Thursday, November 24, 2011

Phony Left and Right Talking Heads From Both PartiesTrying to Justify the Wars and Not Cut Defense Spending

                 This country cannot afford another war, we are more in danger getting into conflicts than not getting into wars at all. I was listening to former UN ambassador to the UN John Bolton who is a war monger who believes we need to project our influence worldwide. John Bolton does not believe the US should not be in a fair fight. He believes military should have full spectrum dominance around the world. That sounds like being the world's bully We would not have these worldwide threats is we were not in places we do not belong.

                 We are in decline because we are around the world. We are stretched thin and over extended with wars and military installations around the world. We do not need to be in Korea. We do not need to be in Japan or Eastern Europe. We do not need to be in Germany anymore. We are becoming the most hated nation on earth because our aggressive interventionist foreign policy. The Federal reserve bank cannot keep printing money forever to fund these military excursions abroad. Rome Fell and many other empires collapsed because there influence went too far beyond what it can handle. The Soviet Union collapsed because it tried to be an empire.

                 I can see the bait and switch from the phony right left paradigm with Defense secretary Leon Penetta saying we cannot cut the defense budget coming from the left to former UN ambassador John Bolton from the right saying the same talking points with a neo conservative twist. Both in the back pockets of the globalist pushing the same agenda.They keep pushing the wars wanting this full spectrum dominance around the world that if a country does not do what the bankers say. We will start a war with them and bomb them with drones.

                 Why do we need to worry about Pakistan's or the Iraqi border when our southern border is unsecured and now a war zone. We face more of a threat from Mexico than we do from the middle east. Why these countries hate us because we interfere in their internal affairs. We do not need a military with full spectrum dominance around the world. We just need to mind our own business. Cutting the Pentagon budget will not harm our national security. It will just stop this insane foreign policy starting wars and bring stability back around the world.

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