Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Is it Time to Invoke the 25th Amendment to Stop Obama Before He Destroys the Nation?

              When I heard that Rahm Immanuel cracks his knuckles at a staff meeting with the President. Obama asked him to stop that because he does not like it and the White House chief of staff  does it again. It shows President Obama has no control and he has handlers around him doing the dirty work telling him what to do. I could be wrong and say he is very aware of what he is doing. He is a knowingly a puppet doing what he is told by his masters the Bankers. The President needs a teleprompter to give a coherent speech. It is rumored he watches ESPN Sports Center and  he only gives a few minutes for national security briefings.

              President is known to be a narcissist and arrogant. By some clinical Psychologist if they really evaluated the President today is clinically or criminally insane as most dictators are. By the actions of the White House to starting wars and trampling over people's rights. He actions are assuring the destruction of the United States economically or the fall of the republic. Personally I believe Marxist and tyrants are mentally ill. President Obama show he is a psychopath or a sociopath because he lacks empathy for the average American. I do not think we can wait until the election of 2012. I do not think we can wait until inauguration day either if Ron Paul gets elected as President. We have to take action now to remove Obama from office. So what is the solution? 

              How about the 25th Amendment of the US Constitution. President Obama has shown the American people to discharge his duties as President if he cannot control his handlers or think rationally. He has no capacity to make important decisions in the interest of the American people. When he actions put us in great danger for our security and  safety. When he abandoned the limitations under the US Constitution and becomes lawless. He has shown disregard for the rule of law. He has no conscience and devoid of any capacity to govern a free people. He is mentally unfit to serve as President.

               People may say well we will get stuck with Biden as President. Well that maybe so, but at least he may have some sense to back off on some of the draconian measures the President has implemented. But for the Elites in Congress to save their own political hides and to show they are not a potted plant draft legislation to declare the President unfit for duty. It be quick and less painless then going through the impeachment process. I do not think we have much time before hell is unleashed on America and the world because we have a sociopath or a psychopath in the White House serving murderous bankers. Even those in the ruling class know it can be dangerous for them if he is not removed. It is time we invoke the 25th Amendment and remove the President from office. I will be glad to give him a lifetime pension if he is no longer President. The truth is he is not fit to govern a free people and thus we have to remove him now or be assured of our destruction. Do you agree?               


  1. I don't think congress would go along. Most congressmen are just as brain-sick as is Obama.

  2. Damn good idea, but we're probably dreaming.

  3. Then we get Biden. What's the difference? No matter who gets in there things will not change. They all have the same handlers.

  4. CongressCritters are too chicken s*#t to make such a move. But, I will bet Obummer will NOT be allowed to run for 2nd term. His own party has turned against him and want H. Clinton to finish destroying USA.

  5. Barry will be in there for a second term. Why do you think the commuplicans are picking the worst of the alley dwellers,,,

  6. ...I really don't see much difference in what is going to happen,..regardless of the person holding the office of president,...except,...if Ron Paul is somehow elected (probably not,....
    ..considering the rigged game of elections),
    ..and even if they elect Mr. Paul,...I'd fear for his safety even more than I do now,..but,
    ..I suppose one does just have to keep trying through the "process",..until the troops are firing on American Citizens,...


    RJ O'Guillory
    Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

  7. Obama is little more than a middle manager. Biden would be no different. Nothing can change until and unless we end the Fed - owned and operated by the wealthiest families on earth - which fuels the MIC complex.

    And please, stop calling Obama a Marxist; the correct term is Fascist. It sounds like you don't know the difference. Ron Paul, who we both support, uses the more polite form of this word to describe our system: corporatism. The two terms are synonyms, as Mussolini said. In a truly Marxist system, corporations are not permitted as they allow for private accumulation of wealth which can create a rival power center(s) to the state. With Fascism, those power centers created by private wealth capture the state. The latter is what has happened here, with the twist that Zionists are the dominant bloc of the power centers that have captured the US govt, primarily through control of banking and media.

  8. It is difficult to take seriously someone advocating a Constitutional action such as this when he cannot even spell or use correct grammar.

  9. Well I am not going to take a grammar NAZI serious if he hides behind anonymous. He is a troll, people who like to be critics can never contribute nothing because they have no creativity. There is enough people who take me seriously. I just will not take you seriously if you attack me and not argue the content. YOU ARE A TROLL PLAIN AND SIMPLE. People who are critics have no courage and creativity. At least I stick my neck out for freedom and risk going disappearing forever. If I disappear to Gitmo. Perfect grammar or not.I take the risk. I am not hiding or trying to be invisible. I am out front like the others fighting to keep our nation free. If you are not going to stick your neck out. Then do not dare question the people who do so and the manner how they do it. Sometimes just having guts is enough. For you grammar NAZIS. You are all cowards if you are not willing to stick your neck out and die for your beliefs.Instead,you will pick people apart fighting for the soul of the republic. May God bring shame on you for being so self righteous. I rather have heart and soul then be a miserable intellect who can't find the beauty in a person's imperfection is a person who has not character. So why should I take a Grammar NAZI serious if they cannot and will not stick their neck out for liberty like the rest of us are doing. God Bless us freedom writers and fighters. Amen. Good will triumph over evil

  10. I think there are two choices to return the United States America to a constitutional republic (I prefer the articles of confederation).

    1. A Ghandi moment where we all sit down and let everything collapse so we can rebuild

    2. A 1776 moment

    The bitching and moaning has achieved about as much as it did with yester-years King George.
    I bemoan any and all violence unless it is absolutely necessary. I absolutely prefer peaceful non-compliance. That said, even Ghandi was not a pacifist.


  11. I called my attorney services friend and asked for the personal information for one of the key Goldman Sachs execs. He asked why I wanted it and I replied- "would like to send him my resume." My friend nodded and said he wasn't comfortable.

    So...we all want change. Many of us know that the only way will be to ahem, "visit" the folks like Blankfein and Diamond at there homes, offices. Knowing their itinerary would be fabulous. You give me, errr, us the addresses and itineraries and watch the sob's fall out of windows, be found hanged (self inflicted of course, wink wink), suicided in most creative ways. That is how to restore semblance of a representative republic. All else is masturbation without, I highlight, NO HAPPY ENDING! Give us some addresses and schedules...pleeezze?

  12. Just about everything you wrote about Obama's qualifications could be easily applied to Bush II. Note that I say that while detesting Obama.

    And grammar and spelling DO count, "realman," and they DO add weight to one's argument. "Grammar Nazi?" "A cop-out," is my response to that.

  13. Can't wait until we are a dictatorship. It's gonna be sweet!!!!! Hopefully they will start rounding up all the mexicans and gassing them like Hitler did back in the day but show it on TV. That would be so cool.

  14. Romney vs. Frankenstein (Obama)

    Put simply, better the devil you don't know. Vote Romney.