Saturday, November 26, 2011

It is Time We Shop At Local Small Bussiness Not the Big Box Stores.This is Something the Money Junkies Hate.

                 Seeing people fight for a toy convertible car is beyond pathetic. It reflects the culture in decline. Shopping at these big box stores anyway anytime of year is a headache. I do not have to wait for Black Friday to complain. It is all year round the same thing I hate when going to Wal Mart. I do not get the level of service I get with a local merchant. I may pay a little more money for the same product. But most of the money stays in town. I have a open on one relationship with the sales person who is more aware of what I am looking for. Sometimes cheap is not good and good is not cheap.Our economy is paying the high cost for low prices keeping our manufacturing base once here now offshore because regulation and taxes are too high to operate here.

                 Big box stores have killed Main Street. The big retailers have with unfair advantage. These anti competitive practices have forced small businesses to shut down because they could not compete with stores like Wal Mart or Target. With low prices arranged by the distributors were the mark-up on merchandise gives an unfair advantage to these major retail outlets that small businesses do not have. This what we call a monopoly were only a few establishments get favorable treatment by the local, state and Federal goverment that a small Enterprise does not have. We must bring back fair competition between small businesses and big box stores.

                 I would advise we do our Christmas Shopping at local small business establishments. When I shop for shoes for my children. There is a person who actually knows how to find the right size for them. When I buy a pair of pants. There is a person who is a tailor who can fit that pair of pants to fit me. I do not get that kind of service at Wal Mart. I can have a pair of cowboy boots hand made and not knock offs made in Costa Rica . I can order from Stetson who makes an awesome cowboy hats still made in Texas. Even go to a local music store and buy a Gibson Guitar to show support keeping American jobs here. Lets keep the money local and the jobs here on American shores.

               The Money Junkies would rather we shop at Wal Mart than the local Hardware Store or Hobby Shop. They rather we go to their big box store chains to buy our food than the local farmers market and buy our lemonade from a soft drink fountain machine that has artificial flavors at the 7-11 then from a real Lemonade stand. They want us going to there stores and their stores only. They want to shut down their competition big and small. We must honor our small business men and ladies. they are our neighbors and they do produce jobs in the community. What we spend in our community with our local owned business stays in the community and does not leave. If we are going to rebuild this economy. It will have to be from the ground up and not wait for Washington to have any answers anytime soon. We make the economy go, not the government. It is time we vote with our wallets and our feet to dictate the economic climate instead of waiting for next election season only to get burned again one more time. Vote with your wallets and your feet. We must not the let the Grinch who are the money junkies steal another Christmas again.




  1. Getting to know the smaller energy service companies is much easier than you think.

  2. Yeah, especial if the small businesses sell the same Chinese merchandise.

    ...What a joke. The poor people in America have to go for the lowest prices and privately run jobs are to expensive. I find more local produce in Walmart (which I don't like) than in Organic food fake shops.

  3. I refuse to buy any manufactured product this year. I'm getting gift certificates to give for facials, mani/pedicures, massages, play dates and childrens' activity centers. All from local, small business people. No wrapping, no hefty postage, (none at all if you can reach them on the internet and do bill pay via the computer). Perhaps more of us should do the same?

  4. Small businesses DIE off when the big box stores move in. They do NOT provide benefits to their employees. They keep them on less than 19 hours a week on minimum wages so they do NOT have to give them medical benefits... This leads to a degradation of the quality of life for the American worker. But gives great profits for the owners. SUPPORT your local businesses!!!

  5. I am also considering to do Xmas Searching at local small businesses.These thoughts and tips for Xmas trip purchasing will help you in purchasing the right products for Xmas period.