Wednesday, December 28, 2011

People Engaging in Voter fraud Must Be Treated LIke A Banker Who Debases The Currecy

               We are coming to the end of of year 2011. Our economy is in the toilet, we are losing our liberties everyday. Banks are getting bailouts from our goverment rewarding reckless and bad investments. We are crony capitalism and no more free market economy. Why have all this happened when we are supposed to have a representative republic were we elect our servants by a democratic process. It seems that we have entrenched people in office that we can never seem to get rid of no matter how much we try to get them removed. How can this happen. Election fraud being epidemic over the decades is now really rearing its ugly head.

               Back when our nation was in its infancy stages. Congress passed the Coinage Act on 1792. The penalty for debasing the currency was by death by hanging because the evils and treachery associated with the crime.  It is time we treat election fraud the same way. We cannot tolerate anymore of our votes being stolen in return debasing the election process. We have a Police state and being thrown headlong into wars we have no business being in. The goverment is growing and ever expanding its power more into our lives daily. Part of the result is having our votes stolen by stuffing the ballot box. Just like debasing the currency devalues our wealth, stuffing the ballot box with dead people destroys our elections.

                When voter fraud is caught next time in this upcoming election. We cannot let the people who get caught get off with a plea bargain getting a slap on the wrist. There must be a  grand jury investigation with a public jury trial with the people charged with the high crime treason by voter fraud. Let witnesses be called forth. If convicted being found guilty by a jury of their peers be sentenced to death for undermining the election process like the bankers get the guillotine for debasing the currency. People who hold office conspiring to steal the votes be automatically removed from office and those running for office caught be forbidden running for office as long as they live because they should be in prison for life or death after they have been tried publicly if found guilty.

                 I am at the point thinking like early Americans. The founders were very serious about do not mess with the value of money. They put to death bankers who committed fraud devaluing currency. They were hanged or beheaded. We should treat our elections the same way when corrupt scoundrels undermine the will of the people by stealing elections stuffing the ballot box with dead people or people who are not eligible to vote like illegal aliens. This practice has caused an agenda to happen in the country that is bringing us to near ruin. Three rules men should live by. Do not mess with another man's wife and the last two if you mess with my money or my vote. There will be hell to pay. No more Diebold Machines or electronic counting. Paper ballots counted in public at every level. If counted in secret, the vote is invalid and someone is going to jail. We are going to have to treat vote fraud as a high crime with severe consequences or we will pay the price being slaves if we do not act.


  1. MORE of the same 1984 straight out of George Orwell's book. When the cops ARE the crooks when telling ANY truth is revolutionary in a sold out socity.Sad that hard pressed and poor AMERICANS should be treated like subjects of an evil king AGAIN!

  2. Congress passed the Coinage Act on 1798. The penalty for debasing the currency was by death by hanging because the evils and treachery associated with the crime.

    The Act in question was not passed in 1798. You are referring to the Mint and Coinage Act, April 2, 1792.

    The Act does NOT state that anyone debasing the money will be put to death. It states that the OFFICERS OF THE MINT are subject to hanging. Not anyone else, not citizens, not even foreign powers. Only the officers that work at the mint are subject to that penalty.

    Here is the actual Act, Section 20 is the relevant text.

    Do facts matter?

  3. You can send them a 4 foot piece of 240lb test with a noose tied in it and it will pass 1st class mail

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