Saturday, December 24, 2011

History Shows Illegal Detentions and Dictatorships are Nothing New to America

              I know people are up in arms with the National Defense Authorization Act because it gives the Military jurisdiction to arrest Americans without cause at the discretion of the President. This is nothing new in our history for an out of control President. It is not the first time the Chief Executive abused its powers overreaching beyond what the Constitution authorizes the President to do. In the past what Abraham Lincoln, Woodrow Wilson and FDR did was so egregious, we must remember from history or we are doomed to repeat it. Obama and Bush were only basing their actions on their predecessors.

              President Abraham Lincoln  was not the honest Abe we learned in schools. He was a tyrant suspending the writ of Habeas Corpus. He jailed many journalist,politicians, state legislators and dissidents in the north using the excuse them being southern sympathizers. This President using the military for law enforcement reason to arrest his political enemies was the act of a dictator. The President defied the Supreme Court's order of the right of Habeas Corpus for people held without charge or reason. Only congress can suspend Habeas Corpus.

              In in the early 20the century, President Woodrow Wilson who signed the Federal Reserve act into law and who used his secretary of state to declare the 16th and 17th Amendments ratified without three fourths of the states concurring. This man pulled us into World War one and jailed many Americans illegally who opposed us being in this war to end all wars. This President was labeled the worst and first fascist commander and chief. I think Lincoln and Wilson are tied for the that designation.

              Then we have FDR who many Democrats and Republicans hail as a great President has a poor record for civil liberties. After Congress declared was on Japan. He had Japanese Americans put into internment camps. He used the US census data to many Japanese Americans without charge which was supposed to be kept secret. They had not right to Habeas Corpus or Due Process under the Constitution. President Reagen apologized to the Japanese Americans saying it was a big mistake. FDR abuse of power should be a lesson for today.

               Even since President Lincoln to now the Barrack Obama. The Executive branch has been usurping powers away from the courts and congress. President George W Bush has used the September 11th event to justify holding American citizens in jail without the right to a lawyer and the right to habeas corpus. This false flag attack was used to create a dictatorship were congress is only ceremonial. President Bush signing the classified PD-5, were congress has no access to the document.The Military Commissions act and the John Warner Defense Authorization Bill gives the executive branch has too much power it can abuse at will to shut down congress as they did threatening Martial law in October 2008 if the bailout to the banks was not passed.

                It is my hope is that Ron Paul be elected President so he can strip all these powers from the executive branch it never had under the Constitution. We should never allow one man the power to declare war and detain people on his own will. This why we have a congress and the courts to keep the president in check. The sad thing is the courts and congress are too much in agreement with the President. This is why we the people will have to restore our republican form of goverment because the servants who we entrusted have failed us. If we do not take back the reins of power. History will repeat itself, and that we cannot afford to see


  1. Great article.

    The difference between Obombya and Lincoln is that Lincoln defied the bankers whereas the vacationer in chief is too afraid - or complicit.

    Remember he flubbed his oath of office? That's because the traitor/law-yer was prepping for the day he would betray that oath - hoping to slip under the radar - not being held accountable for the deeds he was positioned to execute.

    But, alas, John Roberts, for all his faults - took the dumbass-in-chief aside and made him do it over again - so there is no escape when the shit hits the fan - and all the scumbag/traitors that passed this betrayal up to the executive for her to sign can all be put onto the same list of "terrorists" who "hate us for our freedoms."

    Did I say nice article?

  2. I dunno how we got so many rubber-stamping criminals into congress or how we get people of the clinton-bush-obama caliber in the president's office. Regardless, I think the damage is such that we will not recover. I hope I am wrong but I think the republic is hosed.

    The body politic can only withstand so much cancer.

  3. Let's hope Paul can get to the podium without getting assassinated! That seems to happen to the best of them when they become to influential.

  4. I'm not sure but I believe Lincoln's suspending of Habeas Corpus was for the District of Columbia only. Washington then was full of Southern spies and DC residents are not, and have never been under the Constitution. As a Federal Territory they are administered as Congress sees fit. Besides that I suspect Stanton was behind declaring martial law in the first place.

  5. LINCOLN - I have never understood how a President whose governing and political skills were so "great" that he presided over/caused the death of a sizable percentage of the population and the destruction of much of the Country could be held up as "one of our greatest". His failure to barter an acceptable "peace" and the results make him one of the worst in my estimation. The big statue in Washington and the face on the penny represents the adoration of the "big government" adherents that relish the destruction of "States Rights".

  6. Why do you think Ron Paul is different? Hitler was a Christian.

  7. Regarding Lincoln,

    He had a lot on his plate - that's for sure. But there are theories regarding external threats - from Britain via Canada to the North, and Spain via Mexico on the South, that were waiting in the wings for Americans to weaken themselves first - then move in to gather the spoils.

    Lincoln defied the bankers - there was much debate about that - but he preserved the Union - and when the war was over - the powers that may have previously stood a chance of moving in on American territory were now facing a nation with arms and organization that would surely defeat them.

    Lincoln didn't ask for the war - it was brewing for awhile - and there was much political pressure on the South to continue slavery - ceding Texas as a slave state to support their inevitable loss of senate power - as slave states became outnumbered...

    Lincoln "freed the slaves" [sic] because he knew that by his political machinations he would thereby eliminate the possibility of British public sentiment ever fully supporting the South since they were branded as pro-slavery , which they indeed were.

    One of the jobs of the president is to protect this country from enemies - and that is exactly what Lincoln did. His Gettysburg address and intentions to treat the defeated South with dignity, I think, demonstrates that he wanted the country to live on in peace.

    Lincoln did a lot to destroy states rights for sure - and we are probably now facing the can of worms that excessive Federal power, which he championed, brings.

    Ron Paul respects the Constitution but is in favor of restoring States rights - recognizing this "pendulum swung too far" in terms of Federal Power.

    The time for decision and action is upon us. The NDAA means the power-mad criminals are throwing down the gauntlet.

    I guess we'll see what happens.


  8. N......W......O!!!!! 4 LIFE!!!!