Saturday, December 10, 2011

Newt Gingrich, A Loser Who is a Legend in his own Mind

              I am happy Congressmen Ron Paul took the gloves off dealing with Newt on the campaign trail. I never seen a man who is walking around all arrogant thinking he will be the nominee and the next President of the United States. The former Speaker of the House is a narcissist just like President Obama is. They think they know better than the American people. Both revere the same President as their political hero. That is Teddy Roosevelt who is the father of the nanny state goverment and the beginning of an interventionist foreign policy as Teddy said"Talk nice, carry a big stick" This big stick foreign policy today is why we are at near ruin as a nation today thanks to progressives like Newt, Daddy Bush, George W. Bush, Teddy Roosevelt,FDR and Obama.

             Today's Washington insiders like Newt are a legend in their own minds thinking we are incapable of making good choices on our own. Newt and the other candidates with the exception of Ron Paul have no interest in shrinking the size and scope of goverment. They just want to tweak the system to run more efficiently. Well anyone who is a Washington insider like Newt thinks he can make a bloated big goverment more smooth running has not dealt with the bureaucracy that moves at a snails pace. Newt is a person who is far removed from the average American. He is what is wrong with Washington being different and more of the same. A man who is in denial about freedom and liberty. If I had a choice, I choose Obama over Newt because I know what the Present President is all about. Newt will two faced talking like a patriot, but governing like a tyrant.

             Some of the most inspiring and charismatic leaders were monsters because they were legends in their own minds. Newt Gingrich by some people has charisma at the same time he is a very disturbing character. Never mind his extra marital affairs and his stay at Bohemian grove. He would take a stand for one issue, He would receive money from the interest that he was railing against. Once he receives money these special interest, he changes positions. How can we have a man in the oval office who will change his mind depending on who give him money for his war chest. He is walking and acting like the fix is in before the first ballot is cast. He is arrogant and shows contempt for liberty when he says we need terror attacks to remind us and jailing Americans without due process. He is no different than Obama. The choice between these two is how the rearrange the dining room on the sinking ocean liner instead finding ways to keep the ship afloat.

            Newt Gingrich is a legend in his own mind, thinking he can win with no organization and his donations are from big money donors.  There is only a trickle donations coming from the grassroots. Tyrants are legends in their own minds. Newt embodies all that narcissism that shows me he is not the man to lead this nation out from disaster. We do not need more wars to enrage the nations fighting for Israel. We need to rebuild our strained relations with Russia, China and start rebuilding our economy. Big goverment neo conservatism and left wing fascism is more of the same. Washington is full of legends in their own minds. This is why Newt is the poster child why we cannot have a Washington insider who is an ego centric and arrogant person. We need a statesmen to lead us, to represent the will of the people,its goodness and moral values. It is my hope that Newt's arrogance and ego will be his demise self destructing by his own mouth leaving Ron Paul the last man standing.  Thank God for Dr Paul being a clear choice, we do not need another legend in their own mind to lead a nation.


  1. Don't name children after pond creatures. They may live up to the name.

  2. Newt - the name just conjures up an image of a slimy lizard-type creature. I guess he really does live up to his name.

  3. P erson I nvented: G ingrich

  4. None of this matters as long as we have electronic voting machines!

  5. PUKE rich is a P.I.G. An Invented Person

  6. While I agree with the substance of the posting, your grammar leaves much to be desired.

  7. So you're going to vote for Obama? That will be an interesting post to read!

  8. Any shred of credibility you had just went out the door saying you would vote for Obama over Gingrich. You should be saying if it's Obama vs Gingrich in the general election that you would vote 3rd party or not vote at all. I wish you would go take a grammar class but still I agreed with most of what you had to say. Now, anything you say is a lie and I am going to call you out on it every post from now on unless you retract your idoitic statement. You make me sick.

  9. Mike Rivero at says 'freedom is the freedom to say 'NO!'
    So Just Say NO! to TheNewt or Obummer or any other polystrickster we are told is the anointed candidate. If every American citizen who echoes your,"Thank God for Dr Paul being a clear choice", would write in Dr. Paul's name on paper ballots (no more rigged machines!) if he is not allowed to be the Republican candidate, that would send a clear message to the rethug & demo hanchos and to the corporate media that we will No Longer vote for the psychotic war mongerers they say are our only choice. Just Say NO!!
    Ron Paul 2012.

  10. I agree.
    I would vote for Obama over Gingrich.
    The 'u b needin grammer' trash posters lack any understanding of how things are.

    Obama is a piece of shit. The thing that Obama has going for him is that he has been known to tell the Israeli Protocol Jews 'No' from time to time.

    Why are we not in Iran THIS MOMENT in full scale war?

    Why were we not in Iran long before now?

    Obama said no. Many people around Obama made Obama say no. In the end, it is enough that Obama said no, because there was a long list of people who said yes many years ago.

    McCain and Palin said YES! to Iran war long ago.
    Gingrich would NUKE Iran.
    Gingrich is ready to go down on his knees on live TV and suck every Jewish cock that can be thrust into his face.

    Perhaps among the 'u b needin grammer' idiot under-class, there is no lesser of two evils, but that is only because those people are too fucking stupid to mow my lawn, much less debate political science.

    In the real world and the real flow of history, POWER IS POWER IS POWER IS POWER IS POWER.

    Power is real in the real world.

    When a major empire like the Romans, Mongols, or Alexander are stream rolling you into graves, you better believe that negotiating is better than extermination.

    Israeli Jews own and control America as their nigger slave. REALITY! look into it.

    I am grateful that Obama has told the Jews no as much as he has.

    Gingrich has no plans to ever tell them no. Gingrich is a proud and loud Israeli front-man, who will not hesitate to burn America to the ground for the benefit of his Khazar masters.

    Obama is a better choice than Gingrich.
    There is a 'small chance' that Obama will slow down the Jews in burning America to ashes.

    There is zero chance that Gingrich would slow them down.

    Here is an idea to teach the 'u b needin gramma' flunkies. On a number line, zero-neutral is in the middle. To the ignorant, the needle swings positive or negative from zero. Well, in the real world, it don't.

    Zero does not really exist in our politics. The actual vector working in play is from one extreme to the other.

    Gingrich wants to point America off a cliff from his Israeli masters, and floor it full speed.

    Obama is a stupid puppet, yet, Obama is not all that inclined to kill America for the filthy ashke Nazis.

    Not only does Obama work 'a little' in slowing Israeli plans to destroy America, he FULLY neutralizes the 'gung ho Israel first' thrust that Gingrich would represent.

    Obama is a VASTLY better choice than Gingrich.
    Aside from Ron Paul, Obama is better than anyone running as Republican. Aside from Paul, the ENTIRE republican field are sucking Jewish cock with both fists.

    Any Republican other than Paul becomes President, you may as well have made Nutty Yahoo President and skipped the middle man.

  11. Imus was right about Newt. The only "baloney" I see is newts waistline, I mean "wasteline"