Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What I will Be Thanful for This Thanksgiving

               Regardless who is going on which is not good at all and not working in our favor. We see people living under bridges. Some are living in their cars, tent cities or shanty towns. Some sitting in bed tonight wondering how will they make the rent and mortgage. How will they feed their children. Many of us have not lost everything as some have in this country. This Thanksgiving as we give thanks to God for our blessing we still have. Please do not forget those in need. They need are prayers too. Lets not forget our fellow countrymen who are suffering because of the money junkies.

What we can be thankful is:

We still have much freedom, We still have the internet that is the most powerful vehicle to bring about a peaceful non violent revolution.

We still have our firearms,without our hands on weapons, we would have lost our ability to defend ourselves against a tyrannical goverment. They cannot crash this economy unless they have all the guns out of our hands. Remember in the Ukraine. Before they took the food from the people. First they seized the guns. After that, there was a famine that killed million of Ukrainians.

We can be thankful Obama is not getting his way.

We can be thankful the money junkies are not getting their way.

We can be thankful we can still travel and avoid the TSA.

We can be thankful that we are winning the infowar, lets not get over confident. We still have to figure out what we will do after we get our country back.

As a nation, we still have a lot to be thankful for. There is no reason to complain when we see our countrymen suffering because of the money junkies stole from them. I am thankful I am doing pretty well despite the circumstances. I still have my car and a roof over my head. I am happy I have plenty of food and my beautiful children.

Tomorrow is the day not the complain about anything when we have people suffering because the bankers and the goverment policies. That family who is barely trying to stay warm in a tent city would love to be in our place. We have nothing to complain about and it would not be a bad idea to show some gratitude to our creator because by his grace we still have a place to call home. Never forget that.God Bless You all this Thanksgiving


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