Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Desperate Authoritarian and Ridicules Nanny State

                 It is has been shown throughout history in other nations. The only way a tyrant can do this by fraud and deception. The Obama Administration is politically dead in the water and needs to be revived. People have no faith in his leadership. He could not co-opt the occupy Wall Street protest with his agenda. There is rumors of a false flag attack coming to trigger a war with Iran or Syria. He is looking for a distraction away from the sad state of economic affairs of the nation. He needs a diversion so his banker backers can loot the nation of everything the rest of the way. He has overwhelming opposition against him  and he knows it. His critics have more credibility then the President. He needs to find a way to discredit this detractors. He tried this with the shooting of a congresswoman. It blew up in his face. He treid with operation gun runner that is a full blown scandal. He wants our guns or he is not in control.

                 Now while the President is out of the country trying to get other countries to loan to us. Somehow there was shots fired at the White House. The person they brought in is being demonized because he watched the Obama Deception as his reason to shoot the President. They would blame the story of Hansen and Gretal if they can get away with it.  It shows they are looking for an enemy so he can get the people to rally behind him to go after those patriots who love the Constitution and will vote for Ron Paul. This is not a sign of confidence, But desperation, to ratchet down on the people saying we need to exchange our freedom for the US government's protection. Sorry not me. I rather face the danger than trust the goverment to protect me from myself.

                 Now we have Homeland Security saying we have to beware of putting a Turkey in a deep fryer as a terrorist weapon and next it would not surprise me they will say it is not good to have a Christmas tree in the house because too many homes burned down because of those lights catching the trees on fire. Well it is so idiotic homeland security is taking on roles usually left to the people. Now it seems like homeland security is trying to save us from ourselves. That is the excuse the tyrants use to steal our freedoms for our own safety. Next fireplaces and BBQ grill will be banned because the poor children might get burned. We will freeze at night and eat raw meat. But at least the children are safe. Backyard swimming pools might be on the goverment chopping block because too many toddlers drowned. We are supposed to sweat for the children.

                I am tired of this nanny state coming into my life and trying to make decisions I can be making for myself. These people think we are stupid and cannot survive without them. Well life was good before these parasites came into power years ago. The reality is tyrants have a mental illness because they are control freaks. They are not content unless they are in control, they do not care about how it affects another person. Even the euphoria of being in control does not last. So they have to control more. They feel the need to be in control is their fetal flaw that hurts us.. The bankers need to have it all or they are not happy, They have a sick desire to control the wealthy of the world. Money junkies feel the need to screw people over to pad their bank accounts. They do not care how their action have wrecked many good families.

              Knowledge is power, If we know the tactics and devices they use to try to deceive us so see through their kindness to see their evil intent. Tyrants will use the ridicules excuses to grab more power. We have common sense and should see them for what they are, out of touch delusional control freaks who know nothing about life and never will.



  1. I really don't get your constant attacks on Obama. Is he any worse than any other politician?

  2. Yes, Obama is much, much worse.
    Obama is responsible right now.
    Obama actually had the nerve to take a 'peace prize' on the credit that he would be honest and peaceful, then Obama did the reverse and expanded all the wars and crimes, making them even worse.

    Obama is a one term total failure as President.
    Obama goes down in history as one of the worst Presidents ever.