Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Ruse of the War of Terror is Now Becoming More of a Fraud to the People.

                 It is now more apparent that the US Government and the Ruling political class have utter contempt for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. It just did not recently happen right away, it has been incrementally speeding up to a full blown tyranny. They have contempt for free speech, the right to keep and bear arms and due process of law.All the fear mongering of terrorist reports of the FBI stopping a plot that was all manufactured by the government and not by a foreign power. Al Quaida is a CIA asset used to be the boogieman to look like the bad guys so they have an excuse to take away our freedoms.

                 To solve the terrorist problem, if one ever existed. There enough laws on the books before September 11,2001 to bring a suspected terrorist to trial and convict them without a Patriot Act or the National Defense Authorization Act(S1867) using the military on the streets suspending the right of Habeas Corpus. Many people in the FALN and The Weather Underground were tried and convicted without sending them to Gitmo or Military tribunals. The system worked in convicting these domestic terrorist under due process of law. Pattie Hearst had a trial of a Jury of her peers and her day in court. She went to prison without a Patriot act. During the 1960s and the 1970s,there was real acts of terrorism. The system worked to lock the culprits without everyone losing their due process of law or God given rights.

                 After Sept 11, 2001. Congressmen Ron Paul proposed the constitutional solution of a Letter of Marque and Reprisal instead of many costly wars were are engaged in to this day. This War of Terror was a fraud to scare Americans to give up their rights for safety. Real acts of terror on the southern border states with Mexico where car bombs going off and rocket propelled grades attacking police cars. It is not reported in the news. The only terrorism that is reported is Us Government sanctioned creating a plots and finding a sucker to be the fall guy. The Underwear bomber was placed on a plane without a passport of a visa by US intelligence. This gave the TSA the excuse to bring in the body scanners and groping that has enraged the people.

                 This phony war on terror with government manufactured staged terrorism so we can give up our rights is now shown to be just an excuse to steal out liberties. The goverment is running the guns down to Mexico killing many innocent people, as a result. The White house thinks we ought to give up our guns for their botched operation. We have a war on drugs also were the government ships in the drugs and launders the money too. Well we have had our rights to due process violated with to asset forfeiture laws that do not target drug dealers, but the average person who can have their paycheck confiscated on the side of the road if the officer expects it might be drug money with no judge or jury. The border is wide open with aggravated felons coming across the border because it is not secure. Illegal aliens get off free with no drivers license, insurance and tags. We the American people are subjected to highway checkpoints and being groped at the airport while the real criminals go free without impunity. We get the book thrown at us for the most mundane thing. There is no common sense in this war on terror because the innocent get punished while the guilty are protected. 

                 This war on terror is a fraud and will come to an end because the people will see through it. There is no reason for the military to arrest civilians and declare martial law if there is a terror attack. The US goverment wants us all to be their slaves. The war on terror is was a war on our freedom because without a tyrannical police state to protect the criminals in goverment. Those FEMA camps will be filled with people working for the goverment who committed treason. Our rights come from God and no one else. God gave us a brain,so use it. It does not take a rocket scientist to see this war on terror is a fraud. Do you agree? These draconian laws are not necessary if common sense prevailed and made the case for freedom.



  1. "Those Fema camps will be filled with people working for the government who committed treason."

    You betcha!

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  3. If they hated us for our "freedom", then they must love us now.

  4. Governments throughout history have created ememies out of thin air to spread fear through the population for the purpose of controlling their own people. A very good example of State-sponsored “ememies” was portrayed by Orwell in his novel 1984. The State told the people who their enemy was and demanded hatred toward that enemy and fealty toward the State for “protecting” them against the “boogerman” of the State’s making.

    We had one State-created enemy after another in the last century; anarchists, Hitler, Communism, and now Al Qaeda (a CIA network of hired guns) and the people have always believed in them. That is, until now. American citizens have now been designated as Enemies of the State for not believing in our government anymore.

    We’re sick of the lies, the corruption, the behind-closed-doors deals that rob us of everything we worked for. And most of all, for robbing us of the one thing that motivates any human – hope.

  5. you should have seen thru this phony terror B.S. when it started. your very very late.

  6. Since the prez, Vprez, TSA,DHS,FEMA and the mewling prancers of congress will NOT tell us who did 9-11, but my friends in the Marine Corps and U.S. Army will, I must assume these feel-ups at the airport are homosexual molestation.Obama and Bush are gay, and molesters once they got power, without justifiable reason. There is no reason for it except to ellicit their own broken noses. Since video tapes of these molestations are provided to those behind the scenes, I can only state with certainty that viewing these videos is entertainment for them. Bush and Rumsfeld specified certain tortures and videos sent back to the White House from abu Garaib. This was discovered in White House memos by the FBI.
    Now they want the ability to lock us all up and practice these same newly legislated for Americans tortures and deprive Americans of due process until the FEMA camps are filled and the video machines are in place.

    The sheeple don't care about anyone but themselves. They will stay shut up, sucking up as much gravy as their masters will let them. Mewling and prancing with their leaders, wherever it takes them.

  7. You the great unwashed in the US are becoming fast the new Palestinian people!
    How do you like your new status, stupid goyim!

  8. Oh, you haven't figured out why this is happening?

    Because the powers that should not be, are NOT HUmans, they have NO Souls, but HATE us Human Heings, virulently! These Un-Souled Creatures have already begun this, with their incessant wars (since ancient times), the use of metal currency-destroying the good earth around the mines, the toxic chemicals & crops, vaccines, and lately, the BP Gulf Oil destruction of Life (both wild & people), and then, Fukushima.

    This is the DELIBERATE destruction of ALL life on this onec- glorious Planet.

    These Creatures in power, are NOT Human!

  9. I can't wait for the FEMA camps. Round up all the mexicans and send them there. Unemployment problem solved!!!!!!!