Sunday, November 27, 2011

Tea Party, Grassroots, On The Wrong End of the Stick

Written by Robert Smith Thanks to TNM

When the States signed on to the Constitution, in order to form a "more perfect union", they remained zealous over their State Sovereignty, to the point of adding statements in their state constitutions stating such sovereignty.

It was the States, the people of those sovereign states, which formed the Federal government. It was the States, the people, who were to remain sovereign and rule the Beast they created. The Beast was to be tied down with the "chains of the Constitution" and the powers given to the Beast, by the States, limited to those spelled out in Article One Section 8 of the US Constitution. The first ten amendments, the Bill of Rights, were added just to make sure the government understood the rights of the people which could not be infringed upon; and that of State sovereignty.

My Dad always said "hind sight is 20/20". It seems we should have listened to Patrick Henry and friends a bit more. The people, the States, had to remain vigilant from the beginning to bind down the Federal government, to maintain those rights and State Sovereignty. Freedom is not free and the greatest threat to freedom, life, liberty, justice, and pursuit of happiness (property), and to the people of the Several States comes not from foreign terrorists but from their own government. The problem does not lie just with the Federal Government but with State governments as well. Some States love the tyrannical murderous methods employed by the Federal government. The tentacles of the Federal monster have become entwined, some more some less, with the powers in the Several States and much of the world. Lincoln drove a bloody stake into the hearts of the Several States and the Constitution creating a wound from which the "more perfect" Union has not recovered, a near mortal wound which absolutely cannot and will not be healed from or by Washington, DC. It is DC's desire that the Several States die a quiet death.

The Creation is not greater than the Creator. The Several States, the people of those states, are the Creator and DC and its agencies the Creation. Like Satan, the creation, who attempted to usurp the power and position of his Creator, doing much damage in the process even to the point of turning others against the Creator, so too has D.C. ( and some of the people of a few of the Several States) turned on its Creator doing great damage. As Satan and his ministers masquerade as angels of light, the Government does like wise. "It is for the Children", it is for your own good and safety", and "it is for the good of the country" are among their deceitful slogans passed off as truth and benevolence. The Darkness in DC is pitch black and evil; it is a darkness rapidly spreading to the States. The darkness in DC is so dense and so pervasive that it squelches and overwhelms any light from within.

That is why I am calling upon all Grassroots organizations, GOOOH (Get out of our house), Tea Parties, and the common people of the Several States (especially those of the state of Texas), to concentrate all efforts and monies to retake as many State Houses as possible. Trying to fix the very powerful, evil creation run amok from within is useless, you end up on the "wrong end of the stick". It must be the Creator which harnesses and controls the creation. The light of the Creator must shine from without, from every side, with great brilliance, to illuminate and eliminate the evil darkness.

Your efforts and monies will go much further taking back the State Houses. When the State Houses, Governorships, and County Sheriffs are brought back under the control of the people and Rule of Law, then great pressure and great light can be brought to bear in DC. You will never take DC (and those States which love and cherish DC's methods) from within. 
You are fighting a Noble yet foolish and unwinnable war.

In the beginning I asked why some of the states, including Texas, passed 10th Amendment resolutions. This was done so that the politicians in those states could pat themselves on the back and each other on the backsides in front of the people making it look like they were taking a stand against the abuses of the Federal Government and its agencies. "Look what we did, we are standing between you and the tyranny from DC" they say. Here is the reality of it! When the Legislature in TEXAS, this year, had an opportunity to pass legislation, exerting their 10th Amendment Right and duty, and protecting the people of Texas under the 4th Amendment, most of the politicians in the Texas House and Senate, gutless dogs that they are, allowed the Speaker, and the Lt. Governor to derail this legislation, thus subjugating the people of the Great State of Texas to the abuses, whims, and perversions of Washington DC once again. These gutless dogs put their tails between their legs and allowed a Speaker (whom most of the gutless dogs promised not to re-elect but did so against the will of the People of Texas) and Lt. Governor (who should be thrown out of public office in Texas) leaving the people of Texas exposed, vulnerable, and all but defenseless to the bloody stake from DC.
Grassroots stop the crap! DC loves it! They take the virgins you send them and prostitute them shortly after they arrive. They vote to continue the Patriot Act (sic), they vote to continue all the failed, abusive, intrusive, unconstitutional crap of the previous administrations. They vote to continue the creations assault on the Creator.

Grassroots put your armies together, your monies together, and your efforts together and forget DC for now. Concentrate your efforts within the states. Help get the Several States back in order, and the people of the Several States in order. Let's take our States back one County Sheriff, one County Judge, one State Congressional District at a time. Help us do that this election cycle.

The Polls have shown the people of Texas want Independence. We intend to give them that vote. Is it really Liberty and Justice you are after or is some lofty BS platitude about a benevolent government in DC watching out for and over America the Beautiful and the rest of the world?

The People of the Several States, as Sovereign States, created this murderous Beast in DC and it must be The People of the Several States, as Sovereign States, which must put it to death. Then Liberty and Justice may ring within the Sovereign States. Grab the right end of the Stick.


  1. Tell BOTH "CHEEKS of the SAME ASS", The Repukes AND the Demoncrats --- to BUGGER OFF.

    OWS is what the Tea Party STARTED OUT AS. The Tea Party was ALSO a NON-Partisan protest against the BANKERS and Politicians. Then Sara-JUDAS-ISCARIOT-Palin MIS-led them into the arms of the neocons. Palin (and her NEOCON PIMPS) SOLD the Tea Party for 30 pieces of silver. So all you morons who THINK you are conservatives need to (1) Go study how the neocons were INVENTED by LEFTWING TROTSKITES (Irving Kristol & Co.)
    (2) Reread your history. It was the "RABBLE in Arms" that fought for America. Who DID the REAL Tea Party, Tavern customers. Remember the "Boston Massacre"? THAT was "street urchins and layabouts" standing up to the DHS/Police. What were the words of the British Commander at Concord? "Disperse YE RABBLE"! America was created by the LIBERAL concepts of FREEDOM and NATURAL RIGHTS. The ENEMY of America was CONSERVATIVE feudalism.
    (3) Now, JOIN the OWS.
    "I know no safe depository of the ultimate powers of society but the people themselves; and if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise their control with a wholesome discretion, the remedy is not to take it from them, but to inform their discretion by education." --Thomas Jefferson on popular sovreignty, letter to W.C. Jarvis, 1820.

  2. The US Constitution states that the United States was formed, in part, " PROMOTE the GENERAL WELFARE." Read the Preamble. One day people will realize it is the government's OBLIGATION to do just that. One day this WILL BE implemented.