Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union


  1. The Northern Army And its Allies Will Punish The English Speaking World & Israel
    The Northern Army Part 2

  2. As for ordinary people, Russia is instructive for what's heading everywhere:
    -- mass impoverishment;
    -- an epidemic of unemployment;
    -- loss of pensions and social benefits;
    -- 80% of farmers bankrupted;
    -- tens of thousands of factories closed and the country de-industrialized;
    -- schools closed;
    -- housing in disrepair;
    -- skyrocketing alcoholism, drug abuse, HIV/AIDS, suicides, and violent crime; and
    -- a declining population and life expectancy because the country was looted for profit and all safety nets ended; what Milton Friedman called "freedom."

  3. The end game was always to have the elitists at the top of the pyramid claim rightful ownership of everything on the planet. There were two methods attempted simultaneously and the more successful method would be the final solution. Germany was never meant to win WW2 (even though the elitists funded the entire war for Germany AND the Allied powers). The war was meant to install Israel and boost the Soviet Union and America into competing power positions. Soviet Union was the experiment to see if they could fool people into thinking that an elitist run STATE that owned everything would equally share out the resources. United States was the fallback plan of materializing people. Using privatized corporate entities, they utilized the same systems that allowed the little people to buy and claim ownership of houses to usurp the REAL wealth and resources of the planet.

    The Soviet Union fell because it was clear that the people in the Soviet Union weren't going to accept this crap much longer and the US was clearly making leaps and bounds on their side of the field. People were perfectly content in being ignorant of the race to privatize and buy all REAL wealth & resources as long as they could pick the color drapery, type of car, drink until they couldn't see, and argue about sports and television shows all day.

    Now that most of the resources and land (REAL wealth) has basically been privatized and bought up (or used as collateral for debt), the end game is ready to be played. THAT is why the US is "declining". The job is done and now they need to cull the population so that there won't be several billion people to contend with once they come to claim all the land & resources. Only about 200-300 million (a large portion of which will be military and 'police'). Those people will engineer, build, and service the machines and in return, they will be allowed to have the same type of ridiculous creature comforts we have now. The rest of the population will not survive. The end.

  4. the similarities are obvious, as Wm Blum said not long ago, and as Leo Szilard wrote decades ago... You remember Szilard - he invented the gadget...

  5. jews dominated the formation and the running of the Soviet Union. http://www.JEWWATCH.com http://www.thejewishtribe.blogspot.com