Silent Night in German and responded with Silent Night in English. A major truce between soldiers ensued. Would this happen with our new order of Christmas being Happy Holiday? The demise of Christmas is nearly complete

  12. The reason I wish Ron Paul were Canadian is because we don't have a true Canadian statesman within 10,000 miles of Ottawa. I see xenophobia is alive and well with some Americans though.
    PS: Some of you Canada bashers should ask your fathers, brothers and grandfathers if they had a problem with Canadian soldiers when they fought at their sides in WW1,WW2, Korea, Nam and Afghanistan. God bless the American people. God damn the American and Canadian puppet governments.

  13. The standard bearer of the Republican Party, Mitt Romney appears to have made a horrendous misstep in adding both Michael Chertoff and Dov Zakheim as national security advisors to his campaign.
    The following is to be reviewed and noted:




  14. GOD BLESS Doctor PAUL and KEEP HIM SAFE!!!!!

    IF we had protected JFK we would be a great country by NOW!


  15. WHAT IF: Both Oboma and Paul started telling some 911 TRUTH and start a TRUTH CONTEST?
    The election would be lots more FUN!

    LOL WPF!!!

  16. nanananananana NEW WORLD ORDER! 4 LIFE!!!! sweeeeettttttt!!!