Tuesday, December 20, 2011

No Global Warming in Russia, Just A Lot of Snow

               I find it hard to believe in the Global warming myth. Tell that to the Russians that we have global warming. I have a close acquaintance I correspond with who lives in the Mari El republic of Russia in the capital city Yoshkar Ola. Since after last Halloween in early November. They been getting record snow fall and temperatures below freezing. They do not usually get snow until about early December. But they are getting record snow fall in Russia way ahead of schedule. My Lady told me they are getting snow just about non stop since early November.So where is the Global warming in Russia? 

               This UN climate conference has nothing to do with global warming. It is has everything to do with controlling human activity that is normal and natural. These people pushing this anti human agenda are sick in the head control freaks that need to have a straight jacket put on them and put miles beneath the earth so they can never bother humanity again. This is an eugenics plan to depopulate the world because they believe we are hurting the earth having babies and living pour lives. Well here is my plan for all these control freak globalist. This would make the world a better place for everyone.

                Here is my plan. For all you globalist control freaks who thinks we need to depopulate the world to save the planet. These people believe in reducing the population so much. Well lets have them live by their won principles. We should put them all in a stadium, give them razor blades ,poison even Dr Kevorkians suicide machine if they chose. Then tell them start by killing themselves first as a statement to save the planet. If they are serious about human life being the cause of Global warming. Let them die going first if they really believe it will save the world. If all these climate control freaks set the example to die first and they all kill themselves to save the planet. They world would be a better place once they are all gone.

              I would find hard for Al gore to sell Global warming to the Russians when there is plenty of snow to throw snowballs at him after the boo the former vice president out of town.



  1. The minute their beloved Communists were instal-led in Vietnam, most of their American support-ers were switched to being anti-nuclear environ-mentalists Later they were redeployed into the global warming cult. The carbon green-house story was invented to explain the 954 degree heat of Venus and is totally false. Venus is red hot because it is a new planet not because it is a silly "greenhouse." The whole global warming cult is based on the Venus lie and is a covert government operation.

  2. "Global Warming" was never a phrase used in the journals. It came about from reporters, who needed a catchier phrase than "Anthropogenic Climate Change".

    And like usual, the scientific illiterate got it wrong. Climate change is about change. Not just warming. It includes warming, but isn't limited to that.

    Man made climate change is responsible for a greenhouse effect, which warms the planet. But is also responsible for smog, which scatters and reflects sunlight, which cools the planet.

    The point is that we can't make all these changes to the earth and not expect the earth to ...change. Belching millions of tons of pollutants into the air; you think that won't affect anything?

    Climate change skepticism has nothing to do with science, and everything to do with political lobbying. Polluting corporations want to continue to pollute. So they generate doubt whether their pollution does any harm.

    Amongst people who have no scientific literacy, the issue is a complex one. Amongst those who have the knowledge and the skill to study the data, the issue is a settled one.

    And by the way, other than via capture, the planets of a solar system are all pretty much the same age, since they were all created by the same event.

  3. Geez, yet another armchair scientist blogger who doesn't know the very basics and is NOT ashamed to show it.
    Warmer climate means more water evaporates so more snow falls in the winter. Geez, I'd be aren't you embarrassed if i was you. Get an education, will ya?

  4. Petkov
    How strange then that Al Gore and the global warming mafia told us snow would be a thing of the past.
    Wouldn't happen!
    And, of course, all your hot air, sorry water vapour, is creating almost record cold temperatures in at least parts of the planet.
    Get real, go buy long johns.

  5. Roland.T.Flakfizer is absolutely right, Anthropogenic Climate Change is the correct element to discuss.

    "Amongst those who have the knowledge and the skill to study the data, the issue is a settled one."

    Here again he is almost right, the effect of mankind (Smog, CO2 etc) is either nil or insignificant in global terms. The disgusting behaviour of those promoting the "Climate Change" canard, in denying data to scientists, falsifying (sorry "adjusting") the source data, ignoring any data that did not support their hypothesis, denigrating and ostracising any disagreement is quite probably the worst performance since Galileo.

    As a matter of principle, I do not believe for any "scientific issue", the issue is a settled one. Such a declaration is the very negation of scientific enquiry.

    I (unlike many experts in the field) fully accept that climate changes naturally (Vineyards in Yorkshire and 15 feet of ice on the Thames) so do not label me a "Climate Change Denier", I am, quite proudly, an "Anthropogenic Climate Change Denier"

  6. What people should notice is from outside the box.

    So notice this: don't use just this issue; use every issue in mankind and on earth...

    "You need to believe!"

    As a slave nigger, I 'need to believe' a list of things. Study all these things as a group.

    I need to believe why?

    I need to believe RELIGION
    I need to believe 'Social Engineering', I need to believe in loving faggots, that niggers don't do crime, on and on.

    As a slave loser, you are a SLAVE and a LOSER.
    There are no honest reasons I need you to believe anything.

    TO CONTROL YOU AS A SLAVE... you need to 'believe'

    I want to vaccinate you like my OTHER FARM ANIMALS. You need to 'believe' that anything I inject into you is God, never wrong, is always holy sacrament goodness. YOU NEED TO BELIEVE, so you obey me when I want to inject you.

    None of you own a cruise ship, a private jet, a coal fired factory. You need to BELIEVE in climate change why? So you obey of course. So you don't complain when I TAX YOU FOR IT. So you don't alarm the OTHER SHEEP with your negative talk.

    No one is asking you to reduce your emissions. You are a FUCKING SLAVE! You don't OWN ANYTHING to turn off.

    You need to BELIEVE in their Gods.
    You need to believe in their power over you.

    How do I know that Climate Change religion bullshit is a giant hoax scam?


    You asked me to 'believe'.

    Not one time in human history, was a slave ever asked to believe anything for their own good.
    Knowledge is power.
    The lie is what,,, they want to FORCE YOU TO HAVE POWER AGAINST YOUR WILL?


    Power is taken by force or crook. It is bought or stolen. No one forces you to have power and wisdom against your will.

    Religion to CONTROL YOU.. needs belief
    Ass fucking cheats and con men need your 'belief'

    Global Warming is a POWER GRAB HOAX.
    The Earth has NEVER ONE TIME IN BILLIONS OF YEARS had a 'stable climate'. the concept NEVER EXISTED AND NEVER WILL.

    The Earth ALWAYS HAS AND ALWAYS WILL heat up and cool down in cycles DRIVEN BY THE SUN.

    Man has nothing to do with it.

    Take your demands "I BELIEVE" and fuck them deep up your ass with your other myths, gods, and lies.

  7. All your exhalations and exhortations am Carbon Dioxide and thus need taxing at exorbitant rate to pay for Al Gore's mansion. Wator Vapour am Dihydrogen Monoxide, eh? Not only a most moresome serious gas of greenhouses than CO2, but also a monoxide, like Carbon Monoxide, and we all know how deadly that am. Wake Out you Fuels! Time to clone King Canute to roll back the tide, and I don't mean Alabama neither,eh?

  8. I live just south of Russia in Mongolia, The weather here has been rather balmy this winter. Temps only in the minus 30/40's at night and minus 20's during the day.
    Snow fall has been light, and chemtrails daily.
    Yes there must be global warming. {snicker}

  9. The madmen that are selling the world the Global Warming myth now know they don’t have a leg to stand on because the Earth is cooling. So, what do they do to protect their trillion dollar scam? They change the Global Warming myth to the “climate change” myth and still credit the Earth’s cooling to Global Warming.

    None of these people succeeded in passing basic science when they went to school and they’ve destroyed the education system, at least in the United States, and believe they can flim-flam a dumbed-down population into to believing their scare tactics.

    Fear works well in the political arena, so why not in the science arena?

  10. Gee, I wonder why it's snowing in Russia's northern latitudes in winter? RENSE.com