Thursday, December 29, 2011

Where is the Legal Challenge over the Iowa GOP Vote Count in Undisclosed Location(Does Iowa Have Sunshine Laws?)

                Every State has these laws. That is the Sunshine Law. The excuse the Iowa GOP is using to count the vote in secret says they are trying to cheat the will of the people rigging the election. Anything done in secret should be repugnant to our democratic institutions. It is just a coincidence all of sudden Romney is surging after the state republican party announced the vote count will be moved to an undisclosed location. I smell a rat or a bunch of them trying to rig an election to favor the status quo over the voice of the people.

               Someone need to legally challenge the GOP with this move. I do not care if it is Judaical Watch or the Ron Paul campaign. This needs to be challenged in the courts over the violation of the sunshine laws. The count should be in public out in the open for all to see. What is the necessity of being secretive counting the vote in a undisclosed location? What are they trying to hide. Are they going to steal the election for a establishment hack who kissed the ring of special interest? We cannot tolerate this anymore of this secrecy counting the vote. Nothing good for this country when done in secret,that is even counting the votes.

               These sunshine laws were put in place for a reason and a very good one. it is because corruption flourishes in dark places. When the light is shined upon what is happening, corruption runs like cockroaches back into the darkness. Someone needs to legally challenge the decision of the Iowa GOP moving the voting count to an undisclosed location. This move by the state republican party needs to be challenged in court under the sunshine laws. All the states have these laws in place. We must not let the GOP get away with stealing an election in secret without transparency. It must be challenged.

                I just got today a solicitation by the Republican National Committee asking for money to win back the White House in 2012. I put a Ron Paul flyer in the return envelope and a note saying to them saying "my checkbook is closed as long as the counting of votes is not open to the public". I send it back to them with them paying the postage. This election should be a lesson that it is not only Democrats that steal elections. Those Republicans do it too. We must not let these hacks steal the victory away from  Ron Paul. Election fraud not only happens in Chicago, it might happen in Iowa if we do not legally challenge the State GOP to keep the vote count open to the public and not at a secret location.


  1. N.....W.....O!!!!!! 4 LIFE!!!!!!

  2. Just shows how routine corruption is.
    "I'm going to tell!"
    Really? Tell who?
    To me what is most in your face is how ROUTINE corruption is. There is no need, not even a small need to lie effectively. The cheapest, oldest, most transparent hustles can be used right in your face and why not.
    In human history, every people, nation.... when was it 'needed' to count votes in secret?
    Better yet, how many times EVER have votes been counted in secret?

    The entire concept of 'counting them in secret' is called STUFFING THE BALLOT BOXES.

    You are some corrupt small town. Your sheriff goons seize the ballot boxes and take them away to a 'secret location' so you can replace all the votes with YOU WIN!

    The votes are under 'terror attack'?
    Where is homeland insecurity?
    Where is the FBI?

    Let me guess....
    The politicians who promised to swallow the jiz of every Israeli cock... will win when the votes are secrtetly counted by the Jew World Order.

    Someone complains? Well, some Jew World Order jews investigated themselves and found themselves innocent. Their media confirms it. Their politicians confirm it.

  3. "Election fraud not only happens in Chicago" or Ohio or Florida or New Jersey or Texas or... Citizenry is MORE than just voting, it is being an active participant, witness and voice to the entire political process.

  4. Superman never said Truth, Justice and the American Way were the same thing. Sounds like early doublespeak with these developments. You put your heart into a candidate and they cut it out and drink the blood.