Friday, December 16, 2011

Rush Limbaugh Insults Ron Paul About Foriegn Policy and Iran.

              Today the day of the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party. Also it was the day before my sons have Christmas vacation from school. I was driving up tot the school and did not pay attention to Glen Beck. On the way home listening to Rush Limbaugh. All I heard was him insulting Ron Paul on his position on Iran and his opposition to any attack on the Persian country. What I heard was desperation in his voice trying to corral the conservatives back into the neo con pro war camp. The truth is Rush is not right and he is wrong. The GOP establishment is rolling out the big guns against Ron Paul because they know he can win and all their meat puppet candidate are melting down with same old tired talking points.

              Ron Paul made the case very clear about Iran. We would not have fomented hatred against the United States in these Muslim countries if we left them alone. Michelle Bachman and Rick Perry tried to get into the attack on Ron Paul saying the Iranian Constitution calls for worldwide Jihad is a bunch of hogwash. Iran is only acting in self defense and reacting to threats of attacks. Ron is also right about if Iran wants a nuclear weapon, it is their right. It is not to destroy Israel and to bully the middle east. Iran having a nuclear weapon will give them diplomatic respect and leverage. Once again Israels 300 nuclear missiles. Why should Israel fear  them getting one nuclear weapon when Israel also have anti missile defense systems that can take out before they reach Israel.

             Rush Limbaugh never served in the armed forces. His audacity to insult Ron Paul has no merit. Ron Paul has the most donations from active military and the veterans than all candidates combined. The Military knows the high cost that has been paid for these wars for corporations and the bankers. They know more than these neo con talking heads like Rush and Sean Hannidy. The gloves came off last night in Iowa against Ron Paul because he can win. An Iowa victory would send shockwaves through the GOP. Rush is wrong and anything parody and smear commercial making Ron Paul look like an idiot pacifist will not work.

           If the is any person in the Military and the veterans who are reading this blog. please send Rush an email and tell him why you support Ron Paul, give the head ditto-head a lesson in reality that these wars are a failure. Email Rush Limbaugh and tell him this war on terror is a ruse and these wars are a fraud.


  1. How do you expect to be taken seriously when you said you would vote for Obama? Email Realman2020 to let him know he is the fraud.

  2. I would vote for Obama too.
    The logic is beyond question.
    Other than Ron Paul... the ENTIRE REPUBLICAN PARTY are pro-Israeli agents.
    Obama is ON RECORD trying what he can to resist Israel. Obama is under the thumb of Israel. But then.... ISRAEL DOES RULE AMERICA. So... yeah, of course Obama is under their thumb. Israel rules the country top to bottom, all universities, all banking, all media... everything.

    If we can't have Ron Paul... Obama is next best choice.

    An UNWILLING puppet of Israel is 10,000 times better than a WILLING PUPPET of Israel.

    Oh, your 'big move' was the Obama issue?
    that popped in your face like a zit.
    You got owned, boy.
    Stay out of political science, son. You can't measure up in the big game.

  3. People love to take me out of context. I said I vote for Obama over Gincrich if there was no choice other then two with no third party candidate. Because I rather stick to the idiot I know then the one I do not know. Newt be more a dictator then Obama will be,

  4. Ron Paul already has all the votes.

  5. Newt, for his many faults,

    Is not a communist.

    Obama is. Understand that critical difference before you say you will vote for a living, breathing communiist

  6. is whatdoeitmean dot com report that obama has ordered the murder of Ron Paul an accurate one?

  7. Fact is, Ron Paul is the ONLY PRO-Israel candidate.

  8. Mark Levin was just doing the same thing. He was calling Him "RU Paul" also, which is a person who is a drag queen. Absolutely disgusting to hear this type of treatment towards DR Paul, but it signals they are scared to death of the Ron Paul revolution. We are winning but I have a feeling they will rig the vote anyway if DR Paul does win.

  9. nothing on whatdoesitmean dot com is real - it is sorcha faal disinfo, top to bottom.

  10. I heard the Ron Paul abuse on Rush Scumbag's show today - he allowed callers to call Ron Paul a "liar" etc... - and never corrected them - basically doing everything he can to lie to his audience - his main job.

    It is sick really - to allow smears against a man as honest as Ron Paul - that is the role of the propagandist.

    Rush is bought-and-paid-for - possibly blackmailed long ago - who knows - but if he is a "conservative" - to NOT SUPPORT RON PAUL is an admission of hidden agendas.

    Rush Limbaugh: I can't listen to this idiot liar for very long - the subject matter - the lies are so obvous that they are an affront to one's intellect.

    Rush - what a liar. How anyone can listen to this clown is beyond me.


  11. Understand that critical difference before you say you will vote for a living, breathing communiist

    I understand it fully. But I'll still take a living breathing communist over a hypocritical inconsistent demagogue.

    There's no consistency to Newt. He's as pliable as plastic. He'll argue whatever side is paying the that moment. And he's not the least bit ashamed at his waffling.

    The Fundamentalist Right Protestant Christians of the USA have hijacked the Republican party, and have turned it into a parody of its former self. They're every bit as insane as their Taliban counterparts on the other side of the planet. And they're better armed.

    I would much prefer to keep the big guns in the hands of someone who hasn't been spoon-fed apocalypticism his entire life.

  12. And he's not the least bit ashamed at his waffling.

    And I would further add that I think Newt is incapable of experiencing Shame. He has the traits of a psychopath, for Pete's sake!

    And if that's the best the Republicans can produce in this primary, then they should wrap it up and go home. Start a new party if you can't pry these religious zealots from your party.

  13. There are too many factors in play to account for them all here.

    For countless reasons, Obama does not want to disband America and start nuclear war for Nazi Jews.

    Why? Endless reasons.
    Maybe, Obama does not want the 1st nigger President to be the President who OPENLY BETRAYED AMERICA and made his legacy the LAST nigger President. Maybe Obama thinks whatever. Does not matter.

    Every not Ron Paul, EVERYONE not Ron Paul, are on stage, praying to Israel. They openly worship Israel as God, and pledge to WW3 for God Israel.

    I don't care what matters to you.
    What matters to me is, preventing the Iran war for one more day.

    Only 2 people exist.. just 2, who want to avoid an Iran war.

    1) Pussy Obama 'wants' to avoid it, but Obama is weak and being forced into it anyway. It may likely start in January when 'shopping' is over.

    2) Ron Paul will refuse to Iran war.

    Ron Paul must A) WIN! B) Run as 3rd Party to split the vote so that Obama wins.

    That is what must happen for the good of America.

    2) Ron Paul crashes the Republican voter base and helps Obama win.

    If anyone but Paul or Obama wins... an ISRAELI AGENT BECOMES PRESIDENT.

    As the smartest person here, I know better than you. This is what must happen.

    My brain is not weak like yours. I don't fall down when I hear 'slogans'. Yes, the words 'Hitler' or 'Communist' make you feel 'emotion' and fall down and make mistakes. It don't work on me. Like the name calling you are thinking now, don't work on me.

    Must be Paul, if not Paul, Obama is a known quanitity that somewhat resists Israeli rule of America.

  14. Hey pal I don't like Obama any more than you, but keep your racist comments to yourself.

  15. You demanded I speak how you say?
    I heard your demand.
    In answer to your demand, I piss on your face.
    Don't come to me in weakness and make pussy demands.

    You have no power to enforce your will.

    I will call Obama a nigger any time I please.
    You in turn, will let me, since I have the power to make my demands real, and you don't.

  16. I agree with you. You are free to say what you please. I understand that you want Mr. Paul into office. I do too, but really, that was uncalled for. And where the hell do you come from thinking your all high and mighty?

  17. It is not complex.
    Put your small mind to the issue.

    Step 1: Make a demand.
    Step 2: Enforce your demand.

    I will go first.
    I demand that I will call Obama a nigger, which he is. Yes, he is technically a mulatto. The first 'Black President' was of course meant to be, the child of a black WOMAN who had an ancestry of American slavery. Obama is the son of a white woman. His supposed Kenyan father was never of a slave lineage. His real father that Marshal guy, may have been, I don't know. In any case, being 'part' black is still a nigger. Just as being PART thoroughbred would be a shit horse unfit for breeding.

    So, I made a demand. I enforced my demand. Did I BEG YOU? Did I ask you? Did I need you to comply or give permission? No. Power is taken by force.

    Say it with me.

    I wanted, so I took by force.

    You wanted, then you begged me like a coward weakling.

    I DID.. I told you. I did 'listen to your demands'. I listened to and understood your demands, THEN.. I pissed all up and down your face like you are my punk bitch, which you are.

    What makes me high and mighty? Power.
    What makes you a punk bitch? You BEG for power.
    I do and take as I please.
    You crawl and whimper and beg.

    What will you do next? You will whimper sissy name calling like a weak punk bitch, then get none of your demands.

  18. Obama isn't even half a NIGGER if you believe who they say his Dad is because his supposed Dad was part arab. (But we all know it wasn't because Obama's mom was a whore). Off topic but I thought it was awesome that girls volleyball team in Buffalo had this chant they do before every game "1.2.3. Nigger!!" ROFL.

  19. Rush Limbaugh is a Talmudic jew whose rabbi travels with him.