Thursday, December 22, 2011

2012 Could Be the Year of the Sheriff, the Last Line of Defence Against Tyranny

               I am optimistic when Richard Mack who is a former Arizona Sheriff who beat Bill Clinton at the US Supreme Court defeating the Brady bill. This man has been on a crusade to teach county Sheriffs the president cannot tell them what to do. They are the highest executive in the county. In January next year. He will be holding a conference to bring in 150 county Sheriffs from around the nation to teach them of their duties to protect his people from unlawful Federal intrusion. He has 150 Sheriffs who will attend the conference and more elected peace officers desiring to come. He might be making more space to bring them in or have more conferences.

              Congressmen James Traficant before becoming a member of House of Representatives was a county Sheriff in Ohio. This man threw the IRS out of his county preventing the seizure of people's homes without due process. That is the power of the Sheriff . Even the IRS cannot take on the Sheriff. It is sad many county Sheriffs go along with the IRS seizures that are unconstitutional in the past. Now we starting to see that change gradually.

              An Indiana Sheriff recently stopped the Department of Justice from prosecuting the Amish people for selling raw milk. In California and the Pacific northwestern states were the EPA has decimated the farming industry. County Sheriff are now resisting the unlawful Federal overreach in their counties. They are drawing the line in the sand against the Federal goverment and starting to protect their citizens from violations of the their constitutional rights. We can see more county sheriffs start to resist the Federal goverment on a major scale when they come for the people's guns. Trying to enforce gun control could be the last straw where county sheriff will tel the Federal goverment take a hike.

            There has been talk in Texas with many county Sheriffs resisting the TSA bringing highway checkpoints in their counties. They will not allow any body scanners and groping to be allowed in the shopping malls inside their counties. Many are starting to turn down DHS grant money while some still have their hand out. The year of 2012 could be a very interesting year to see. Because local government can be the difference between freedom and tyranny. Texas has many rural counties which the Sheriff is known on a first name basis with many people in his county. That is a wait and see if they are courageous or not.

             The County Sheriff represents the grassroots local goverment. These elected peace officers can deputize every gun owner in his county who owns a firearm to be his posse and militia. If this Sheriffs conference is a huge success and more sheriffs are interested in how to defend the rights of the people in their counties. This can be the difference between the military marching into the county and staying free. The county Sheriff is the chief law enforcement officer of the county. The Sheriff has the power to refuse an illegal court order that violates the law. Some Sheriffs refuse to foreclose on people's homes that are illegal, they can form citizen grand juries to root out corruption in the county. I am not talking about the ones the Prosecutor and the judge run. They can form a posse to assist him in search and rescue or extra security in natural disasters when public safety requires it to secure property and vital infrastructure. He has more power then President Obama.

             If one third of the county Sheriffs in this nation stand up to the feds. It is over for the tyrants. That can only happen if the people stand behind him, even if that means being ready to use force to assist the Sheriff keeping the federal goverment out. The Sheriff answers to us. he does not answer to the President or even the governor. He maybe the last line of defense making the difference between liberty or despotism. If your sheriff is willing to stand up for his people against tyranny. We need to stand behind him. The year 2012 is when the Sheriff becomes a defender of liberty and not a DHS puppet of the past. Do you agree?


  1. When the Sheriff has become the local power we will be truly Medieval again.

  2. NEWS ALERT: The sheriffs are as corrupt or more corrupt than the Federal government. At least with the Federal Government you have alot of alternate media exposing the corruption. Local news stations cover up the local sheriff corruption and seem to have an abundant amount of news pieces of how great the cops are.

  3. Relying on your local Sheriff to free you from tyranny is a big mistake. They are the powers that be. They joined the force so they could become the system.

    The police don't see you as a freedom fighter, they see you as someone bucking the system. A system that they work to uphold. They are the system!

    There are two things everyone in the system agrees to. One, that the system must be defended. And two, that people that threaten the system must be destroyed.

    A Sheriff is not going to give you a break because he secretly believes in freedom like you do. He's going to bust you down, use every tool at his disposal, do whatever to can to stop you from upsetting the apple cart. Because he feeds his family with those apples. You aren't on the team. You aren't one of them.

    For every one Sheriff that stands up against the Federal government, there are a thousand that don't. The examples cited here are notable because they are notable. Rare. Remarkably rare.

  4. How about this guy as sheriff? Too bad he lost. I wonder if he's going to try again.

  5. Waiting for the sheriffs are a huge number of civilians and at least two four star generals in the U.S.M.C. who have something to say about the criminal cabal trying to bend Lady Liberty over a stump. I, too, take great issue with this. It is the peoples' responsibility to assure that their representatives, that they voted for, do their jobs, not sheriffs or the Marines. The self-centered snot-nosed brats of the U.S.A. electorate have earned a good ass-kicking and a grounding. Good post realman2020.

  6. Eat of the lotus flower.

  7. Sounds like that might be a good idea. We have to all put our petty differences aside and band together. Rep Dems Conservative Christian Jew Islamic black white Asian and so forth....
    We are Americans first!
    and stand up to our common enemy. Then we sort out things later

  8. nananananana new world order!!!! 4 Life!!!!

  9. Well put Michael,spoken like a TRUE American!

  10. I'd rather have a mildly corrupt Sheriff protecting me than a politician promising me protection.
    Just because the Sheriffs take DHS money doesn't mean they will side with them if sanity goes south. I'm sure there is a lot of them that know that the free military hardware can be used to protect their families and neighbors if the fan turns brown.

  11. This Sheriff Mack was my Sheriff as a teenager and was and is an honest man. Voted for him twice.

  12. we have our own militia here, the sheriffs are ok, but we also know the constitution. soon the sheeple will pay for their cowardness and ignorances when the bankers take it all

  13. Please send all information available concerning this upcoming convention. I will send the information unto every sheriff in my State.
    I do not care what others think of me, however I AM MOST CONCERNED ABOUT HOW I FEEL ABOUT MYSELF! Let my example encourage others to crawl out of their comfort zones and help spread the word.

  14. Besides county sheriffs lording it over the masses, there are all of the self appointed deputies of the "neighborhood watch." We have snitches everywhere. However,the power of the federal and state governments exceed whatever corruption there may be at local level. Perhaps there are many sheriffs stepping up to the plate like one in Plumas County in N. California who made a public statement at the state Capitol recently when I was there. He said that the federal government wanted him to enforce the road closures in the forest to where hunting, fishing, hiking, and other kinds of recreation would be prohibited. He told the feds, flat out, that he would not do it. This is the kind of movement that is needed
    if we are going to win the war that is presently coming against our God-given freedoms. The state and the federal government already own half of California and now they want to control the rest, including closing the roads in the forested areas and then allowing our forests to burn though the fed's outrageous, "experimental" "let it burn policies." If the local people, law enforcement included, don't step up to the plate, all will be lost. Not only will we lose our forests, we will lose all of our freedoms. Everyone needs to participate in bringing our county back from the brink of destruction. We presently have self-serving officials in high places running it. It's called a shadow elite.

  15. A check and balance put into place in our constitution is the authority of the county sheriff. The whole point about local county sheriff's is that we can vote to keep them or not, whereas we do not have any control over federal or state agents. It keeps the power local and closest to the people represented.
    I think we need to support these sheriff's who are standing up for the citizens who have no where else to turn.