Thursday, November 24, 2011

TSA Starting to Profile?


  1. What nonsense! What good is profiling and body scanners when TSA agents take bribes to look the other way?

    Not only does TSA not provide any real security, they have actually made flying much more dangerous than ever before! Passengers today risk robbery, dangerous x-rays, physical and sexual assault, molestation of their children by strangers, abduction, rape, fines, jail, and even death at the hands of those who are supposed to protect them.

    TSA should be abolished; but if not, TSA workers need to be licensed by the States in which they work, post fidelity bonds against theft, and be insured against breakage of passenger property. Their needs to be civilian review boards at each airport to hear complaints against the TSA employees, who should face suspension and/or revocation of their license, fines and jail for misconduct.

  2. All this security is just an exercise to get people used to complying to authority. Just ask yourself how many aircraft have been blown up by a terrorist, or how many so called Terrorists have been caught with all this infringement of our human rights, by this dangerous intrusive security. The ordinary man or woman in the street is being treated like a would be Terrorist.

  3. "Israel has never had a problem with terrorists on their airplanes".


  4. I am more concerned with being harmed by a tsa agent than any terrorist!
    I did not feel that way before their existence.

  5. Do we need a revolution in this country? Perhaps. However, I think it will be sufficient to educate people within the intelligence and police communities, US citizens (the 99%) that the same people who were involved in the terrorist attacks of 9/11 and London 7/7 are the very same "usual suspects" who continue to fan the flames of the so-called "war on terror", continue to push the Muslim boogie-man agenda; and are also the same groups of allied individuals who contrive intelligence on the "war on terror", report on it in the MSM, use DHS grants to spy on and criminalize those opposed to them, and propose and advocate legislation criminalizing the freedoms necessary to determine the identities of the criminal clique now using the terror construct to further the pillage of the planet, and further foster the global gulag.

  6. TSA is nothing more than a jobs program creating an illusion of airline security. After tens of billions of dollars over ten years they can't cite one success. Still almost 60% of the freight in the cargo hold of airliners is unchecked, half of that from foreign shippers. Despite their negligence they continue to confiscate passenger property that their website says is allowed and assault innocent children and grandmothers.

    There have been 62 TSA screeners arrested for serious crimes since January, including murder. Ten have been charged with child sex crimes and four for smuggling contraband through security, which could have easily contained explosives. TSA can’t prevent crime within their own ranks, yet we’re supposed to trust these incompetents with airport security.

    This agency is a national disgrace and dangerous. Their employees are vulnerable to extortion and bribery and may ultimately be responsible for planting a bomb on a plane. It is shocking that so many people have accepted having TSA fondle their privates and those of their children as a routine part of flying. No civilized person can possibly believe this is acceptable or necessary.

    This agency is a perverse circus made up of misfits who enjoy harassing and abusing passengers. Pistole and Napolitano need to be prosecuted for this assault on our freedom and TSA replaced with something that actually works.

    TSA Crimes & Abuse