Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Character of Ron Paul is What Attracts People Young and Old Alike

              I am proud to say I live in the 14th district in Southeast Texas. Yes, Ron Paul is my congressmen. In Brazoria, Matagorda and Galveston Counties who elect this man overwhelmingly are not tin foil hat wearing people nor are they hippies. These people own large ranches and farms. They are roughnecks in the petroleum industry. Dow chemical plans and Freeport were a major maritime hub is in his district.These people are not stupid, many people may not agree with him with all he stands for. The truth is he keeps getting sent back to congress because they know he is an honest man who does his job for the people in his congressional district. These people are rugged Texans. No where near being tin foil hat wearing lunatics.

             The truth is many people I have met in Brazoria County all were delivered by Ron Paul or had this man delver their child. The Dr. Paul you see on camera is the same man you see in private life. That is the word on the streets. I learned he treats everyone the same from the chief of staff down to the janitor with dignity and respect. People do trust this man. People may not agree with him on everything, but he is trusted because people know were he stands. he did not lose his seat when he voted against FEMA aid to people affected by Hurricane Ike in 2008. He still won by overwhelming margins.

              Most of us who remembered President Ronald Reagan knew he inspired many young people restoring our sense of national pride. I lived in the 1980s ,I can tell you from firsthand experience many of my peers were fired up about the gipper. He instilled confidence that we will overcome and our best years are ahead. This was after being demoralized by the loss of the Vietnam war, the political turmoil of the Nixon years and the Iranian Hostages situation. Inflation was rearing its ugly head and as a nation we lost our way and our will to win. When Reagan took office, one of the characteristics of his leadership to inspire the people in the face of uncertainty after Carter left office. We are facing a far worse crisis today that makes the Carter Malaise look like prosperous times and we have no leadership in congress willing to come up with real solutions to solve the problems we face as a nation. Who will step in to the void to inspire the people? Ron Paul could be that man to bring back the nation from the brink of destruction.

             Ron Paul is a much more stronger character then Ronald Reagan. The gipper had a colorful past that can be questioned with his failed marriages and past affiliations with leftist groups.  Ron Paul does not have the baggage Reagan had. Ron Paul has been consistent and on message even when he stood alone. Reagan And Paul both have that father figure and elder statesmen image giving young people that sense of stability in leadership. Ron Paul shows that strength in character that inspires young Americans. Many of the youth in the mist are always inspired by the elders when they show character that commands respect. Young people crave that type of character in their elders. He is a man many young people look up to as that symbol of hope.He has the track record being a man of his word with the older folks after being sick and tired of politics as usual.

            Character matters in who we select as leaders. How a man is faithful to his wife and his family does reflect in leadership upholding his oath. Ron Paul proved he will uphold his oath to preserve the Constitution and defend our liberties even when it is politically unpopular. He has done what is right even when he stood alone. It proves he will make decisions and uphold his oath no matter how difficult it may be. Rush Limbaugh is now railing against Ron Paul. 10 years from now he will be singing praises about him because Dr. Paul did what was necessary to right the ship of state. Ron Paul will inspire the confidence in us needed to restore the greatness we were founded upon. Character and good leadership does matter. Because at the end of the day we will not listen to what the other candidates say, we will see what they do. Ron Paul wins hands down because he walks his talk. This is why young and old people  love him.

PS. I meant to say I would only vote for Obama in my earlier blog. If Gingrich and Obama were the only two choices with no third party candidates running. As long there is a third party running. I will chose the third party. So all of you so quick to call me names. Get a grip.



  1. This guy is full of it and a hypocrite. He said there would be a scenario where he would actually vote for Obama.

  2. He's not a hypocrite, he's just all over the map. He doesn't bother to read his work before he posts, so one day he's for something, next day he's against.

    Yes he's not too bright, but he tries hard. He's using less and less ebonics talk. For a black man that never graduated high school, I'd say he's doing just fine. Give him a break huh?

  3. The people are setting themselves up for a heart braking dissappointment unless they do something about the Diebold Voting machines and then on top of that the Israeli firm that actually counts the totals of all the votes cast? That is the very first thing that the American Voter should take to the streets to demand that they control the actual vote count. What is happening is a repeat of 2008 where in New Hampshire and Michigan the vote totals tampered with.

  4. Agreed that the real root of the problem is the secret vote-counting process. That's probably why the politicians do what they want without fear of being removed from office.

  5. It doesn't matter who gets the most votes (Ron Paul), it's who counts the votes that matter.

  6. "If Gingrich and Obama were the only two choices with no third party candidates running."
    Mike Rivero at always says, 'There is no freedom without the freedom to say NO!"
    So it's time to say NO! to the establishment polytricksters and the corporate media who think it's their right to choose who we vote for.
    No More!
    If the rethug establishment blocks Dr. Paul from the nomination despite his winning all the straw polls, then Every Citizen who now supports Dr. Paul must obtain a paper ballot and write in his name for president. If all those people did that, it would send a strong message to these establishment stooges, that WE - not them - will decide who we elect to this high office.
    Ron Paul 2012 !!!