Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Lets Make Highway Checkpoints This Holiday Season A Failure for the System

               I do not plant to travel much this Christmas or New Years. I am staying home and buying all I need before the holidays start. The reason why is because I will be drinking this Christmas and New Years. Me and the neighbors are having a block party with fireworks and a rock and roll band ushering in 2012. We all agreed to stay home, not be out driving this Christmas and New Years Eve. We do not need to be drunk, speeding or running a stop sign to be stopped by law enforcement. All we need to do is be out there driving to get pulled over. Cops will be bored with time on our hands.The only reason they need is revenue using taxation by citation.

              I have not heard much about it in Texas, but I know there will be highway checkpoints nationwide. I see those commercials on TV saying "Click It or Ticket" or Over the Limit Under Arrest". We need to run our own ads in the liberty movement saying " Violate Your Oath, Lose Your Badge" or "Overstep the Constitution, Under Arrest" to put police on notice we are not putting up with them violating our rights in the name of the war on drugs or the war on terror. It is time to make the system look like fools and stay off the roads. We must send a message that it is a waste of money and time to conduct these useless Sobriety Checkpoints when they can not catch drunks, only people without their papers.

             I suggest to my readers who plan on consuming alcoholic beverages  to the extreme. Please stay home or make arrangements to sleep someplace until you are sober enough to drive safely home and not as much exposed as at night. Also, to avoid the illegal aliens who do drink and drive drunk who are responsible for most of the fatalities on the roads. Ask a DPS State trooper in Texas, they will tell you what I am saying that Illegal aliens cause most of the alcohol related accidents. If you do that, you can stay away from police, those illegal checkpoints and drunk illegal aliens on the road.  Where is M.A.D.D. on drunk driving illegal aliens? They would be for strong immigration enforcement to stop these people not here legally driving drunk. But we hear not a peep from them.

            People who are drunk avoid checkpoints,, they take the backroads The only people who get busted at a sobriety checkpoints are people not wearing their seat belts, motorist who do not have the proper papers or people with outstanding warrants. The system is not serious about stopping drunk drivers, if they were, many illegal aliens would be deported. Not so, it is about money and acclimating us to being searched like TSA does at the airport sticking their hands down our pants. My advice is stay home, if enough of us do it. There will be empty roads and no reason to have checkpoints. Maybe they will get the message to leave us alone let us enjoy our holidays in peace.



  1. This is a fun solution. Most check points are established because of the location. I live in Escondido California and it is mostly a Hispanic population. A check point near my home is repeatedly used, knowing this and seeing this practiced before, at the nearest crossroads where you can detour, have a mini-block party, hoisting signs declaring "Check Point Ahead - detour this way" For the real drunkards driving pull down the signs, you should be able to identify them by their erratic driving and the rest of us can have a Happy Holiday.

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  3. Your fireworks block party sounds like a hoot !!
    Have Fun!!
    Ron Paul in the New Year 2012 !!!!!!

  4. What a provocatour~!

  5. I removed a comment that called for violence. The point is peaceful non violent solutions. Not reckless and dangerous ones.

  6. I will remove comments that call for violence. We are better men. We do not need to be stooping to their level. To the US government. I am not calling for violence and only call for peaceful solutions.

  7. as quaint and comical as this sounds, it is
    life or death for freedom.
    You cant mitigate tyrany and empty roads mean
    nothing.this lesson was learned hundreds of years ago; at great cost to our forefathers; more recently
    in Europe- equaly expensive.

  8. Internet calls to violence are bullshit.
    It is not a topic of violence.
    It is not a topic of how to resist.

    The idea of you coming to the internet to call for violence is that you are a coward. It is not a new idea. It is basic human nature. Since long before the Trojan War, it takes a lot of balls to LEAD THE WAY. It takes a lot of balls to be first on the beach, first out of the trench, first to charge the machine-gun. You don't need me to be first. You don't need us at all for you to lead the way. Reminds me of Congress. Congress is full of cowards CHANTING!!!! sending young boys to die in war. You don't see them picking up a rifle. And if the war is lost? What happens after the war was lost? The bastards fill out the paperwork for the surrender, then live out their lives.

    I bet you do want everyone else to leap into battle, while you watch from safety. I bet you do want people to believe that you telling others to charge IS you leading the way.

    It is not you leading the way.
    It is you hiding in the back, cheering for others to do what you are too cowardly to do.

    FOLLOW YOUR HEART... have fun. Stop asking others to do it for you.

  9. As for me, and this is just my view, freedom is not that important.

    It is like God being real. This real God comes down to rule the Earth. God is so powerful, you are screwed. God will have his way so there will be no freedom. But, that is not the end of the issue. The real issue becomes important; is this God good or evil? Evil God that will rain boiling cat piss on you, is really going to suck. You are going to be super extra unhappy. On the other hand, God could be Chuck Norris with an ounce of weed. God could be nice fun happy rock and roll God, in which case you will have a lot of happy days.

    This is the situation you are in. Super over-populated multi-racial Earth will never have freedom. Earth from now on, has a majority with an IQ too low to own guns. 85IQ breeds of human CAN'T live at the level of 115IQ breeds. This is what people wanted and you have it.

    Your issue is, will suffocating government be benevolent or corrupt. You have corrupt government. A 'Police State' is not really about how much weight of police coverage you have spying on you. The real problem in a police state is a LACK OF POLICE. Oh, you will get the policing. Problem is, they do LESS POLICING of themselves and people in power. The drunk deputy who runs over a group of children will out drag racing doesn't go to jail. Senators don't go to jail. Government employees smuggling guns, cocaine, and do terrorism don't go to jail. Institutionalized corruption.

    Like these future machines of the police state. mind reading machines. lie detector machines. The machines are not really that bad. The problem is they will be pointed AT YOU... and never ever ever pointed at your government. Lie detector machine world pointed at the WHITE HOUSE AND CONGRESS would be a rather nice place to live.

    I don't need freedom. I won't get freedom. I can't manage and ranch these lower breeds of humans who can't even read without a 'police structure'. What concerns me is the government being a crime syndicate. That is what we do have.

    Pick any board game. If the baker in the game is CHEATING, what else really matters.

    Any version of the game or government is the same for you; the people running the game are cheating their asses off and can't go to jail.

  10. The continuing israelization of America goes on.



  12. "For the real drunkards driving pull down the signs, you should be able to identify them by their erratic driving "


    They should be reported IMMEDIATELY to the cops!

    These a-holes kill more innodent people than you can imagine. And usually the scum drunkards survive the accidents, while the innocent do not.

  13. Make sure you check the DUI Checkpoint sites for where they are going to have them. I don't know what the law is in Texas, but in California they still have to make public where they are going to have them.