Friday, November 25, 2011

Now is the Time to Realize More Than Ever, the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is is Not Just for Our Liberty, But Our Very Survival

              The American people are not looking for a fight with the government at all. But for years we have seen the erosion of our liberties ever since September 11, 2001. The government now has taken their focus off the Muslims in the middle east now turning the barrel on the American people. With a the Passage of the Patriot Act in the fall of 2001 that shreds our bill of rights. The Federal government is now more of a threat to the safety and security of its own citizens more than the phony radical Islamic terrorist.

               We have the Department of Homeland Security that seeks to grab more power daily away from States and local governments. We have the TSA groping a 98 year old grandmother in a Wheelchair to keep us safe. We have Police acting like thugs beating up protesters because they are asserting their right to free speech. We have US Senators voting on the US Military arresting Americans with no trial or due process. Sen Joe Lieberman is asking Google to censor the bloggers. The Congress and the President want to silence free speech as much as possible because they know their time is short to impose their will on us. If they cannot do it, they all face jail time or the gallows for treason.

                They are calling for censorship of the internet and invasion of our privacy, restrictions on our travel because their power is waning thanks on the internet. The Alternative press and citizen journalist have been the news source people are looking to for information. The old media is dying and the new media I am part of is becoming mainstream in the thought of many people. Thanks to the internet, we have exposed the puppets looking right straight at the real power. A central banking cartel waiting to loot the wealth of this nation. There is one thing that stands in the way that scares them right now. This tradition has been a part of our culture for 234 years. This right preceded the Constitution, without this right. We would still be subjects to the British crown.

                We had the unfortunate lessons from other countries like China, Cambodia, and Russia when people are left helpless and cannot defend themselves. We see what happens when the government has a monopoly on force, many innocent people were killed along with the dissidents. A brutal police state was set up to keep the dictator in place while the people had no means of force to remove and abolish a form of government that threatens their very lives. Why did this happen? It is because the people surrendered their firearms to the government for a false sense of security thinking the government will protect them. In reality the government murdered people to protect itself from an uprising. If we surrendered our guns like the other nations did in the past. There would be mass graves here also and FEMA camps filled to capacity with political prisoners.

                 If there was a time for the right to keep and bear arms is more essential as a deterrence against full blown tyranny than it is now. We have to be stubborn or they will run over us. We have an Israeli duel citizen Senator Joe Lieberman moving to silence the opposition trying to quell free speech by censoring the internet by asking Google to put on terrorist button on the blogs. John McCain passing a bill for the US Military to arrest Americans and detain them without charge as political prisoners. The Police power of the state is being used to infringe on economic liberty shutting down Lemonade stands and Farmers markets having guns drawn for non violent activity that is not even criminal. We have the government seizing property without due process of law. Police beating and tazering people to death without provocation. Even though they are passing all these draconian laws that are unconstitutional and criminal. The people retaining their right to keep and bear arms might be a difference between living in a free state or a dictatorship without firing a shot.

                Ever since Obama was elected President, firearms sales have rose to new levels as never before. Private sales at gun shows are at a greater number. Ammunition sales are on the rise. Gun Control has lost its credibility and people see why the goverment wants our guns. No matter how much the President and the bureaucracy tries to use administrative measures to keep guns out of the hands of veterans. A veteran will find a way to be armed. The system is moving fast to clamp down on the people with laws after laws. How much they can enforce depends on us because we retain our right to keep and bear arms no matter what the government says. Is up to us. The right to self defense against a tyrannical goverment is our God given right no despot can take away unless we give it away. The only difference between us living in darkness in a reign of terror or having a chance to stop the tyrants in their tracks so we can push back without firing a shot is our right to keep and bear arms.

               We have a right to life, liberty and the pursue happiness. When a government becomes a threat to our safety and security infringing on our rights by force and fraud. It our right to alter, abolish and institute a form of goverment to safeguard of freedoms. Having an armed population now is the difference between freedom or tyranny and even life and death. What happened in tyrannical countries must not happen here. We cannot trust Washington anymore to defend our rights. It is ours to defend if we are going to survive. An armed society is not only a polite society, it is also inhabited by a free people.



  1. No one posts the following information on criminals like Blankfein, Diamond, Hugh Grant of Monsanto, Slim, Rothschilds etc.- home/work address and itinerary
    It is not enough to be armed. We must go to the homes and offices of tyrants, pull them out of their beds and offices, tar and feather the bastards.
    As long as twats like Mueller and Holder hold the reigns of power in our highest level law enforcement bodies, who will protect our Constitution? (answer- you and me)

  2. When they come for your guns you will know that is the end of the line. Give them the ammunition first.

  3. become a non violent felon and see how easy it is to lose your right to bear arms and not get them back

  4. The right to bear arms cannot be taken away even if you have a felony.Throw the law books away,they matter not anymore.You can own a gun even if you have a hundred felonies,you just don't posess it in their presence until we burn the aechives of this fake history and all their records with it.From my cold dead hands!!!

  5. With all due respect, there are about a zillion guns in American and a hell of a lot of gun-owners. Doesn't seem to have made one damned bit of difference so far.
    Like freedom of speech, a right isn't much good if you don't use it.
    They don't HAVE to take your guns away.
    They just have to be sure you're not going to USE them.
    It wouldn't surprise me to see the fascists accomplish a total police state in America while millions of guns remain unfired in millions of American homes.

    The Roman historian Vegetius noted, "They are most enthusiastic about war who are the least familiar with it."
    Make no mistake: I contemplate the necessity of armed resistance with absolute dread. It would be horrific, at best, win or lose, and don't be too sure that the freedom-lovers are going to win.
    History suggests otherwise.

    And yet, at the same time, I look at all that's going on and ask myself, what the hell are all these armed patriots waiting for? Just how much worse does it have to get?


  6. "become a non violent felon and see how easy it is to lose your right to bear arms and not get them back"

    So, a person is a non-violent felon, but having had their firearms confiscated, they're going to now obey the law and not obtain a firearm, or even just go to a state where no checks are done? No, if they want a firearm bad enough they'll obtain one.

    Your "right" means very little in practical terms these days. Regardless of your "rights" in any country, the possibility of obtaining firearms always exists. If not, no criminals would ever be armed.

  7. Everything seems unreal. Nothing established indoctrination prepared me for this time though I knew since I was ten that the joint was run by a pack of high-binders and murdering gangster-gamblers. We can really put up with a lot and it all gets really warped and then it goes just a little too far, like how it feels 'these days' and you feel like pushing back. Now, you can see you've been passive and accepting and not thinking. Who goes first? Will my neighbours witness against me if it be I who participates in the slaying of the dragons? Real fear and questions of character and integrity and bravery come into play. What is the meaning of my life? Who decides? Strange times. Heavy duty.

  8. Does no one see the contradiction here? That one the one hand, Occupy Wall Street is praised for its non-violence, and on the other hand, praising our gun rights.

    So which is it, Realman? Peaceful, non-violent OWS style, or Right to Bear Arms style? Unless you view guns as simply decorative, it can't be both.

  9. Guns are useless when nobody will use them

  10. The right to bear arms is our God given, Constitutional right. Let's publish this good news.!

  11. WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The right to defend ones self is not granted by the Constitution. That write up ( the Second Amendment) is only there as an announcement of what GOD gave us. If phasers (ala Star Trek) were commonly available, it would be those we would be holding onto.

  12. Who of all the great orators in this blog are going to be first - I thought so, you want someone else to go first, in fact you want a whole lot of people to go first and then you will stick your head out, maybe, if its safe.
    Nevertheless, the time will come when "the shit hits the fan". We all allowed diversity and tolerance to give evil equal rights with virtue, we voted for Democrats/Communist's and Republican/Nazi's into power and now we complain about rights? But you all did nothing to stop abortion, homosexuality, pornography, immodesty in dress, contraception, feminism, divorce, fraud, drugs, etc, etc, yea not only did you do nothing but you participated in this immorality and filth, so make sure you don't say, God Bless America, because He has abandoned it to all those good men that did nothing, now we will see what happens when good men did nothing and God leaves us to our own designs in retribution for our abandoning Him we now will experience God's Justice; He will and is, letting our enemies punish us severely.

  13. It is unfortunate that the a good percentage of the the American people do not see what is front of them if we give up our gun rights. The power then rests in the hands of people that can and will abbuse it to further their goals. As a combat military veteran of 30 years it is extremely sad that people can not see the light and stand up for their rights as they are being stripped away until it will be too late.

  14. This govt. is trying to change the constitution. We have to stand up and fight and make sure the second amendment is not taken away from us that would just be the begginning. If they suceed the criminal would be given a free pass to prey on your right to protect your family. Do you think it would effect the criminals?? It would give them the edge to know we could not defend our family. The polititians really don`t care they have body guards to protect them and at the taxpayers expence. I can`t believe a lot of the people can`t seem to see what`s happening to our country.

  15. Roland the FBI stooge DEMANDS!!!!! that Realman make a public pledge of violence?

    No, really...
    You were just thinking that everyone says go fuck yourself. No, really Roland, GO FUCK YOURSELF! for real.

    You want an answer?

    I don't care what side ANY of you think you are. 100% of you reading this. I don't care what side you are on - if you TALK ABOUT FIGHT CLUB! if you talk about fight club.. you TALK about it? Then you are not in it.

    Rule #1 and #2

    You don't talk about TRUTH FIGHT CLUB!
    You talk about it, you are not in it.

    -Those who know do not speak.
    -Those who speak do not know.

  16. Be very careful who you discuss any of your defense plans with as one ( 1 ) in five (5 ) Americans are informants to the Empire!

  17. The answer to 1984 is 1776 ! No matter what, there is no way out of this without a fight.

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