Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Christmas Carol: Charles Dickens Classic, A Warning to the Money Junkies.

              Last night Friday evening, I was watching the Disney version of a "Christmas Carol". I have seen the movie in different versions with the one from George C Scott to the cartoon with Mr. Magoo. I thought the story was about just one old stingy man who could not part with his wealth for the less fortunate. Therefore, I decided to do a search engine on the English Author Charles Dickens. To my amazement, Charles Dickens wisdom of society in his novels still rings true today seeing how the financial and banking system oppresses the people.

              To know the man Charles Dickens, you can learn a lot about the money junkies of today. He was aware of the attitudes of the British aristocracy and their contempt for the common person. When I watch the movie "A Christmas Carol", I started to see the wisdom of the author. You see an old man who is miserable with no humanity in his soul. You see the eugenics mindset of this miser that if one poor person dies, it is one less person to worry about when he is asked to give to help the needy. You see his entrusted worker who is overworked, underpaid never showing gratitude for his employee's work ethic. This Scrooge never gave it any thought about how his greed deprived his worker a decent wage which contributed to the poverty of his employee's family and the illness of his youngest son.

              Unlike Scrooge who had an epiphany of four ghosts visiting him on Christmas Eve reminding this greedy wretch that in his quest for wealth, he deprived himself of things money cannot buy. You look at the money junkies and power freaks with great wealth. They are the most morally depraved people who do not care about how their actions hurt innocent people robbing his fellow man more that just a means to make a living. They deprive basic human dignity to humanity to mass more wealth. They destroy the human spirit, in that pursuit, they destroy themselves because their lack empathy and compassion for their fellow man. Even though the Charles Dickens classic does have a happy conclusion showing redemption that, it is more blessed to give than receive as a timeless principle to live by for the ages. That Ebenezer Scrooge seen the value of all life rich, poor and to show gratitude for those who work for him. He has seen his moral obligation to use his wealth to serve humanity then just horde all the money for himself, that money is not his master. In real life today, it is not the case.

               The author of Charles Dickens classic is his reflection in how he seen the bankers of his day and their impact on society in England. This man had so much disdain for the injustices seen by these money junkies. The book "A Christmas Carol" was his call for the bankers and money junkies to repent. To remind them that generosity and compassion to their fellow man brings more satisfaction than just being greedy acquiring their ill-gotten gains on the backs of the poor. If there is a money junkie out there with time on their hands figuring out how to screw the poor out of their hard labor with another scam. It would be in there best interest to heed to the wisdom of Charles Dickens or face eternity without hope.



  1. "You see his entrusted worker who is overworked, underpaid never showing gratitude for his employee's work ethic."

    Pure socialist BS.

    Underpaid? He's getting paid what he agreed to be paid. Marley wasn't a slave, he was an employee. If he hated working for Scrooge so much, he could have found another job. I doubt that was the only accounting job in all of England.

    I understand the intention behind what you are saying, but it's a great example of the creeping Socialism of our times. "Not paid enough" is the first step to "Workers should control the means of production".

    "Underpaid" is creeping Socialism. What you said next is outright scary. "moral obligation to use his wealth to serve humanity".

    Me, you, or anyone has NO moral obligation to use their money in a way that YOU see fit. THAT my friend is the most disgusting of the Socialist tenets. Who enforces this moral obligation? How do they enforce it? When is someone deemed "wealthy"?

    George Soros is wealthier than me. Should we take his money? I'm certainly wealthier than you. Do you take my money? In developing countries, 2.7 billion people live on less than $2 a day. Should they take your money?

    Do you have a "moral obligation" to give it to them? It's always easy taking stuff from the rich guy. Until YOU'RE the next rich guy.

    It's another central tenet of the Socialist doctrine- class warfare. Them eeeevil rich people didn't work hard, they stole that money from you! They don't deserve to keep that wealth! TAX 'EM!!

    But does Scrooge deserve his wealth? Of course he does. He made it fairly. Look at how he did it.

    Scrooge started as a bookkeeper. He saved every penny. He lived a simple lifestyle. Ate gruel, put on a sweater rather than spend extra money on heating the house. Eventually he opened his own shop, hired employees and yes, became a jobs creator!

    He worked hard, saved his money, and became a success. But the fact he didn't do it as YOU would have him do it, makes him worthy of the government confiscating his assets? Disgusting.

    When you write about "money junkies", it turns my stomach. America is still a largely free society. A person can do whatever they want with their life. They can devote it to charity, devote it to making money, devote it to building a 1/4 scale model of the Taj Mahal made out of jelly beans. It's THEIR life.

    And while it may not be the life that you want to have, we MUST have a society that allows them to have it.

    Who's to say in Realman's Socialist paradise, that the Government determines that blogging is illegal? That people have a "moral obligation" to only blog about the good things the government does?

    A government that thinks you have too much money can also determine you have too much freedom. It's a slippery slope.

  2. u r a brainwashed moneyjunkie

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  8. Charles Dicken's father experienced debtors prison. Now, it seems we are all in a form of debtors prison when the money that's confiscated from us goes to paying off the bad bets of the banking casino mob. There's a better way and thought creates, so everyone, start thinking a better world.

  9. "Workers should control the means of production"

    So that people like you can suck up all the money, drop minimum wage completely, and you'll trickle it back to us only as much as necessary?

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