Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Perhaps Our Future Lies In Philosophy

 Written by John Schutt

Another major airline went into bankruptcy this week, an action that appears to stem from unrealistic union demands. The Federal Government naturally backs the unions, who form a large part of their voter base. Adding to the madness, the Obama administration is determined to destroy the economy with the insane fiscal policies it espouses, destroy our security with its de-funding of the military as well as with a lack of adequate border patrol, and "give away the store" to China.

 The Chinese actually had the audacity to complain to the US this week about the subsidies being handed out by the Obama Administration for alternate energy firms, because it presented unfair competition to them! One wonders how Obama will try to please his Chinese friends. The Chinese are right about one thing; the subsidies should stop from the US, but we should also not accept their goods, which are all subsidized, on a fair trade basis. As United States businesses continue to take their trade to China and other third-world countries and our oil companies follow suit in search of markets to replace those that are being destroyed here, what do the American people expect to be left with? Perhaps we can all become philosophers and oracles to be sought out for wisdom and guidance, when our means of support disappears. As the United States, the future doesn't look very promising, but as a union of free, independent nations, we will have an opportunity to utilize our resources and build our economies free of the tyranny that the Federal Government represents. Since Texas is the strongest and most capable of all states, Texans must lead the way. It is our moral and ethical duty to our fellow man and our families as well as the destiny of the great republic of Texas.


  1. John Schutt, are you insane? We are spending over 100 times more on our military than is reasonable. We don't need bases all over the world. We don't need endless war. We don't need to be spending a thousand dollars for each screw used on a piece of substandard military equipment. Paranoid schizophrenia; like a madman living with thousands guns and millions of rounds of amo in a small shack, who is convinced he needs more guns for protection. Wake up from your madness and vote for Ron Paul!

  2. America spends more on its military than all the other countries in the world. Combined.

    40 cents out of every dollar in revenue gets spent on the military.

    The US has over 700 military bases around the world, with just over 2.5 million personnel.

    And THIS is your idea of "de-funding" the military?

    We could cut our military spending by a trillion dollars, and still spend more than any other country on earth.

    If our "security" comes from the existence of a bloated, out of control military, then we are truly doomed.