Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Newt Needs to Be Poltically Destroyed And Exposed as A Phony Conservitve and No More Pro American than Stalin

             One thing we made the mistake of doing is not stopping the surge of John McCain four years ago. We destroyed Giuliani. Herman Cain, Rick Perry and Mit Romney are going down in flames. Thanks to the alternative media taking the lead exposing these frauds. We did not do enough to counter the surge of McCain when he was reported to be gaining momentum in New Hampshire. It was a media creation to prepare the Diebold machines to rig the election. I was wondering how John McCain pulled it off when two years earlier he thumbed his nose at the American people being for amnesty for illegal aliens.

             We see the same playbook being used again for Newt Gingrich to sell another illusion. We should have destroyed McCain and had him so discredited early on in 2008. Only the establishment can resuscitate a campaign nearly broke getting no donations from the grassroots. It is time we do counter measures to expose Newt or he will win New Hampshire. We cannot allow him that media created momentum like they did with McCain. We have to discredit Newt and expose him for what he really is. That is no more conservative than Nancy Pelosi and not anymore pro American than Joseph Stalin.

                Ron Paul is steadily gaining in the polls in Iowa and could very well win the caucus. The media with phony polls is trying to counter a genuine grassroots candidate. A victory for Ron Paul can be a springboard into New Hampshire. A major endorsement by a major New Hampshire for Newt Gingrich is designed to shut down the momentum for Ron Paul before the primary election in the live free or die state. The media is all owned by the same people who choose the President and the entrenched politicians to rig the game. It is no mistake the major newspaper endorsed Newt Gingrich. He is the new banker darling that Obama was.

                Besides, if you hate John Boehner. the you should hate Newt. This person who is the speaker of the house now in the house of representatives was an understudy of Newt Gingrich. He was groomed by Newt in the 1990s when the republicans took the House in 1994. John Boehner and Newt Gingrich are the same, they are sell outs. We need to give these two people the boot out of politics forever. I have had it with these establishment losers being chosen for us. We are sick of the career politicians in both parties.

                Newt must be discredited and politically destroyed. He must be exposed for what he is and what he is really about. We must destroy the illusion of the Newt surge. We need to redouble our efforts.We must let the people know do not trust the establishment media to chose the candidate like they did with John McCain. We have to discredit Newt as a creep as former California Congressmen B-1 Bob Dornan states very emphatically. People need to find B-1 Bob Dornan. He will tell the people about the real Newt Gingrich. Then you will find out Newt is not Presidential materiel. Bloggers and Alternative media people we need to go into overdrive with the afterburners on or we will see Newt being sworn in as the next puppet in chief. Then we might be finished as a republic.


  1. http://chasvoice.blogspot.com/2011/11/newt-gingrichs-skeleton-closet.html
    Everything you need to help bring down Porky Pig. Actually, I shouldn't insult Porky Pig this way, he's a hard working, honest fellow. Besides all this, I'll be damned if I'm going to let anything that answers to Newt into the WH!

  2. Thank Newt for the foreclosure fraud:


  3. If RP wins in 2012, then he had damned well better deliver.

  4. When you get married you've chosen that person out of everyone on the planet to be with for the rest of your life, for better or worse, for richer or poorer, till death do you part... Newt Gingrich found out his wife had cancer waited till she was in the hospital went and cleaned out the bank accounts leaving his wife penniless and ran off with his secretary. That's the kind of person he is shows real integrity. Not!

  5. Why is the word TREASON never spoken of in today's Amerika?

    What values and morals have declined to is staggering to me when almost the entire political system has committed the crime of TREASON almost daily since they took their money eyed office and spoke an oath to defend the US Constitution and have only managed to remove it piece by piece until we no longer have this document as our primary "Rule of Law".

    Newt is a fitting example of a treasonous criminal who holds his personal interests before his oath of office.

  6. Newt's slogan, "You can have my vanity when you can pry it from my cold dead mind."

  7. nothing NEWt here

  8. When old neut is prez will he appoint bush and chainey to cabinet positions?

    BLA HA HA anything to start a civil war in the USA.
    THANK You for the free speach zone.

    PS this place is better without old(grammer nazi) rudy!

  9. Frequent guest and sometime critic here. Your headline says it all, Newt (who not only divorced his first wife via fax when she was recovering from cancer) also leeched off of her financially, wh paid his college tuition. Honestly, this guy was the GOP's leader for a rason, they're all just SCUM. Too bad the Democrats are all whore for Wall St., though.


  11. good comments. good comparisons too. i was leaning towards adolf myself as a comparison. this creep is dangerous and definitely treasonous. if he had done in a south american country what what he has done here he would have been taken into his backyard and shot which is exactly what he deserves.-- Joe Bright