Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Putin Did What Jesus Done with the Money Junkies. Russia is Doing Better Because of it.

                 The reason why we have an economic implosion here is by fraud. You can call them the money junkies, money changers, the oligarchs, or the robber barons These people by fraud and deception have brought poverty and misery to countless countries. There is no negotiating with these people. They are financial terrorist who threaten economies to be taken down if they do not do what they say. The head of the second bank of the United States threatened the country with a depression, It is good Andrew Jackson drove out the bankers regardless of having assassination attempts on his life. He prevailed, the head of the second Bank of the United States was arrested, the bank was audited and shut down.

                   In the Bible, about 2000 years ago. Jesus drove out the moneychangers from the temple because it was a violation against his principles. He did not negotiate with them, nor did not reason with them. He used force to drive these thieves out of the temple because he knew that is the only way to deal with these thieves. If a nation claims to be Christian and to follow to teachings of Christ. Then it should be known they should not allow the money supply to be issued by a private central bank. These bankers are thieves and fraudsters. They only know how to destroy and enslave people. The only way we can free ourselves from these money changers is not by an act of congress. It might have to be done by force that does it. Regardless if there is a law or no law. Good morality with a sound monetary policy must prevail over corrupt legislation to benefit the few over the many.

                  It is a good thing there is no political correctness in Russia. The Russian people are not anti Semitic or racist. They just know who was responsible for all chaos and turmoil during the reign of the USSR and post Soviet Russia during the Yeltsin years. When the Russian ruble collapsed in 1998. It was not good for the Russian people. There was a lot of instability in Russia. When Putin took the Presidency of Russia. He had to take drastic actions to bring stability to Russia. One of the biggest problems that was responsible for the instability is the financial oligarchs in Russia. Agents of the Rothschild, Rockefeller and it would not surprise me if George Soros was involved to some extent. I know Goldman Sachs is relentless to gain a foothold in Russia,the are now trying to destabilize the nation.So far it has not worked. This is why it is so important Putin becomes President to be a stone wall against the bankers trying to start a war in Syria or Iran. Thank Russia so far preventing World War III. America cannot afford another war.

                 Seeing the US news reports saying Russians are anti Semitic because all this anti Jewish sediment sweeping Russia is all hogwash. There is anger against the oligarchs who plundered the nation to near ruin. The rulers in Soviet times and post USSR were Jewish. They governed with full spectrum dominance for decades.All the anger has been building up so much hostility in the minds of the Russian people. It is understandable why the Russian people have this hostility against this group of people. Ben Franklin warned us of this group of people if they gain a foothold in our system.  President George Washington, the father of our country stated it very clear too about these financial oligarchs who claim to be Jewish warned us Also. I believe the Russian people would be in agreement with our founders quotes about the Jewish oligarchs. It is not racist, it just the truth. plain and simple without question because they experienced it first hand.

                Whole the American media claimed Putin was arresting his political enemies. It was a flat out lie on its face to paint President Putin in a bad light trying to bring reform to Russia and stabilize the nation. Putin was arresting the politicians who worked for the international banking cartels working to undermine Russia. He arrested the oligarchs also. He did not wait for an act from the Parliament or take a poll. He did what was necessary for the survival of the nation. He just overturned the tables of the moneychangers. He drove many of these money junkies out of Russia who now live in Israel.The very people who were responsible for plundering the nation during the Yeltsin years. Putin knew too there is no room for Israeli duel citizens in Russia. He took the right action. Thank God there is not political correctness in Russia. I love the open honesty of the Russian people speaking their mind.

               Regardless what human rights groups or the critics may say. Putin did the right thing regardless of the Geo political blow back that may happen. What he did back then made Russia what it is today, now he is more popular then ever with the Russian people. Thank God he is there to avert a war . He knows these unhinged Bankers are using Israel, NATO and the United States as their enforcers to impose private central banking on Iran and Syria. The bankers need a war to distract the people away from the looting and plundering of western Europe. Russia averting a war could be the best way to defeat the bankers by keep the light shined on them so they cannot set up a financial dictatorship ruled by bankers.

                We should learn something from what Putin has done. I do not know if he took Jesus's advice to overturn the tables of the moneychangers in Russia. The truth, Putin just like Jesus did was grab the bull by the horns to do what was necessary dealing with these thieves and vipers. I have a feeling we cannot wait until the election of 2012 to deal with these bankers. We the people will have to grab the bull by the horns ourselves and overturn the tables of the moneychangers ourselves. We have to start indicting the financial oligarchs, governors, state legislators, congressmen and senators who are agents for the bankers with grand juries. Theft is still theft regardless if it was made legal by law or not. Stealing and committing fraud is still immoral regardless if the goverment makes it law to do so. It is still a conspiracy to defraud the people or the nation by an act of congress or not. We have to start to overturning the tables of the money junkies ourselves with the governments closest to us. We cannot rely on the ballot box anymore. We are going to have to take action ourselves. The system will not police itself, so it is our obligation to hold them accountable. Duty is ours and consequences are God's.

               President Putin and President Andrew Jackson set the best examples dealing with these thieves and vipers we call bankers. You do not reason or negotiate with them. The people of Iceland did not make a deals either. The all drove them out and arrested them for the fraud they committed. There is no political solution dealing with the money junkies.It is a rigged game. The only way to take back our nation is to grab the bull by the horns or they will shackle us with a debt we do not owe. Jesus, Jackson, Putin and the people of Iceland defeated the bankers not by politics. But by just doing what is right. Regardless of the critics or political fallout that will follow. The fruits of prosperity will follow showing life is better without these bankers. First we have to grab the bull by the horns and not look back.


  1. The Northern Army And its Allies Will Punish The English Speaking World & Israel
    The Northern Army Part 2

  2. Wonder if the writer has been listening/learning from Eustace Mullins http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oq0_n7ZBX_c&feature=related

  3. The Jews aren't Semites anyway - they are Khazars from the steppes of southern Russia. If the Russians want to hate their guts, that's their prerogative, just as with anyone else.

    Jesus threw the moneychangers out of the Temple because usury is a violation of God's Law, period. That much is made clear in both Testaments of the Bible. As Jesus stated, He was here to do His Fathers work, and that is to enforce the Law as well as to make a New Covenant between God, the Israelites and the tribe of Judah, and the "Jews" aren't part of that covenant.

    Note this and don't forget it: "It would be a mistake to assume that our roots are of the Israelites of the Old Testament, but, rather, our roots are in Phariseeism." (1905 Jewish Encyclopedia)

    And what did Jesus this of the Pharisees?

    John 8:44 - "You are of your father the devil, and you want to do the desires of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him. Whenever he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

    Unlike the deceived so-called Christians in the "West", the Russians have been dealing with these murderers and thieves since the 600's. They are also wise enough to know that it was Jewry that overthrew the Tsars in 1917 and murdered literally tens of millions of Christian Russians and Ukrainians. They know who founded The Bank of England and The Federal Reserve, and they knew that if they were to prosper they had to throw off the yolk of the antiChrists.

    We are deceived fools and consciously disobey the Lord our God. We have not only welcomed the antiChrists, we have let them, the "aliens in our land", become our masters and the curses promises in Deuteronomy 28-32 are now upon us. For these sins and so many others, "Hell is coming."

  4. Your thoughts are good... but your grammar is horrendous. Please have someone proofread your material before you post it. It would make it much more palatable as well as reputable.

  5. No, don't proofread even one word.
    Throw it out here for us to read and work on something new.

    Why would anyone care about these lower minds anyway?

    You STRUGGLE to read things?

  6. Well, one thing about these banking creatures is that if nothing else they are PERSISTENT.

    And, because of their persistence I fear the only way to truly close this detrimental chapter of human history for good is for these people and their bloodlines to be stopped PERMANENTLY. I'm not going to get into the gory details, but I'm sure you get my drift.

    I see everything in balance. There can be no positivity (i.e. "good") without negativity (i.e. "bad"). However the scale in which the two are balanced can be tipped in favor of one over the other for a time. This "tipping of the scale" permits amazing success for the side that the scale is tipped in favor of, but naturally it also means disappointment, failure, and suffering for the side that the scale does not favor. I do believe there is a reason for this. In the case of positivity, the strife, suffering, and disappointment experienced by being the ‘unfavored’ side acts like an 'evolutionary catalysis'. They’ll force the positive side to think 'outside of the box', abandon old dated teachings and methods of existence, and ultimately see the world and humanity in an entirely different light. From this new mindset new technological achievements are made, new relationships are forged, and humanity achieves a higher more evolved sense of awareness overall.

    Just think about all the tech the government hides from the people because it threatens some established empire. Simply removing these corrupt governments and businesses from the equation would be like opening the floodgates on technological advancements, so much so, that it would probably be overwhelming at first. And, this is just ONE example.

    Here's the interesting part. Evolution is not just the burden of "positivity", but also of "negativity" as well - neither side is 'immune'. Negativity is forced to evolve when its old, tried and true methods no longer work. When its established empires hidden for thousands of years, which are behind some of the worst atrocities in known human history; are exposed and subsequently done away with. In other words the negativity that was always effective, stops being effective.

    This all forces negativity ‘back to the drawing boards’, but not before it sheds it old tired form like a snake sheds its skin. This is why I believe these bankers will not be around for too much longer, because they represent the ‘old snake's skin’ that is being molted off more and more each passing day. People have become extremely aware of their methods and safeguards against them are starting to be openly talked about. This will only become more common place and the discussed “safeguards” more effective (and in some cases more extreme). This 'awareness' is rendering the 'method of the banker' obsolete, and as a result the scale is beginning to tip away from the favor of the negativity they represent. There will be turmoil during this process for as their control and power wanes they will rely heavily on their trump card of 'war', and the entranced humans that are willing to fight for them, in a futile attempt to prevent the inevitable – i.e. the US trying to pick a fight with just about any and every nation on this planet.

  7. The USSR was a construct financed by Zionists, implemtnted by zionists and largely run by zionists.
    In was one great containment labour slave camp where zionists kept the Russian people imprisoned until they gradually broke free and the zionists fled - screaming racism to occupied Palestine which they call Israel.
    Before finally leaving they looted the country under Yeltsin - rumoured to be of jewish origin himself.
    The Russians are not the enemy although your government is picking a fight with them. Encircling them - the people who first of any held out a hand when your government murdered 3000 on 9/11.
    Putin may not be perfect but he is all the planet has to fight this evil dominating, theiving and murdering sub human group of pychopaths right across the globe.

  8. hehe
    Looking at Russia from a bitt different perspective i al in General agree on the notions above.
    There always are, the present Oligarks are still in sole power, the good old KGB, we all know it.
    It runs the legislation and to the jury, police and stae sec.

    For me, Russia is my Grandmothers land, and sometimes delibirat bullshitt just pisses me off, the rule of law is virtualiy completly absent in any consivable way, inside Russian sosiety, on every level.
    Bothe Putin(the MAN) and Medvedev(he looks like a deasent gy) non of the bearly chratched the surfaces. And the endresult was/is, nothing.

    But the day Russia awakes it will be on its own premisses, hopefully, not on a "klick"s wet dreams. Russia have always and hopefully for the future been a extremly intelegent and like the Chines, knowledgable people where education is the key.
    And there was a reason for milleniums of peace in that region, really, milleniums, before the present days, where They where fooled into the "revelution". The wery same revelution, that had a impact in me.
    Or for hat matter moust of all the People I know.
    (my family have fighted for and against the Russia)

    Be aware, the obstacles are many, but the bottomline is there, the Russians must find it, them self.
    Victims of distortions and historical forgerys. Like the Muslims, a result of fractinating worlds and people.

    Look at the old Prausen and you may be suprised to what you may discover.

  9. When you speak with Christian Russians (and Ukrainians) you find them often to be virulently anti-Jewish.
    When you speak with older members of the Jewish community you find them often to be virulently anti-Russian (Christian).
    The Bolshevik (Bankers/Jewish proxy) revolution in Russia which was enabled by historical grievances against the Czar followed by Stalin's Holodomor against the Kulaks (approximately 10 million principally Eastern Orthodox farmers and small businesspeople were starved to death by government policy) carried out by Cheka agents (almost exclusively of Jewish extraction), has led to the extreme antagonism.
    This is no surprise.
    The historical context is key to understanding this issue.
    Of course, Putin is lionized by the Russian (non-Jewish state press) and savaged by the Western (principally Jewish controlled) mainstream media.

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  11. Excellent article. Only wish there were more
    Putin's to go around.
    Rock on Putin.