Monday, November 28, 2011

What Happened to Probable Cause?

Written by Robert Smith TNM

                 It seems Tennessee is the first state to allow TSA agents to inspect citizens during traffic stops. They have road blocks set up and are inspecting all vehicles, both commercial vehicles and private cars for possible terrorist activities, with no probable cause.

              I would like to thank the Texas Legislature for their gutless performance this past session and for not taking any action against the TSA groping at our airports, allowing the perverted fascists to continue their unconstitutional assault on the people of Texas. The Governor, Lt. Governor, and Speaker of the house should be especially thanked for their efforts in continuing to allow this Federal assault on the people of Texas and for generally failing to stand between the Federal Government and the rights and safety of the people of Texas.                                 The TSA found out just how gutless, or perhaps ambitious, our Legislators, Governor, Lt. Governor, and Speaker of the House are during the last orgy in Austin. How soon before you and your family are pulled over in Texas, by TSA agents, and groped on the side of the road and then at the airport? Are you that afraid of terrorist? Do you still suck your thumb? What you should be afraid of, is one of the greatest menaces to Liberty and Safety on the face of this planet, the US Federal Government and its fascist agencies! If that statement shocks you, get off of your backside, put the marshmallows down, open your eyes and your mind, look around you and read! Sometimes the Truth really does hurt.

               It is time to clean Austin out, something the public has waited too long to do to D.C., and elect real Liberty loving Texans. I've written and said numerous times that it is way too late to save the US government and change Washington D.C., sorry, but it is another sad Truth. If you and your family are to survive with any quality of life, real liberty, prosperity, real hope, and a positive future we must be an Independent Texas. All Texans must be allowed to vote on their future and Independence. Why do the Legislators refuse to allow you that vote? They refuse to allow you that vote yet refuse to stand between you and tyranny. What Texas Legislators do is pass "nanny state" laws and pass laws that benefit their cronies, just like D.C. does!

                  I do not intend to be pulled out of my pickup truck by a TSA Agent! I have chosen not to fly and be groped but soon may they may wish to grope me on my way to make a living for my family. How about you? Do you want your wife, daughter, babies, or grandmother stopped and "inspected" on the way to the grocery store or church? Is this Hitler's Germany or Stalin's Russia? Hell no, it is Texas and it is time we start acting like Texans!

                  What happened to the Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution? The same thing that has or is happening to the rest of the Constitution, it is a dead letter, it means nothing!
How about SECTION 9 of the Texas Bill of Rights: "The people shall be secure in their persons, houses, papers and possessions from all unreasonable seizures or searches, and no warrant to search any place, or to seize any person or thing, shall issue without describing them as near as may be, nor without probable cause supported by oath or affirmation." Join us in liberating Texas and all Texans from this madness. Join us in working for a free and Independent Texas where life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness will thrive.


  1. I wonder how many TSA agents are gonna get whacked in the line of duty by pissed off people who have nothing to lose? I'll be watching the news reports.

  2. Do any of you get the feeling that a blood-bath of a revolution could erupt any day now? I'm not talking about peaceful OWS type revolution but one where there is wholesale open season on any employee of the federal government? I pray that is not the case but there is something in the air.

  3. The blood bath is already here.
    You just have to know what you are looking at.

    Are there millions of people waiting for the opportunity?

    It goes through stages. At this moment, if police and government agents started 'mysteriously bursting into flames on the street'...

    crowds would gather around them as they burned, to laugh, to cheer, to take cellphone videos.

    Hatred is the issue. The hatred is already pure and deep. Hatred will have its day. It always does.

  4. Probable Cause must be with Mr Habeas Corpus

  5. Didn't the "bloodbath" start when Andrew Joseph Stack flew his plane into the IRS office?

  6. ha ha old soviet trick - say mentally ill - worst insult - so nobody pay attention - US borrowed from the masters on that one eh?

  7. White Americans havn't done anything with their guns but play with them since the Detroit race riots of 1967. Things will have to get a lot worse before the American cattle fight back against the alien government that rules them.

  8. Our enemy does NOT carry weapons. They pay others to do their killing. To beat OUR enemy, all we need do is refuse to kill on their command. Get the local police, and military to realize they are part of the 99%. Other wise we will be killing each other, while our real enemy grows even stronger.

  9. Yep.
    Not one Jew will be coming to your door or working a checkpoint.

  10. Hey now, lets not attack Jews, it's the Zionists that need to go. They are the most damgerous to out freedom and happiness.

  11. What a crock of shit.
    What is a Jew?
    A fake race?
    A shit war god religion?
    A race power identity?

    100% of people who call themselves JEWS!
    are Jews.

    I am so sick of people lying about it. It is lying. We DROWN in Jewish supremacy; so the whole idea that even one person doesn't understand is utter bullshit.

    I was reading where Vice President Biden had a group holding him in his office for an hour wanting to release that spy Pollard. The point is... a GROUP OF JEWS did it.

    Who else gets away with that?
    Can a GROUP OF WHITE POWER PEOPLE hold the Vice President hostage and make demands? Can whites demand? Anything? Anywhere?

    I can't stress enough: I take a giant grunting power shit right in the mouths of their mothers. FUCK RACE POLITICS! Especially when Khazar Jews do it.

    I don't take that shit from anyone.
    I have noticed one thing; equal rights DOES NOT MEAN rights equal to me. My rights are a bucket of piss. No one demands rights equal to mine.

  12. I remember years ago, during the Reagan Administration when that jackbooted peckerhead was talking about how he thought it would be a great idea for every American to be forced to submit to a drug test. Now, let me be clear on this - I literally despise drugs and drug users and view them to be a blight on our society, and whenever I read about some druggie dying of an overdose, I am enormously PLEASED by this piece of news.

    However, I am not the least bit interested in surrendering my Constitutional rights regarding being innocent until proven guilty - just so some sleazy and corrupt politician can sound like he is going to be 'tough on drugs'.

    Thus, when Reagan started singing this tune - which thankfully was never actually turned into law, although millions of American businesses now require pre-employment drug screening - I was very vocal about my opposition to this insane and tyrannical notion that I or anyone should be forced to prove our innocence of a crime (using drugs) that we had not even been accused of, based on a demonstration by your employer of probable cause.

    My rule is simple: You come up to me and show me grounds for probable cause, and I'll fill any gallon jug you have available with enough piss to float a battleship. Otherwise, kiss my white rebel ass.

    But, now we are beginning to see where all that desire to begin ignoring the need to show probable cause was really intended to go.

    These genetic totalitarians, who's ancestors seized control over Russia in 1917 and who today have hijacked America - were simply using that drug testing maneuver as a clever weapon to erase the entire 'probable cause' statute of American jurisprudence - and now, we are all deemed 'guilty' and are to be treated accordingly.

    Exactly like the jewish Bolsheviks did when they ran Russia and half of Europe.

    Anybody still think that anything short of a bloody, violent revolution is going to put a screeching halt to any of this tyranny?