Sunday, December 18, 2011

Thank you Alex Jones Helping the New World Order. He is Just a Bar Stool Patriot.

                  Alex, you are the poster child for "All work no play makes johnny a dull boy". Last Sundays broadcast I had to turn off because you are insulting the audience's intelligence. If you not willing to tell your audience they should organize getting guns and ammo, but rather whine and complain about S1867. People know, they do not need it shoved in their faces daily. Even God tells me to shut you off because you have become bad for moral in the liberty movement. This broadcaster no longer has a cool head behind a microphone. This is the time for cooler heads to prevail, not ranting and raving maniacs. We do not need a workaholic behind the microphone.

                Alex, if you claim we are winning and kicking their asses. Then start acting like it. Start using the strengths we have instead is whining about what they are going to to do us. I like Mark Koernke's attitude of what we are going to do to them mindset. He is aware  just as much as Alex is, he also has a cooler head when he speaks to his audience.Like a boxing coach who sees their boxer pouncing on their opponent in the corner does not lament about what he can do to him when the other fighter is staggering. The boxer already knows his opponent's strengths if he lets up, he does not need to be reminded when he knows he has him cornered , he just goes for the victory.

               The New World Order is at its weakest acting out of desperation, We have over 200 million gun owners in this country to put down any Military operation to arrest Americans. More people who have not owned guns and now buying them in droves. Ron Paul is surging and county Sheriffs are starting to push back against the Federal goverment. The old media is almost dead. If they try to censor the internet, there are plenty of ITs who can bypass internet filters and put electronic counter measures in place to put decoy servers and websites out there to have the Pentagon along with the  DOJ chasing phantoms in a make believe cyberspace. Not to mention alternate networks already in place ready to go online. Many ITs have already been way ahead of the curve on this.

                  Instead of telling us how the Bankers are going to wreck the economy, what about the planning around the country of the different monetary system ready to go in place when the dollar implodes. I would not worry about what the NWO will do to us. I see them not getting their way for very long. I am more worried about what kind of goverment will we have after the US goverment collapses. If Alex does not share about keeping the carpetbaggers out. We need to be more concerned about what form of goverment we will have. If we do not start talking about it soon. We will be back in the same boat.

                  Alex Jones is no longer about solutions, He has become a bar stool patriot lamenting about the sad state of affairs hoping someone will buy him a beer. I see the many activist in the Pro life and Pro family movements doing the same thing. They have no solutions, but cry and lament about things hoping someone will buy them a drink while never having a solution. They say we have to stop it, but will not say what the solution they have is. It took three percent to start winning the revolution against England. We have more than that awake to start pushing back. If Alex does not start sharing solutions, people will go elsewhere to find someone else. His followers might be deceived by a counterfeit activist with a hidden agenda. Alex has done great work and made much progress in the awakening. He just needs an attitude adjustment because the info war battlefield has changed. If he is does not change to meet the conditions. He will get left behind with the infowar leaving him in the dust.

              Alex ,we all need to stop digressing and start listening. We we listen more and talk less, we all learn from each other. When we do, we all get encouraged that humanity's fight against the New World Order is moving forward. Stop selling the illusion and start being the solution.


  1. We do not need a workaholic behind the microphone.

    Why do you think the term workaholic is something negative?

  2. That's easy,
    'aholic' = one who exhibits an obsessive need for or interest in.

    This is utterly over the head of a fool like Roland the guy who provokes violence on blogs for the FBI. That aside, it is about the meaning of life.

    LOVE YOUR KIDS aholic? = Good
    Work until your die? = a fool

    Even the atheists are religious. So, myself as a REAL atheist can explain, real atheism accepts that humans are MAMMALS. Whale is a mammal. A rat is a mammal.

    None of the mammals exist in the lower shit world of a Roland. They don't exist to work themselves to death. Everything they do has some purpose and most of them enjoy their leisure time. Lions enjoy relaxing.

    Slaves live to work.
    That is what a SLAVE IS.
    The 'idea' of having a slave that does not slave, defeats the idea of slave.

    As Roland has said many times, what he admires MOST, is the LAZIEST PEOPLE. To Roland, the 'perfect man' never works ever. He does not even dress himself. This person is SO WEALTHY, that slaves do all work, even wipe his ass after he shits. Roland WORSHIPS being lazy.

    We can thank the stupidity of Roland for bringing up the topic of what is wrong with so many people. WHAT IS THE MEANING OF LIFE? They not only have no clue, they lack the brain power to ever think about such things.


    I love my art. I will make my art until I die.
    I love my family and friends.
    I enjoy it so much, it is not really 'work'. That word again, 'work'. I DON'T WORK, because work means SUFFERING. I enjoy what I do, so it is not work to me.

    A workaholic is a failed idiot human. They have the same range of mental disease as horders and shut ins, and misers, and over eaters, and drug addicts. They lost sight of what life means or is and became addicted to a behavior.

    Take Roland for example yet again. For all his talk on SO MANY TOPICS, notice he performs NONE OF HIS OWN ADVICE.

    Roland is not a workaholic.
    He did TRY and make a blog, and it failed.
    He has no corporation.
    He has no empire.
    He doesn't even have his own SMALL business.
    He is not a manager of someone else's business.

    Even worse, Roland is not a philosopher. He is not a teacher. He is not insightful.

    WE DO HAVE, all the samples of Roland's 'contributions'.

    What can you learn from reading all the things Roland left here permanently?

    Apparently, this is my guess - Roland is a closet homosexual. I don't know HOW realman 'spurned the love of Roland', but Roland has made it VERY VERY VERY CLEAR... Roland's deep-deep emotional rage at Realman, that 'woman scorned' bitterness.

    Simple proof:
    Realman certainly will write many more papers.
    What are the odds that Roland IN THE FUTURE will show up on Realman's writings to vent bitterness, anger, resentment, negativity at realman?

    Notice: I never even offered the TOPICS of these papers. The TOPIC OR SUBSTANCE of future papers is a non-factor: what are the odds that 'Roland' will show up to whine his undying bitter hatred of Realman?

    The odds are 100%

    Spurned lovers are like that. Hell has no wrath like a homosexual Roland wanting revenge against a man he loves who rejected him in some way.

    Yes Roland, YOU JUST THOUGHT: "Everything I just read is dead on true, so I should post that I don't 'hate' Realman; i should redirect it that I will bitch more at him FOREVER, but I have a 'good reason' for doing it."

    Roland... do yourself a favor, wear your dress in public and find a man to pump your ass. It will really take the bitterness out of your shit worthless life.

  3. It is too late baby.

  4. Great post, RealMan. I figured out AJ was a phony some time ago. He’s out to make himself the center of the resistance to the NWO, but he’s a fake. He’s more interested in impressing AJ groupies who will purchase his merchandise and do his bidding on the streets for him than actually fighting tyranny.

    I bought some of his videos once and watched how Mr. Jones cowered in the presence of the New York police officer after doing so much “tough talking” on his Internet program. His videos were deposited where they belonged in the first place – the trash bin. The guy is a coward with a big mouth.

  5. AJ says that Arabs did 9-11, Why is then that ALL the key figurs involved were jews?

  6. Alex Jackson Who has Infowars and Jail World is Revealed for On purpose Disinformation, Scaremongering, Profiteering, and Promoting Out.

  7. What the hell does "while and complain" mean???

  8. Hmm, I will invest 15sec to a problem your mind could not solve in a lifetime.

    While would be a typo of whine.
    It would mean 'whine and complain'.

    This is one of the moments when you beg and wish I was lying, joking, or being insulting when I called you a useless fucking idiot.

    You really are a stupid useless moron.
    You could not solve such a simple typo?
    *shakes head at a walking birth defect*