Wednesday, November 23, 2011

DHS Says Turkey Fyers A Weapon of Mass Destruction?

              This Thanksgiving many people will bake thier turkeys in the oven. Other will smoke their turkeys in a smoker. Than there is the Turkey fryers were they did the turkey in hot oil and cook the turkey that way. If a person is not careful. Yes someone can get hurt when they do not know what they are doing. Most people have common sense and do take precautions so nothing bad will happen. Most people do use good judgement when putting a turkey in a fryer.

                Not according the DHS. Our turkey fryers  could be a threat to our national security. A weapon of mass destruction. Who came up with this assumption? Like any other terror threat, there was no credible evidence to back it up. It is just their imagination making this stuff up. Remember rectal and vaginal bombs as an excuse for TSA to grope us? Is Al Quaida investing in fryers? What is next charcoal grills or hickey smokers? Well many Texans love cooking their turkeys in a fryers. Many patriots love to use the fryers. I do not see this no more dangerous than anything else. If  a person is careless like anything else. They will bun down his house using burning incense if they do not use common sense.

                  I just wish Homeland security would just go away and stop bothering. We get along so much better without them. They do not keep us safe and all they become is a nuisance. Well if DHS hands off my turkey fryer. If DHS does come and grope my turkey fryer while the bird is cooking, they will get burned. Maybe they will learn to keep tier hands to themselves. Happy Thanksgiving.

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